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Have you ever wanted to discover and create a more fulfilled life and to understand human nature and how to go beyond set boundaries of your own consciousness? Astrology is a means to do just that and more. It’s a personal development transformational tool that can be very valuable for understanding how to navigate and improve and find out more about what life has in store for you and more importantly what you can make your life into.

Behind its symbolism Astrology is many things. It’s a form of self-guidance. It’s a deeper belief system that can educate you in greater self-knowledge and awareness of all aspects of your life. The key power is to use it in all areas in which you would like to further improve and grow. If you want to be wealthy use it for achieving wealth. The same applies in relationships—if you’re looking to meet a soul partner or improve your relationships with friends, employer or peers, or family for example then astrology will help you attain that. Perhaps you want to map out a healthy lifestyle, change vocation or advance in it, astrology can help in all these aspects of living and more.

When studied and applied correctly it becomes a most reliable form of self-guidance that offers insight and truth as to who you are and what can be done to help you achieve your life purpose. On another level it reveals natural principles and understanding of human nature rather than merely theory. It can take one beyond limiting beliefs about oneself and life in general and will help you discover and keep focused on your life plan because it caters for the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of your life which are all necessary for greater fulfillment and value. As a tool for life astrology is one of the best.




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How Astrology Became A Life Saver For Me

It’s been 11 years now that I’ve been using astrology as a personal development transformational tool. Before that it was always a hobby for me that I took up about 40 years ago when I decided to do a course on it.

Since falling to the lowest point of my life as a result of going through some devastating life changing experiences in terms of my wealth—career—relationship and suffering a loss of self-identity—in retrospect over the 11 years I realized how it’s been astrology that has been the key ingredient to a new life route and a renewed sense of self for me with direction and clarity and much more. I now use it consistently in all areas of my life and for guidance in my business especially and also as a consultation and coaching service.


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So What Can Astrology Do For You

At its highest expression astrology will bring out the creative powers of your soul and get you in touch with your higher mind and abilities, while at the same time being a practical transformational tool that you can apply to everyday living and use to navigate and improve your life and others in tangible and productive ways.

Astrology is very popular today as it has its different levels which cater for anyone. It’s used by literally hundreds of thousands of people worldwide from all walks of life to achieve greater self-awareness and life purpose and many other aspects of life development. Many today accept it at some level of understanding its value—and use it for clarity, and purpose, and helping them master problems and attain their goals—and make their life in general run more smoothly—also to become more fulfilled because it conveys deeper meaning and covers all the essential parts of one’s life.

If you want to find out the secret in understanding its deeper values in order to create better relationships, or more wealth, or for finding a vocation suited for you, or improving your health, or uncovering your creative skills, or simply for finding joy in doing it as a hobby then this course will introduce you to all the levels and things you need to know to achieve that and more.


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Here’s Some Of The Things on What You’ll Learn From This Course

This course has a lot of different features that are too numerous to mention here however it was designed with the view in mind to be more than just an “astrology basics course.” It has everything in it you are seeking to know about astrology that equals any good material whether a course, or book, or video on astrology anywhere—except in addition it covers different aspects and information which you won’t find in normal mainstream astrology courses. It has extra material personally created by me over the years, that hasn’t been released before on unique astrological methods, interpretation formulas and chart techniques, all put into an easy to learn format—along with ready made astrological tabulations and diagrams, for you to download and keep, plus extra pieces on astrology which add an extra dimension and give you valuable insight into how to really use it constructively and gain a brilliant understanding of how this metaphysical science really works.

