Creative Astrology


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Astrology is not a study that has just arrived on the scene. It’s been around for ages which makes one wonder why. There are different types of astrology whose underlying principles can be applied to any department of life.

In varying degrees because the matter of all life on each plane of consciousness is fundamentally made up of different electromagnetic forces, we are essentially connected with the planets and stars at a sub atomic level, and while the sun and moon as science has proved most assuredly do have an effect upon the Earth and our vitality and emotional states, there is no reason to believe that the other celestial bodies don’t, however the question of just how much and what other planets rays affect us here on Earth is really only secondary compared to the valid truths which true astrology seeks to reveal and more importantly, is used to raise consciousness in terms of human nature.

Each culture has as part of its customs their own astrological lore, with its insights, and values portrayed in one guise or another, all of which work for them, and which have stemmed from the recordings passed down from each cultures generations throughout history based on people’s observations of the way electromagnetic forces of different kinds acting within human beings and nature, interpenetrate and cause certain responses which were able to be identified and categorized to suit archetypal patterns of unconscious musings and expressions, pertaining to human nature in general.

Creative astrology is simply another branch of the astrological tree, and as a subject on its own is not widely used and relatively young still. Even though creativity is very much an essential part of all branches of astrology, the aspect of creative astrology in particular is based on foundation principles which serve as the basis for self-discovery—where it’s employed as a tool to raise consciousness in avenues of creative self-expression as in self-coaching for example, and in the use of ideas, and concepts, that introduce astrological values as fundamentals of a system of thought and creativity which can give greater awareness and insight into understanding better how to enhance lifestyle, and improve and become skilled in taking those concepts and making them work to suit, and benefit, and give greater value, and meaning to master the different areas which make up the currents of the mandala of one’s life.

Creative astrology integrates well with self-coaching and is very useful also for achieving higher mind awareness consciousness and a greater awareness of ones life and life in general on each plane of consciousness.


There’s so much information at ones disposal these days it’s not hard to learn astrology, especially this type of astrology, once one has learnt each of the various parts of astrological symbolism with their corresponding meanings, and what they represent, and how to translate astrology into an everyday language however, it does take time to experience its wisdom and learn to apply what it teaches and adapt it to suit one’s lifestyle productively.

Being creative with astrology goes beyond the nonsense and entanglements that most mainstream astrology tends to put out, and wrongly cause falsity and the mistaken belief that it is an art that has magical powers. Astrology has to be learnt from the ground up if it’s to make any sense in respect to using it to help manage one’s life, and as like any study that has a long tradition of learning one has to understand and practice it first and then they can decide what to de-condition and take what’s of value from their predecessors and of contemporary astrology, and forge out and develop their own principles and findings on what they have learnt and then if so desired add them to the collective astrological models of thought as well.

It may well be for some in astrology they realise they have come to an end and it’s time to move on—and it can be when it is, it’s then creative astrology is revealed, and a purer understanding and freer use of it, is applied in other ways where astrological thinking and esoteric concepts take on added depth and its essential qualities are given over to blend in with other patterns of thought which are not exclusive to astrology only.

After a certain point in astrological study and awareness astrological knowledge gives way to a higher understanding of mind awareness where it serves as a tool that is added to one’s soul equipment in life for further development in what one does in living their life, and also why they seek to enjoy it, and the way they express it throughout the course of their journey.


This is why creative astrology has been created. Up to a certain point on a personal note I found astrology had reached a certain stage or limit of conditioning where what had been learnt up until then made me wonder, as I began to notice how I responded to conditioned patterns of astrological interpretation and learnings that I realized was actually causing me to behave in certain ways. We all know to a certain degree that we are what we think but our higher self guidance tells us we don’t necessarily believe everything we think about ourselves also—so clearly as a result of that deeper awareness of astrology I began experimenting and saw something different about what it can do, and be employed as in relation to other interests and learning in higher mind awareness and metaphysical concepts.

As it happened there was a release from those behaviours of only seeing and thinking in astrological mode, and I discovered creative astrology could in fact be used for freeing up not only conditioned patterns of astrological behaviour, but also as a platform for the creative flow of vital inspirational insights and higher awareness states. Being extra creative with astrology invites one to explore its values to think outside of the box, and try different methods of astrological technique and chart awareness. After all everything is at heart electromagnetic forces, and matter, and consciousness and that is really what all the different types of astrological charts ever created symbolize and are about.

This is commonly called transcending the chart, or greater soul orientation in some astrological circles, and means being not really affected by the fluctuating behavioural patterns of astrological energies and aspects so often a part of the influences in early learning astrology.


The theme in creative astrology is for the practitioner to use its study as a tool for “inventiveness and experimentation” in astrological principles and values to create new types of charts whose interpretations serve as modern models for accommodating and explaining new aspects of living, which are happening now in today’s society as a result of the advancement of modern technology, and science, and changing values virtually in one or other dimensions of a person’s lifestyle today.

The purpose for it is to move astrology forward into new territory so that it keeps up with the changing times and generational influences, and also so its use can be extended in development in areas of self-awareness and higher mind awareness as another reputable technique for mind consciousness growth. The creative astrologer will find at some point in their work if they haven’t already there comes a time when they realise in their design and creating of new forward thinking charts how they better reflect the growing needs of society to accommodate states of present spiritual awareness and higher mind conduct.

Creative astrology as an aspect of higher mind awareness and self-direction is ideal as a technique for practising in development of visualisation and archetypal awareness in the form of symbolism and images which pertain to and help induce higher mind awareness states. It serves in exploring subconscious pathways and discovering new parts of self which can then be integrated into everyday living.

Creative astrology can be especially useful in H.M.A self-coaching as a means for ascertaining direction where the clients chart is interpreted as a map to refer to for seeing how to break through and dissolve barriers for example, or for forming a strong foundation in an area of life where one wants to further improve upon. Creative astrology design adds new symbols and repositions the components of the chart in order to identify and discover hidden positive patterns of behaviour whose energies empower and support achievement in aims and goals, and provide clarification, and solve problems to do with issues of awareness and realization of higher states of being, and how to put that knowledge into practical use for the sake of prosperity.

So the study of creative astrology does not rely on predicting the future—instead it relies on using creative vision, and practical common sense to draw up and plan out ones destiny, using a range of different types of including one’s own unique charts, and apply that knowledge and free will in conjunction with the use of higher mind awareness thought, and values which bring about the desired changes and awareness’s one is seeking, either for themselves personally, or for their client if they are using it as a tool of self-coaching—ultimately so that the free flow of electromagnetic currents of creative intelligence on each plane of consciousness can happen unobstructed for the person.

This is only the threshold of what creative astrology is about and what it can do.