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How to Use Astrology to Make Your Business More Successful

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Are you looking for some extra tool, or mindset or system to help improve and transform your business? Do you want to take it to another level—get insight and accomplish your business goals and aims? Perhaps you’re looking to start up a business and don’t know what would best suit you or where to start, or you may have a business already just started and want to further establish and grow it more. Whatever you want to do or find out about your business you can do it with “Business Astrology”.

Having a business is for any owner a responsibility as you know—it can be initially a daunting task and take a lot to getting it going and keeping it running smoothly. There’s a lot of things that come up and they all need attending to at various times—more importantly its getting over the obstacles and challenges, and making the most of the opportunities, and building upon the rewards, and keeping a good interest and awareness up on each part of the business that needs constant attention and dedication.

Before going any further just for a minute I’d like to mention here to let you know that if you are new to Astrology then I would advise to think about doing the other course on “Astrology Inclusive” first and then do this one, as you will find it much easier to first acquire some groundwork understanding in astrology and what it’s made up of—however having said that either way having an interest in astrology already or just learning about it now in this business astrology course is an excellent combination and I guarantee will make a difference and add to your business success even better.





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How Astrology Breathed New Life Into My Business

Along the business journey heaps of things can happen. Here are some of them I’ve personally found I have had to deal with in my business quite often until that is I began using astrology and applying what I discovered as a result to my business. Maybe you can relate to some of them as I’ve found most people do go through similar experiences when they first start up their own business and further. It seems to be a natural thing so when I found that out it made me feel a lot better.

  • Direction: Didn’t know where my business was at—and at times with me being a sole owner, where I was at in relation to it and wanting to give it greater purpose.
  • Time: Working long hours but no results and seemingly feeling hopeless and frustrated with it all.
  • Product: At the start I wasn’t sure if my niche or product was the right path for me.
  • Business Parts: Also wasn’t sure what parts of the business needed working on and tending to until I discovered I could find it all out in my business chart.
  • Financial: Kept wondering how long and what it was why I wasn’t making any profit—but kept putting money into the business.
  • Business Skills: Wasn’t sure what skills to cultivate and educate myself in and ones to outsource. It took time to find out.
  • Goals: Goals weren’t getting achieved until I found a way once again from seeing what to do and focus on in the business chart.

And that’s not all—On a personal level as a business owner—as you know the relationship between owner and business entity needs constant awareness and it can be difficult if not confusing trying to sort out detachment of when you’re on business wavelength and when to disassociate from it—such as things like finding it hard to manage stress and looking for that happy balance between work and leisure. Then there was not knowing what spiritual values were appropriate to use in the business relationship for guidance, and nurture, and support until I began to apply what was in the chart and started to achieve beneficial results from working at them to.

Anyway finally at the end for me what started out as an entrepreneurial inspirational spirit and keen desire to do business and find enjoyment being creative, became tiring and a drawback that wasn’t anywhere near rewarding or fulfilling to me anymore.

Those were the main things however the thing is—all the solutions to them and all the other things it takes to run a business I found after trial and error are all written in the various business charts of a business, such as the owners natal and foundation chart, and the business registered chart and the other charts, and can be investigated any time if you know what to look for and how to apply that knowledge and use it constructively and put it back into the business.

That was why I decided to apply astrology in business and since I have it’s become a highly beneficial personal development business transformational tool and system in showing me what to do both personally and in my relationship with my business and the business entity itself. That was why I decided to create the “Astrology Inclusive” course in astrology and this “business astrology” course especially as I’ve got no doubt it can do the same for your personal life and your business as well.


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 So What Can This Course Do For Me

This course will build your business acumen and skills in business showing you what exactly and where you can make improvements and apply strategies and check against every part of your business to make sure it’s going okay and for further creative growth. There are not many astrology business courses out there and so I’ve made sure you get everything about business astrology I know and that includes astrological strategies you won’t find elsewhere online as these are my own creations and I know they work as I have recorded results from employing these strategies in my own business.

You will find your business will take on beneficial changes as you apply what you find according to your understanding of the charts and formulas which you’ll learn about in the course. You’ll start to witness success growth in the parts you want to improve and take to a new level. Some of the things that you’ll learn are:

  • How to create a business plan that resonates with you.
  • Learning about your business stages, and cycles specifically suited for it.
  • Getting to know your business hidden keys of success.
  • Plotting your business path and direction.
  • How to determine the wrong type of business partnerships from the right ones that are most suitable for your business.
  • When opportunities for growth appear and how to make the most of them to increase profit.
  • Establishing owner/business relationship management, and awareness, and support.
  • How to work out astrological time frames and the metrics of your business.
  • Create strategic marketing campaigns.
  • Know the type of products suited if you’re wanting to start a business.
  • Improve existing products and brand.