  • You learn how to become what I like to call a “Creative Astrologer” how to do all types of chart methods and designs and new types not used before. Every astrologer has their tools and certain things they have learned from it to do with their branch of learning and you’re going to get the same from Creative Astrology.
  • This course begins with astrology basics which is the place to start no matter what type of astrology it is your learning it’s essential to know the basics first however it also goes further than that as it introduces the astrology of soul and spiritual awareness aspects of it.
  • It shows you how to do special charts for your business or an area of life that you want to track.
  • It covers zodiacal trails which are ways to plot a planets relationship and follow it through and discover its roots and how it links in a chart to other areas of life.
  • You learn how to set goals and accomplish them by simply reading the parts of your chart which set a goal out—and all the attributes of aspects—along with a module on monthly cycles and planetary return cycles and transits.
  • There are tables for signs identification and sub signs and decans and interpretations and planetary meanings. Formula templates for doing transits, foundation charts, and interpretations, all laid out ready to use.
  • There is additional information on the celestial bodies and objects and in the creative astrology part is where you will really master using the benefits of astrology in your life.
  • You learn how to do a “relationship” and “synastry” chart.
  • And there is a special method I use to do a solar return relationship charts—this is not done normally because it’s not mainstream but how would you like to know about your relationship for the year ahead as well for you and your partner, or friend, or your business partner—or when it’s time to meet the right guy or girl with the right chemistry mix.
  • There is also astrological generational patterns where you be able to see what makes groups of people like the same things in common and why they act in certain ways which is invaluable information for applying to relationships, your business or understanding the under currents and values behind human endeavour and motivation.
  • As for materials to make it more interesting to learn—the course comes with an assortment of videos, and diagrams, and exercises, and worksheets, and astrological resources, and links to other portals.



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This course has been called “Astrology Inclusive” because a lot of courses simply don’t come with it all in one. Most are either solely for beginners, intermediate or advanced, or they are levels where you must attain to first, which at the end of the day all takes time and money, not to mention the information becomes drawn out, plus it can get tiring with too much of it being just trimmings covering the essential ingredients of the heart of astrological concepts and teachings.

The modules are all laid out in order and you will find go from the basics of astrology through to intermediate to the more advanced and creative aspect of astrology all in one. So it covers quite a range and everything you need to know if you want to learn, and understand, and know how to use the maximum in benefits astrology has for your life. There are special chart techniques which I’ve devised and not done before as far as I know—which are simple and effective ways to decipher a chart—as well there are additional topics and interests that further describe the deeper parts of astrology and how they can be put to use.

Astrology works so well because it gives you the keys to the most important areas of life such as your:


  • Self-Identity:

Which tells you who you are as an individual apart from others—and how to find direction, clarity, and purpose—without getting lost and aimlessly wandering around in circles, feeling disillusioned and like you’re not getting anywhere and don’t know yourself.

  • Relationships/Love:

What pathways to take to build loving fruitful ongoing relationships without the fear of being alone, or not being loved, or able to get close to another.

  • Wealth:

What to look for in your life in terms of personal wealth and knowing how to discover and attune your wealth DNA and guidance system and cultivate moneymaking goals and ideas, together with wealth management skills, and creating a set of values you will always have to rely on and use against misfortune and depravity of self-worth and abilities.

  • Vocation:

When to choose a suitable time for a change in career, and how to take a new career path and do away with any uncertainty or feelings of trepidation of the unknown regarding a career change—or know what vocation is ideally suited for you, and what new work skills you like to learn instead of ending up doing work you don’t like.

And more…….

Here’s A Breakdown Of What You’ll Learn In Each Module:

The Four Master Key Components of Astrology

  • Planets
  • Signs
  • Houses (Areas of life)
  • Charts

* The above are the essential basics for all branches of Astrology and explained at the very beginning and then each one is gone into in detail with extra insights throughout the course.



In the first module it’s about understanding the geometrical components of the chart. That is its unique pattern, and design layout, and meaning of each part all serve an important function—which is it lays the foundation for a good grounding in the building blocks in development of astrological technique and from that the cultivation of sound astrological interpretation and synthesis methods, which we will be looking at in the modules further on.

