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What You Get

Chart reports are a full analysis of the chart. All the areas of life are looked at and special note is given to the areas that stand out the most. Depending on the chart selected will decide on the main area(s) of focus in the interpretation, along with aspects and links to other factors of importance within the chart whose electromagnetic forces can be utilized as well.

These reports are comprehensive and give you a good overview of tendencies, and skills, and directions to be aware of  and which can become pointers for improvements, and further exploration, and growth in self development, and parts of self you may not have known can be opened up and brought to assist in benefiting your life further in progress along your path.

You receive a download copy of your chart which you can print out together with the chart report, along with a brief report pertaining to a specific question relating to something important you may want to know in particular.

*All charts come with a full introductory explanation of what the chart type is along with the astrological concept meanings in plain language, and are recorded on an mp3 which is emailed to you to download and listen to as many times as you want, so you can go over all the information at leisure and not miss anything.



Each chart is a unique blue print of the individual’s inherent qualities, and potentials, and vital energies of ones makeup. They present a window into how you can discover through a reading, and by study, and becoming familiar with the charts symbolism, the electromagnetic forces of higher states of consciousness and how you can utilize them in discovery of new parts of self and enrichment of lifestyle and purpose.

While a full introduction of a particular chart’s meaning is included in the reading, below is a brief overview which describes what each chart is for.



*Select the type of chart which best suites your  current needs and  future aims, and please note the “Chart Submission” form is where you can actually check mark your preference.

Natal Chart: The basic foundation or blueprint of all charts. Not necessarily the most important, however it reveals your basic temperament and overall pattern of life themes. The most popular and common chart most people get done first.

Advanced Natal Chart: The natal chart that has in addition the sequence of your corresponding energy centers and the planes of consciousness to match. *This chart is most suited for maintaining of soul and spiritual health.

Progressed Chart: A separate chart which shows the present age and how far one has come along their path of life. * A standard progressed chart is normally progressed from the natal chart, however if you would like a progressed chart done for another type of chart please put the type chart name in the question box when you add your question.

Solar Return Chart: This is a chart for the year ahead from one birthday to the next and describes the general trends and areas of life to focus on and what energies to direct to make the yearly cycle of your path more fruitful.

Soul Chart: This chart focuses on development of inner awareness and aspects of soul consciousness, like for example soul purpose, and path, and direction. In general the more subtle forces inherent in a persons makeup they can explore and utilize.

Spiritual Chart Reading: The spiritual chart deals purely with an understanding of your spiritual being, and development and awareness of your spiritual nature its patterns and creative powers.

Ascension Chart: A special chart that’s rarely done only at special times in ones life. It relates entirely to a spiritual chart and spiritual initiation, and progress, such as a new avenue of Earth Spirit of service for example, or a time when a person undergoes a spiritual awakening, or transformation, or is ready to take a new spiritual path on their spiritual journey. *It is recommended to have a good groundwork in spirituality before selecting to have this reading done, unless you otherwise happen to receive some sort of spiritual guidance, or sign, or definite indication to have this chart done.

Wealth Chart : This is a special chart which describes the overall natal patterns of your wealth DNA. It defines your wealth character and potential including how to make the kind of money and other types of wealth values you desire not only in personal life, but also the other just as important areas of your life where those values matter as well. With this type of chart it makes it easy to know how and to plan what to build your path of prosperity upon, and channel your currents of wealth that everyone has including a person’s wealth line of least resistance. A chart most suitable for anyone looking to discover their wealth values or accomplish their wealth goals because it resonates with the very essential nature of ones unique genetic makeup of wealth which many don’t even know they have within them waiting to be actualized. In all it’s from a wealth chart other wealth charts stem from which can be cast to uncover hidden areas of your wealth patterns you may not know about that reveal how to develop and make wealth progress. No matter how wealthy or not you are it’s a fact wealth is an essential requirement that life asks of us not to ignore and to keep a healthy and alive wealth being.

Personal Development Chart: This chart depicts areas of life where you have the greatest potentials, and should focus on for improvements in personal growth. * While this reading describes a range of important personal topics in general,if there is a specific area that’s of particular interest that you follow in p/development, then include that in your question as that also can be looked at in depth for direction and purpose in how you can further develop those skills.

Planetary Character Chart: This type of chart pertains to an in depth look that focuses on really strengthening certain parts of yourself as symbolized by a particular planet’s electromagnetic forces in your chart. * The individual nature of each planet has it’s own set of characters you could say, who can define further the powers of the planet. For example in a “Mars” chart if we want to know how to better focus on cultivation of extra motivation, and drive, and purpose, we examine the various positions and aspects of the other planets in the chart to see exactly what areas are best to work on, and how exactly to express and use them to reinforce and build up and strengthen your drive and purpose.

DNA Chart: A special chart again for tracing ones soul roots. The scope of this chart reading goes beyond one’s biological DNA roots. * These charts denote a past flavor of companionship but are more so related to ones soul group, or certain friendships or spiritual guides which reveal things in common, (sometimes even future events) between souls who at certain times meet while on a similar path, and remembered for something special about them that endures. Hence the chart is used to further develop and explore ones DNA connections.

Whole Number Chart: An astrology chart that combines the vibratory power of the number in degrees of the planetary positions of the natal and progressed and solar return charts, to produce an extra insight into use of the power of numbers, as another factor in support of benefit to an area of life, and how one chooses to make the best of it to make it work for them. Specifically relates to your question.

Three Level Chart: A healing chart that gives you a reading of the levels of your spiritual, and soul, and personality expressions as one whole expression of consciousness. * A flow chart that’s used for unblocking higher consciousness states that can’t get through into form. It links subtle states of intelligence so that the currents of your consciousness can flow through each of the three vehicles as a healthy unimpeded condition that anchors in your personality foundation.





*Please note: If you would like a chart report, click purchase, which will take you to the selection/payment page. Then once you have made your chart selection and payment, click submit where you will be directed to the ” Chart Submission” page. Fill in your birth details and question, and email address, and check mark your choice of chart, then click the submission button at the bottom of the form, where you’ll be taken to the thank you page and be informed to check your email inbox for further details on your report.