All these are important essential things that need doing as you know in the running of a business successfully and the beauty is they are all there written symbolically in your chart and more.

The course has been created to cover every aspect of a business. Having the keys of a business is everything and what it’s about and what it needs to run it successfully is hidden in the business chart, and once you know how to uncover and decipher that information you will have an invaluable skill believe me that you’ll find won’t let you down and that you can use forever more on your business and other businesses you may want to start up in the future and develop. You’ll even be able to apply what you learn from using astrology in your business to doing business charts and consultations to help out other people with their business.



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Here’s What Comes With The Course

There’s a lot in this course with everything covered and all the materials you need such as:

  • Astrology templates from Astrology Inclusive. These are special templates once again of my own creation and they cover everything from tables to methods and interpretation techniques.
  • Tables of planetary and house correspondences for your business.
  • Videos on how to create the different types of Business charts—some of which are totally new techniques.
  • Diagrams and example diagrams and interpretation formulas, all of which make it so much easier when it comes to chart reading and synthesizing.
  • You get a system and guidelines with examples that lays out how to determine and interpret different types of key zodiacal trails—which are the main keys in astrological shorthand which reveal about your “business plan”, its “stages” and all the “different parts” that make up your business, so you can know what needs doing, and what to work on, and what to do next, and how to plan also for future growth and success of your business.
  • Interpretation formulas for synthesizing and doing an interpretation of a complete “Set of Business Charts”, which is not just the one chart on its own, but instead—the key means used for tracking and plotting a business from its start all the way through to its current stage and onwards.
  • Plus worksheets and chart templates for doing the exercises in each module.



This Material Hasn't Been Released Before

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Here’s A Breakdown Of What You’ll Learn In Each Module.


Half of Business Astrology is being able to read and translate the symbolism of the business charts in relation to your business while the other equally as important half is being able to synthesize and interpret the charts into tangible words and meaning that present the business model and reveal everything about the business. In this module you use astrology software and learn to create the various types of your business charts. They are explained with each one defining and giving clarity about the business different parts. Understanding how every chart reflects every point and thing about the business is virtually being given the golden keys to unlocking the secrets of your business success.

The types of charts you’ll learn how to create and interpret are a:

• Business Foundation Chart
• Business Registration Chart
• Business Progressed Chart
• The Sub-Houses of a Business Chart
• Solar Return Business Chart (* note: This has a bit about “How to do a business synastry (ie partnership compatibility) solar return chart” as well)
• Business Monthly Chart


Unlocking the secrets of a chart takes a certain know how. There is a process and order to the chart that needs to be learnt first. Mapping out and recognizing the essential parts that make up a chart is simply a matter of dissecting it into main key ingredients. How that’s done you’ll learn in this module.

• The Planets in Business
• The Signs in a Business Chart
• The Houses of a Business


The other most important part to astrology and the very key to synthesizing the chart is the translation of its symbolism into interpretation in the context of the business and its model. To make it easier to bring down from the abstract into proper application of what’s revealed about the business and to do its planning—zodiacal trails are the key between deciphering the actual symbolism and the actual wording of what’s hidden in the symbolism—Without doing zodiacal trails to begin with it makes it very difficult to trace the finer details and add the essential smaller points which are important for understanding the business deeper hidden parts—which is where the secrets are in knowing what to do to your business to transform it—and how to do it right through from start to finish.

• The Business Plan and its Zodiacal Trail Part One
• Zodiacal Trails of the Business Plan Part Two

(* note: These two topics cover 2 days each – meaning a couple of hours each day )


Every business goes through a series of stages in its lifetime. How to know and gauge where a business is in its stage and even what stage it is can be tricky. Fortunately there are zodiacal trails for making this process a lot easier—and which straight away will give you the information all about what stage your business is at what the things are to do with that stage and how to plan for the next stage and so on with each stage.

The Business Stages
• Stages of a Business Parts
• Zodiacal Trails of the Business Start Up Stage
• Zodiacal Trails of the Business Growth Stage
• Zodiacal Trails of the Business Maturity Stage
• Zodiacal Trails of the Business Decline Stage


It’s important to know in business how to keep a smooth interaction and flow of balance and progressive steps between the business different parts. As a result when there is a good working order of each part it can produce better business operations and links. Determining what the links are and how to make the most of them in your business is where the plotting of aspects comes in.