  • How to Use Astrology Software (*note: We’ll be using free software to learn from in the course, so you won’t need to buy any if you don’t have already)
  • Creating a Natural Order Chart
  • Angles of the Chart
  • The Axis Lines
  • Quarterly Divisions
  • Ascendant/Descendant and the IC/MC
  • The Crosses of the Elements: The Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable cross
  • Triangles
  • 30 Degree Divisions



This module is about understanding the deeper levels of astrology from the beginning is how to make learning it easy and revealing. Astrological ingredients give you the hidden elements that make up the key things that form the basis for further building a good interpretation upon.

Astrological Foundation Principles

  • Foundation Principles
  • Planetary Levels (personality, soul, and spiritual)
  • The Signs Identification
  • The Decans of the Twelve Signs
  • Sub-signs and Planets
  • Interpretation Formula for Decans and Sub-signs
  • The Twelve Houses and their Activities



At the sub-atomic level everything is connected one way or another. All is electromagnetic forces of flux. So how to understand and utilize these invisible powerful currents of matter/consciousness that make up the physical, and emotional, and mental, and spiritual aspects of life is uncovered by determining the different angular degrees of forces if you like called the astrological aspects with their design patterns for each planet, sign and house combination.

Aspects And Phases In A Planetary Cycle

  • The Separating Phases
  • Applying Phases
  • The Third part of the Equation

The Conjunction, Square and Opposition

  • Square Aspects (separating and applying)
  • The Conjunction
  • Oppositions

Sextiles and Trines

  • The Sextile
  • The Separating Sextile
  • The Applying Sextile
  • The Trine
  • The Separating Trine
  • The Applying Trine

Additional Aspect Attributes

  • Minor Aspects
  • Quincunx
  • Quintile and Bi Quintile

Aspect Patterns and Design

  • Kites
  • Tee Square
  • Grand Cross
  • Grand Trine
  • The Yod
  • The Grand Sextile
  • The Mystic Rectangle
  • Aspect Orbs



Learning about the planets, and signs, and houses, is the ability to link to higher abstract symbolism and mind awareness. That’s one part, but the other essential component is to make that symbolism come alive and give it form and meaning in everyday tangible words and reality such as in methods which reveal easy ways to map and read and synthesize charts.

The Art Of Chart Synthesis

  • Chart Themes
  • Sub-Themes
  • Plotting Points
  • Zodiacal Trails
  • Planets in a Zodiacal Trail
  • A Zodiacal Trail Houses
  • The Charts Features
  • Interpreting Charts Together
  • Natal and Progressed Chart Interpretation
  • Natal and Progressed and Transits Interpretations
  • F.V for Interpretation



Astrology is a cleverly devised system that can give real depth and meaning to life. Axis patterns define the secret alchemical mixture of forces that are caused by planetary combinations. They describe hidden qualities of the chart that can be translated into extra skills and abilities you can develop and acquire once you know how to identify them.

Different Types Of Axis Patterns

  • Moons Nodal Axis
  • Vertex Axis Pattern
  • Quintile Pattern (Five Pointed Star)
  • Astrological Generational Patterns
  • D.N.A Pattern



In “astrology geometrics” it’s about what a chart’s components are, however different charts serve different purposes. Each one’s design is unique. In chart technique you learn the key power elements and formulas behind creating charts and for what you can do with them.

How to Become Proficient In Chart Work

  • Being Creative with the Chart
  • Chart Types
  • Swinging the Astro Compass
  • Chart Design



Relationships are intimately woven into our very make up. Whether one does astrology or not we just simply can’t deny learning about relationships—they are a part of life—however astrology is a very good way of understanding the intricate patterns that make up relationships. In this module all relationship charts are covered and everything you need to know about interpreting relationship charts.

The Relationship Connection

  • The Three Main Types of Relationship Chart
  • The Composite Chart
  • Davison Relationship Chart
  • The Synastry Chart
  • Interpretation Points



In a whole month things can change and a lot can go on in just the day to day living life cycle. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s around the corner regarding the things and actions to take in a day which produce good results. In monthly cycles planning and working out those things can be done and all mapped out by doing a monthly chart.

