Professional Quality Reports

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In these well written detailed reports you will discover more about yourself. They are ideal for building greater self-awareness and or would make an ideal gift. All the key areas of the topic are covered and they are both comprehensive and detailed with each one offering clarity and purpose.

Individual Reports

Report 1


 Do you believe your life has a pattern? A Natal report is based on a natal chart which in a way could be said to be a foundation blueprint for building ones life on. A natal chart tells many things. It describes the basic temperament of self and as all charts do the “what” and “where” and “how” and even the “why”. This type of report doesn’t just focus on one topic of the chart, it gives all the important features and builds a platform that invites one to find out more about themselves.

Report 2


Would you like to know what future trends are in store for you from your birthday this year or any year until the next? Solar returns define your sense of self and vitality as represented symbolically by the sun and planets in terms of the areas of life and energies you can utilize over the year. Knowing these areas and what to focus on builds a greater sense of self purpose, and identity, and illumination. These charts show where you can make the most of opportunities and see what challenges can also be utilized. A birthday each year in a way is like a new birth making it a time when the energies of the previous year are phased out ready for a new cycle.

Report 3


Planetary transits are used as a means for tracking the unfolding of events, or for looking at important times coming up, or to make  plans, or for times when to take action, or any number of things which can engage one’s life over the months ahead. Transit forecasts are an ideal way to  get a general picture in advance of what areas of life are being highlighted over a monthly period. The planets are always changing signs and houses and this symbolically represents the kaleidoscope of our life as we live it on a daily basis. This report shows when the different transits are activated and for how long they  are in effect.

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Report 4


Understanding wealth values, especially money is an essential requirement of life. In the money report you find out the different areas where you can make money. What talents you have to make money and your relationship with it, shared income, and personal wealth. This report will give you information tailored made to suit you in not just one way to make wealth but also in ways that may not be so obvious to if you hadn’t had this report done. There are a lot of different things which make up wealth on each plane of consciousness that differ for each of us, and its knowing what those things are that match your path of wealth can make a big difference in being wealthy and that includes money prosperity as well.

Report 6


Want to know what your real calling is? Are you looking for a career but maybe are not sure what path or where to start or maybe a career change? The vocation report covers a number of important factors regarding this important area of life. Because its based on areas in your unique natal chart specifically to do with your vocational growth, it gives you a good picture of your calling in terms of looking at its direction and destiny along with other parts such as profession and work related income. Part of vocation can also mean defining ones role in ones calling or career and so the report also includes a part about your vocational character that is useful to know.

Relationship Reports

Report 7


How do you know if the chemistry matches at a deeper level? Part of a new relationship or an existing one means there is an element of compatibility in there somewhere but wouldn’t it be good to know exactly what those elements are to see just what needs doing or how far to take it if its a new one. The compatibility report looks at the synergistic energies at work between two people in a relationship. It can help clarify a relationship as it reveals what exactly the values and challenges are and will show where you have things in common and just how much of match you are or potentially are likely to be.

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Would you like to know further how to build your relationship up and make it a strong foundation so together you and your partner can experience greater rewards and opportunities to take it to a new level of soul joy. In a relationship report both individuals values of love and unity are shown in certain areas and by what the planets represent in the relationship chart. Finding out about the deeper currents of a relationship can uncover hidden things about it both rewarding and challenging and just for the sake of simply knowing what they are can be very helpful indeed. This report is all about keeping a relationship alive and delivering relationship awareness for two people both as individuals and as a unity of growth.

Report 9


All relationships go through changes in growth. How valuable it would be to find out beforehand what things to focus your relationship on for the year ahead instead of letting the ebb and flow of the tide takeover. This report is a perfect way to keep the flame of the relationship burning brightly. It’s ideal for making plans and bringing in extra qualities to the different aspects of the relationship so both can see where and what bonds it more and equally strengthens it—or where common goals can be achieved and opportunities taken in the right direction through knowing what areas of life to focus on, and where exactly to input drive and purpose in the relationship. What about knowing beforehand the best areas where love can flower and what can be done in using love to expand and grow the relationship throughout the year—or where to be responsible and establish a solid foundation for it to keep it secure and lasting—or the type of transformations needed to keep the relationship alive and vitalized—or the area where it’s part of fortune and prosperity for the year can benefit it. All these things including the spiritual aspects of the relationship and more are revealed in the solar yearly return relationship chart.