• New Beginnings: The Conjunction in a Business
• Assessments: The Sextile in a Business
• Challenges: The Square in a Business
• Ease and Flow: The Trine in a Business
• Culmination Points


Looking at planning ahead for the business especially for favorable times when to launch products, or create new ones, or make changes, or upgrades to a part of the business are some of the considerations which come under assessing a business future trends, and what its path ahead is in terms of opportunities and positive challenges and calculated risks—understanding how to use transits to your business advantage is well worth learning as you’ll see in this module.

• How to Use Transits in a Business
• Transits and the Monthly Moon Phase Cycle
• Transits and Long Term Business Goals
• Additional Features of Transits in a Business


There are hidden factors which can benefit a business life cycle if you know where and what to look for. Certain planets have their correspondences with a business life cycle, and it’s through charting them and plotting out their phases you’ll be able to see the whole life cycle of your business all laid out and as result what plans to make, and how to prepare for each critical point in the cycle—also know when your business has reached a main point in its life and the actions to follow to benefit it overall, and not just one part of it.

• The Planets in the Business Life Cycle
• Jupiter in the Business Life Cycle
• The Suns Life Cycle
• The Moons Nodal Axis in a Business


There are a few additional special things that I’ve found can be used to further improve a business. These extra points provide useful information on certain areas of your business where specific strategies can be applied to bring out the desired results for that part of the business where these extra points are located.

• Dna in the Business Chart and What it Means
• Plotting the Business Vertex and What it Means


What Else Can Business Astrology Do For Me ?

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Astrology has been around a long time. More and more people are taking it up for finding out more about their life. There are many branches of it and each has its benefits. Business Astrology is a branch that at present has relatively few astrologers who practice it. Its popularity will only increase I’ve got no doubt about that as business is a part of life and anything or system or subject that supports business will always be needed—so it’s a perfect time to not only take up astrology as a means to improving your business but also in the context of the bigger picture, taking it up as a way to offer a genuine service to other people with their business as well the more you learn as you go along. I’ve found it’s got a lot going for it if you are willing to put in the time and enjoy what astrology has to offer and surprise you with, especially in regards to your business journey and taking your business to another level.

In this course you’ll discover:

• How to recognize and make the most of your business challenges and opportunities.
• How to determine the weaknesses of the business and the appropriate strategies to strengthen them.
• How to create business goals that are realistic and suite your soul purpose in business.
• How to ascertain financial risks and strategies that work in conjunction with your business model.
• What your creative drives are in relation to the business are.
• What your spiritual values and input for the business are.
• Ascertain the business growth potential and times when to take appropriate action.
• Know how to work out the business cycles and stages whenever you see the need for it, so you can assess it over the long run.


And There’s More Yet

In the short term from when you start doing the course and have worked through each module as a result of doing the exercises you’ll have the astrological skills to:
• Create and draw up charts and be able to synthesize and interpret them.
• Do zodiacal trails and sub-trails—interpret what they mean—and how to apply them to each part of your business, all of which are the hidden keys to underlying your business success.
• Determine the keys to your business stages and its life cycle.
• See what types of things are ahead for the coming years in your business and as a result be able to work out what actions and things to do for it.
• Determine favorable times for creating and launching products, and building business relationship values and mindsets.
• New insights about the business you didn’t know about before.

The more you use business astrology and learn from applying it over the long term you’ll find many beneficial things happen to you as your experience of it grows for example:

• It becomes a reliable map for building your business purpose and direction and path.
• Always tell you what areas to focus and improve upon.
• Transform and open up unforeseen opportunities and new avenues for both your business and your personal life also.
• Sharpen your minds power and develop other higher mind awareness skills that introduce you to and uncover new aspects of yourself to do with unique parts of you and your life purpose.
• A handy business p/development transformational tool to use to plan logically and creatively the steps each time in your business from start and long into the future.


This Is What You'll Recieve

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“How to Use Astrology To Make Your Business More Successful” has 8 modules that are broken up into one module per week making it eight weeks in total. In each module there are on average four lessons which are called “days” however the time to do them varies between probably 1 to 2 hours for each lesson. This may be too much for some in one week to cover so to make it easy the course will be put up one module per week and that means you’re able to do the lessons in your own pace, at your own leisure, and complete the course whenever it suits you as the modules will always be there whenever you want to do them, all you need do is simply log on and begin where you left off.


