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A member of the Australian Federation of astrologers, astrology has been a passion of mine for the best part of 40 years now, during which time I have found it to be a most resourceful aid towards understanding higher realms of consciousness, and insights on the potentials and expressions of how one chooses to make their life, and turn it into what they really know deep down is their best path of destiny being fulfilled for them.

Astrology has its different branches and the areas of expertise  that I mainly focus on are “P/Development Transformational Astrology” and “Business Astrology.”

A certified life coach, life coaching came about as another aspect of development and education in higher awareness, especially in achievement of goals in the various departments of my life. I’ve found it has made a big difference with regard to an increase in bringing about positive changes in my life personally and also assisting others in that capacity when called for. Life coaching has many branches and usually a life coach has, along with mainstream all round coaching, also acquired in their journey one or two speciality areas of life they choose as the ones they like to keep actively engaged in also.
In my personal experience I’ve found life coaching works well in conjunction with the use of astrological and higher mind awareness techniques including adopting a spiritual awareness, which I like to employ in my practice as a useful means towards obtaining greater awareness, and achievement, and success in any one or more of the departments of life one seeks to develop and master in either personally or in their business.

Being an author of books on higher mind awareness subjects goes with the above two and is what I found also contributes invaluably towards being a most fulfilling creative outlet for the exploration and expression in higher mind awareness work.



I am Dr Ray Dixon a Chiropractor and Naturopath. Many years ago I studied a little Astrology and have always found it fascinating and helpful in my lifes’ journey. I am critical having had some quite famous Astrologers do work for me in the past.

I recently had Greg do my progressions and transits for some future guidance, as I am going through a transitional period in my life. His work was exceptional and I was thrilled with the reading he gave. With my background knowledge it was obvious to me that he is a great Astrologer. He will do the same for you as he did for me, do not hesitate to consult him.

My clinic website is www.chiroandnaturaltherapyclinic.com.au

Dr Ray Dixon