The One Month Cycle

  • The Moons Monthly Phases
  • The Bigger Picture
  • Soul Fertility Cycle
  • Chart Type Monthly Cycles

Chart Sets

  • Astrological formula for “How to do a monthly chart for a house
  • Creating a Foundation Chart
  • Creating a Sub-House of the foundation Chart
  • Creating a Monthly Chart
  • Creating a Monthly Base Chart
  • Interpretation Technique for Chart Sets
  • FV for Interpreting a Chart Set

Additional Techniques for a Monthly Chart

  • Twelve Month Moon Calendar



Astrology is a unique way to measure the human growth patterns of life from birth to old-age. How this is done is by determining the different mix of the corresponding planetary returns. Understanding these natural return cycles will virtually tell you what goes on when you reach certain milestones in your life and the important changes that will affect you on an individual level and collectively as a result.

Life’s Milestones

The Planets Return (Part A)

  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • Mercury

The Planets Return (Part b)

  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Part of Fortune

The Planets Return (Part c)

  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus

The Planets Return (Part d)

  • Chiron (*a minor planet)
  • Neptune
  • Pluto



An essential component of astrology is being able to read transits. Planning and preparing before and an event or for a situation in advance you know you’re going to be in at a later date, or you may not know is coming up, can all be looked at in the transits a planet makes in its passage through the signs. Knowing how to read them will give you inside information on the timing and choices of things and energies you can do and utilize, where and when it’s appropriate to do so.

Predictive Work: Assessing Future Trends

  • Reading Ephemerides
  • Assessing Important Timings
  • FV: Interpretation for Transits



Taking astrology beyond to another level once all the basics and learning of its essentials are complete is where creative astrology comes in. It means you can freely explore astrology and really invent new ways of using it, which can be a lot of fun.

The Art Of Astrology

  • Chart Creativity
  • Chart Creativity Interpretation
  • Example Formula of a “Lucky Chart”



Besides the normal mainstream of energies represented by the planets there are other energies recognized in human nature and these are known as Celestial bodies and other stars. Understanding the value of these celestial bodies and stars by inserting them in the chart adds a lot more extra dimensional awareness that they are keys into other parts of oneself.

Other Parts Of Your Celestial Self:

Selecting Additional Objects

  • Types of Celestial Objects
  • Asteroids
  • Fixed Stars

Additional Celestial Objects

  • DNA
  • Gold
  • Galactic Centre
  • Personal Selection of Celestial Objects


As you can see the modules cover a comprehensive list of astrological knowledge. Each module’s topics go into detail about each aspect of astrology.

Let me explain some more what you can gain from doing this course:

  • Health:

If you’re ready for a new health fitness regime but are not sure or confused as to what type of health program or foods and nutrition would best be along your line of health. You can find out exactly what’s suited for you in your chart by noting certain houses, links, and zodiacal trails, and planets will give you all you need to know.

  • Skills and Talents:

Don’t know what things you’re a natural at doing? You’ll find out exactly what skills and talents you have latent inside of you waiting to be explored and mastered and other ones you can develop and further improve on that will help you make money and or simply enjoy a more fulfilling life.

  • Romance and Dating:

You’ll get insight into exactly the type of person in love and life affairs to avoid at all cost and instead choose the ones suited where you are both on a high and feel totally fun free when with each other.

  • Creativity:

Ever get blocked emotional/mental/spiritual creatively where nothing happens? You lose all inspiration and don’t know how to get it back again. It’s a downer and can very frustrating as you no doubt know trying to re-ignite that creative power. Well in your chart all the keys to knowing how to tap into your creativity any time are there, waiting for you to find and unlock the things unique to you—to do to make your creative power come alive and use it to the fullest whenever you like.

  • Empowerment:

Looking for new ways to transform yourself in both self-empowerment and relationship empowerment? To avoid unnecessary challenges and what it need not take—you’ll find out what are the best paths you can take for achievement of your empowerment and transformation goals.


What Else Can Astrology Do For Me ?

