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How To Identify Self-Awareness Powers In the Astrological Chart

Part Two


This is the second part in “Character Traits and Skills” and “How to Identify Self-awareness in the Astrological chart.”
To identify self-awareness powers we need to build upon our self-awareness. This means being curious and using self-inquiry and asking ourselves certain questions when we examine our chart all with the aim of further improvement.

For example—“What planets stand out more in the chart and how well am I expressing those energies” and “Where in the chart do I identify with the most”—and over the longer term “What areas and planets do I tend to favour or relate to the most regarding the more important parts of my life and its experiences” and “What are the particular planets and aspects I’ve been looking at lately and why” and “What recent happenings in my life at the moment am I identifying with in terms of the planetary transits to my chart—in particular what do they represent in terms of my overall plan for the area of life they are in and passing through —“do they fit”—and “Is that really me in what’s being described here,” and “ Is there any parts of the charts makeup that I haven’t yet discovered or are not yet able to identify with.” (*note for interpretation ease, the area of life the transiting outer planet is posited in, is a major focus of operation that helps when looked at as being foremost and in the foreground however still connected in support to the same outer planet in question, natal and progressed positions which more or less operate behind the scenes)

Questioning the chart in this way puts you in a position where you’re at a higher vantage point. It not only allows you to see objectively the whole picture of the different aspects that your life is currently made of—on a subtle level it also creates a sense of self-detachment and open mind where the self-inquiry is directed and ends up with the right outcome happening. It’s also a way to get beyond habitual conditioning patterns and set beliefs of self, and discover much more of who one is, and what one thinks, and feels deeply about.

However it’s actually making a habit of employing self-inquiry and openness of mind that causes a person to maintain their self-awareness-empowerment. The aim here is to see the value in your chart by reading its symbolism correctly and having an open respect for what you find. Your chart holds key levels of information about you that if you research enough will yield secrets and precipitate higher awareness states that will become your special gifts of power.

In the process of reading and interpreting a chart there can be powerful subconscious forces at play—and like anything when involved in doing something firsthand a part of our-self is naturally unaware and that can be both good and bad—however having a strong healthy sense of self-awareness empowerment will usually do away with what’s not useful and neutralise any astrological subconscious misinterpretations and enigmas about the self—and ensure that the appropriate actions and decisions being taken from the reading, follow on and produce the right outcomes and improvement for your life and other’s.

Questioning the chart is a part of a self-awareness empowerment technique that requires a certain knowledge and application of sound astrological reasoning and principles to go with it. Without those guidelines there can easily be a tendency to misinterpret the chart or not know what exactly to look for. There can also be when reading a chart a tendency to go along a certain line of “fixed seeing” or seeing only what one wants to see or alternatively is ready to see about the chart at the time. On a more subtle level of experience it can be the astrologer’s fixed astrological beliefs and conditioning patterns about the chart, that they have learnt from their past astrological learning and experiences in chart work, that can  become the cause for filtering out the higher levels of self-awareness and holding back of new information and insights about the chart that they are ready to advance in but due to lack of their power of self-awareness use may not know yet.

Getting into the habit of questioning and being mindful of the chart entails also the use of  being mindful of awareness of self and empowerment energies. Being mindful of self ultimately results in the end with a stronger will and intelligence of mind with the ability to choose in the end what to think and feel and what not to think and feel. It also means a person is utilizing better their “sense of self” in terms of their electromagnetic currents of power and subtle health forces and how they correspond with the charts symbolism and also when active in the mind, those currents are what raises self-awareness consciousness and elevation of the self to a higher state of mind consciousness—and with regards to the chart because of the astrologer being in a higher state of awareness it enables them as a result to know with clarity and correctness what exactly rings true for them and adheres with their interpretation guidelines.

Where To look In the Chart for Self-Empowerment.