* note:  The going price for E courses can vary. However a rule of thumb is an entry-level up to four modules is under $200 while mid-level 4-6 modules can range between $200 and under $700 and the top level the premium level 6 -12 modules between $700 up to $2000 depending on the type of course being offered.

** This course has eight modules which cover all aspects of running and managing a business~it’s my aim to make it as accessible as possible for you who wants to learn business astrology and use what you get out of it in your life in a practical way to help you achieve your highest potential and aims in your business.

*** The “Business Astrology” course price is normally $150 ~  Later on its going to go up but for now its at this low price ~  of a special discount rate of $ 97.00 which is a savings of 35%

* If preferred there’s a payment plan of 3 payments of $40.00 monthly.


But that’s Not All
Here’s What Bonuses Come With It !

As in the Astrology Inclusive Course the same bonuses come with this course to, except they apply to your business.

* Bonus 1:

You will receive a free report valued at $25 of either a Natal, Progressed or Solar return of your choosing. This is much more than the free mini report you get when becoming a subscriber. It has a lot more information about different parts of your chart.

* Bonus 2:

A “One Question Report” you’d like to ask specifically about something important you want to know about regarding a problem in an area of either your personal life or how to improve your business.

* Bonus 3:

I’ll take a look at your business chart and give you a free report/session on what can be done exactly.
Those three services together are valued at $188.00, however you’ll be getting them included in with the course for free.

* Bonus 4:

Free lifetime membership access plus a monthly newsletter report with an update once a month on astrological tips and information for your business and or personal life, along with interesting astrology and higher mind awareness articles and resources.

* Bonus 5:

** In addition you will get a discount rate on all add-ons regarding astrology in the future and to do with higher mind awareness products and services.

**You can contact me any time regarding any questions you have about the course—and please note if you want any consultations or specialized personal coaching done—then we’ll work together using your chart and astrology to take either your business and or personal life to a new level. For those services you will get a 25% discount rate from my normal coaching fees.



This Is Not Your Normal Everyday Business Astrology Course

If you’re really serious and want to do something highly beneficial to your life personally or in regards to your business and any area of it—where you want solutions and to make beneficial changes to it, then these personal development transformational courses in astrology, will give you the results you are looking for. You are here now which means you are serious and this is the next step for you. Personally I’ve got no doubt you will see a transformation in your business from doing the course.

All you do is simply click the button below and you’ll be directed to a page to fill in your birth details and then next to the membership registration and payment page after you have done that. Once you’ve made your payment you will receive an e-mail in your inbox with your password and username.

Remember—simply fill in your birth details plus the part where it says to ask your question. Please be as specific as you can regarding the area of life you want to know about either personally or in business depending on your course. There is a course also on ” Astrology Inclusive” which is explained below so if you are going to do both of them you will need to ask two free questions. Also put the time and place when you ask the question(s) as it can make a difference if you’re looking for a set time frame in regards to your question answer.

That’s all there is to it.  Fill in your birth details, ask your question, register your membership details and click the purchase tab. Check your e-mail inbox—login to the free membership site have a good look around and get familiar with what’s there and start your first weeks module whenever you feel like.


Business Astrology ~Just $97.00


“In addition there is another course called “Astrology Inclusive” I’ve created that I’d like to tell you about also. Read on to find out more.”


About Both Courses

This course on “How to Use Astrology to Make Your Business More Successful” requires that you have a fairly good understanding of astrology to begin with, while the other course I’ve created called “Astrology Inclusive ”—because it covers everything you need to know about astrology, if you’re a beginner or have some knowledge on astrology already you will find it’s ideally suited to complement this course and ensure that you make the best possible use for both of them—especially if you want to learn astrology and use it in your business, you will find that the both of them fit together well and have all you need to know about astrology on a personal level and also to help make your business prosper.

There is a reduced price for the “Astrology Inclusive” on its own as well and for more about that course go here will take you the page.


“Both of them together have all you need to know about astrology to make your business and personal life prosper.”


For what you get both courses offer good value, considering all of the content on what there is to learn about in “Astrology Inclusive” and in addition the extra knowledge you can apply in practice regarding your business will give you the inside edge on how to manage and direct your business even if your just starting out and take it to another level and what things to do and look out for that your “business chart ” can reveal along the way.

If you decide to purchase the two courses together, which is normally $320 the price is reduced to $200.00 a saving of 37.5%

There is also a reduced separate price for the “ Astrology Inclusive Course ” as well.

How To Use Astrology To Make Your Business More Successful
Add To Cart—Just $97

Payment Plan Option

Both Courses Together Add To Cart—Just $200

 Payment Plan Option