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1) There’s so much to learn about life but it can be sometimes too much to take in with all the different things that happen to us throughout our journey. With astrology however life becomes more understanding and viewed in its perspective. The thing about doing astrology is it opens up the mind and one is always learning about oneself and understanding how it works, builds and develops new skills and abilities which translate into learning about different and new parts of oneself. It’s a journey of self-discovery and as result it invites for a more fulfilled life and you’ll find will enable you to do more things in your life because of what it shows you about your life.

2) The beauty of learning astrology is you can become more enriched by the things you do in order to learn about yourself and about human nature as a result. It gives great clarity, and direction, and purpose and therefore more meaning to one’s life. The way it works is it allows you to enrich your life and realise where opportunities exist in all the areas which are important for making your life more wholesome and fulfilled such as—your career, and wealth, and relationships, and self-identity, and family, and social values and education and cultural values to name a few. All these areas are important areas that are all covered in the Natal chart and other charts.
3) Astrology will raise your consciousness and help you to ascend in life. It will enable you to resonate at a higher level in order to fulfil a greater role in life. It gives awareness of emotional and mental blocks and a greater openness and understanding on the physical, and emotional, and mental, and spiritual levels of consciousness. It allows one to get greater meaning and value, from what they are doing.

Two Other areas this Astrology Inclusive course will show you about are:

  • Social Values:

Learn exactly the friends to stay away from and the type of groups who are no good for you to mix with in society through doing the Zodiacal trails of your 11th house where you’ll know who the best groups and supporting friends are to be with along with how to succeed in accomplishment of your goals.

  • Spiritual Growth

Discover the depth of your spiritual awareness, guidance and your paths to illumination? Learn about your hidden gifts and resources and how to do away with imaginary subconscious fears and phobias and instead be in tune with inner peace and calm.

Straight away when you start astrology you will be able to see what your problems are and how to fix them. It’s a fact that life has its challenges and we have no choice but to do something about them and as such astrology is a reliable way to do just that. You’re able to see the whole picture with it—You’re able to see each area of your life all laid out together as one whole—not just one part where you can’t see the other parts at the same time. You have a life tool you are able to use straight away that shows your direction, path and soul-purpose and from that self-assurance. In the first few weeks you’ll get the sense of the deeper mysteries that exist in life that you didn’t know about before simply by understanding the purpose for why astrology was created and all put together in the first place.

In the long term when you learn astrology from then on you have the knowledge to always be able to set sail and steer your life’s course. It will enable you to set and accomplish your goals—know what’s ahead and how to attain in the things that matter to you in life—able to plan out how to do the things you want to do and what areas of your life to work on when needed. Astrology is a system of thought based on sound principles of human values in which when you practice it you have most certainly the means to reach your highest potential. It’s a gateway to balance life and ensure that you understand how your life works and how it works on a larger scale also with its cycles, and growth stages, and patterns to do with humanity and the earth.

This Is What You'll Recieve

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Astrology Inclusive has 12 modules that are broken up into one module per week. In each module there is four lessons which are called “days” however the time to do them varies between probably 1 to 2 hours for each lesson. This may be too much for you in one week to cover so to make it easy the course will be put up one module per week and that means you’re able to do the lessons in your own pace, at your own leisure, and complete the course whenever it suits as the modules will always be there whenever you want to do them.


* note:  The going price for E courses can vary. However a rule of thumb is an entry-level up to four modules is under $200 while mid-level 4-6 modules can range between $200 and under $700 and the top level the premium level 6 -12 modules between $700 up to $2000 depending on the type of course being offered.

** This course has twelve modules which cover absolutely everything~and even though it has that much it’s my aim to make it as accessible as possible for you who wants to learn astrology and use what you get out of it in your life in a practical way to help you achieve your highest potential and aims and even go onto to teaching astrology to others if that’s what you want.