First off all the planets—the areas of life they are in reinforce more so self-identity and therefore empowerment and the shaping of character, however the sun is the main planet when it comes to sense of self and one who is an individual.  As for the areas of life themselves—while they all show where self empowerment manifests, probably the most important is the 1st because its activities are initiating and have a direct bearing on our self-identity and our sense of “self purpose or being”—both as personality or appearance to others and the inner part of who we are—in addition with the first house you can add the ascendant sign and its natural planetary ruler (wherever it is in the chart) also—as it being one of the main parts of a zodiacal trail that makes up a person’s soul purpose, also help account for what motivates them, and their awakening self-assertions and self-drives and indeed a pioneering spirit in the enterprise of life itself. In addition there are the natural planetary rulers of the first house to consider in terms of extra self-empowerment and awareness and with regards to a persons personality—soul—and spiritual expressions—which are the planets Mars and Mercury and Uranus. So where ever they are in the chart will also contribute to a greater understanding in the type of self-empowerment energies that can be utilised in those areas of life.

The increase of a planet’s electromagnetic currents (which means the actual empowering part of a raising of consciousness) is done on a sub-atomic level and is a gradual process which takes place in the nerve circuitry of the coloured auric layers of the subtle bodies. This is a sound type of transformational process that works at the very roots of ones being—so if you find your minds electromagnetic currents are being increased it’s important to use and realise self-awareness health in regards to the planet in question in the chart and sufficiently explore it and harness its power in terms of your personal experiences—and determine what its new identity is on the new elevated level of your consciousness both during and after transformation and over the re-adjustment post period to the new level have taken place.

In addition even though each planet has its own particular type of empowerment electromagnetic form that are readily recognisable for what the planet represents in its traditional meaning, can for a person when their consciousness has been raised and empowered, manifest in any number of different ways through a new somewhat different yet subtly still identifiable form on each plane of consciousness. The three planets that are more renowned for empowering the self, are Pluto, and Mars, and the Sun, all of which are known for representing the energies of “willpower” and “vitality” and a sense of “self-drive and purpose,” however to a lesser degree all the planets and other stellar symbols in the chart are in fact different currents of electromagnetic power of one sort or another that represent symbolically corresponding sub-conscious powers of the mind, so they all have their characteristic traits which distinguish their type of empowerment and increase in self-awareness.

The key to identifying a planets type of power within the self is self-observation and knowledge of the planets meaning and how its electromagnetic forces manifest in terms of your spiritual, and mental, and emotional expressions, and physical realities. Often what is revealed that was mostly unknown and hidden beforehand about a planet can become for a person when discovered within them a veritable storehouse of self-reliance and assuredness due to their self-awareness and harnessing the electromagnetic currents and anomalies it represents. For example the person may develop new skills and abilities they didn’t even know they had the potential for within them—until their chart areas of self-awareness and empowerment became known.

When it comes down to self-awareness it’s being aware yes, but it’s also questioning every part and detail of the chart. No matter what chart it is—the bits and pieces when analysed and put all together present a bigger picture of who we are and what our life constitutes and how we choose to live it intelligently with heart and soul purpose.

Are there places in your chart you haven’t yet discovered—are there areas and planets you are more aware of than others? What tells you in terms of the astrologer within you—the next things to discover about how you can achieve your goals. No matter how well we think we know astrology and ourselves there is always more to discover and find out.
To find out more about your self-awareness do a self-awareness zodiacal natural trail.

That is—1st house + sign on the ascendant—look to its natural ruling planet and where it is in the chart—plus any planets in the 1st house. In addition look to where the planets Mars, and Mercury, and Uranus, and any aspects to the ascendant and planets in the 1st house. Also note where the planets Pluto and the Sun and their natural planetary rulers (ie their dispositors) are as they will tell you what areas and activities will be empowering to do. The main angles (ASC/DC and MC/IC and their natural ruling planets and any planets conjunct them will also be powerful indicators defining some extra powerful quality and ability within you to utilise.

Part One:

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