*** The “Astro Inclusive” course price is normally $190 ~  Later on its going to go up but for now it’s going at ~  a special discount rate of $120.00 which is a savings of 26%

* If preferred there’s a monthly payment plan of 3 payments of $50.00 each.


And There’s Bonuses To Go With It

* Bonus 1:

You will receive a free report valued at $25 of either a Natal, Progressed or Solar return of your choosing. This is much more than the free e-book or mini report you get when becoming a subscriber. It has a lot more information about different parts of your chart.

* Bonus 2:

A “One Question Report” you’d like to ask specifically about something important you want to know about regarding a problem in an area of either your personal life or how to improve your business.

* Bonus 3:

I’ll take a look at your chart and give you a free report/session on what can be done exactly regarding main areas of concern and benefit.
Those three services together are valued at $188.00, however you’ll be getting them included in with the course for free.

* Bonus 4:

Free lifetime membership access plus a monthly newsletter report with an update once a month on astrological tips and information for your business and or personal life, along with interesting astrology and higher mind awareness articles and resources.

* Bonus 5:

** In addition you will get a discount rate on all add-ons regarding astrology in the future and to do with higher mind awareness products and services.

**You can contact me any time regarding any questions or anything you have regarding the course—and please note if you want any consultations or specialized personal coaching done—then we’ll work together using your chart and astrology to take either your business and or personal life to a new level. For those services you will get a 25% discount rate from my normal coaching fees.



This Is Not Your Normal Everyday Course

If you’re really serious and want to do something highly beneficial to your life personally or in regards to your business and or any other area of your life—where you want solutions and to make beneficial changes, then this personal development transformational course in astrology, will give you the results you are looking for. You are here now which means you are serious and this is the next step for you. Personally I’ve got no doubt you will see a transformation in your life and from doing the course.

All you do is simply click the button below and you’ll be directed in what to do. Once you’ve made your payment you will receive an e-mail in your inbox with your password and username.

On the payment page remember in order to get your free reports and free consultation—simply fill in your birth details plus the part where it says to ask your question. Please be as specific as you can regarding the area of life you want to know about either personally or in business depending on your course. There is a course also on “Business Astrology” which is explained below so if you are going to do both of them you will need to ask two free questions. Also put the time and place when you ask the question(s) as it can make a difference if you’re looking for a set time frame in regards to your question/and answer.

That’s all there is to fill in your birth details. Ask your question and click the purchase tab now. Check your e-mail inbox—login to the free membership site have a good look around and get familiar with what’s there and start your first weeks module whenever you feel like.


Astrology Inclusive ~Just $120.00


“In addition there is another course on Business Astrology I’ve created that I’d like to tell you about also. Read on to find out more.”


About Both Courses

It’s another excellent course called “ How to Use Astrology to Make Your Business More Successful ” however it requires that you have a fairly good understanding of astrology to begin with—while the “Astrology Inclusive” course because it has everything you will find is ideally suited to complement the course on “How to use astrology to make your business more successful” would be suited to do first to ensure that you make the best possible use for both of them—especially if you want to learn astrology from start and then go on and further develop your astrology skills by taking the “business astrology” path which I highly recommended if you have a business or are thinking of starting one up. as it  serves as an excellent source of higher self-guidance and alignment.

“Both of them together have all you need to know about astrology to make your business and personal life prosper.”


For what you get both courses offer good value, considering all of the content on what there is to learn about in “Astrology Inclusive” and in addition the extra knowledge you can apply in practice regarding your business will give you the inside edge on how to manage and direct your business even if your just starting out and take it to another level and what things to do and look out for that your “business chart ” can reveal along the way.

If you decide to purchase the two courses together, which is normally $320 the price is reduced to $200.00 a saving of 37.5%

There is also a reduced separate price for the “ How to use astrology to make your business more successful ” as well and for more about that course click the link and it will take you to the page.

Astrology Inclusive Add To Cart—Just $120

*Payment Plan Option – Astro Inclusive

Both Courses Together Add To Cart—Just $200

** Payment Plan Option – Both Courses