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Astrology is one of the top ways to find out more about who you are in more ways than one. If you want to find out how to transform yourself—then you need to be able to access deeper and higher parts of yourself as that’s where the gold is found and the light always shines.

“Personal development” or “Individual development” as it is sometimes called these days is the employment of certain activities aimed at improving one’s lot (which also encompasses improving others lot along the way also) in life by fulfilling a proper need or purpose such as accomplishment of a goal for example within the context of the different departments of ones life—while transformation is what happens when personal development is put to good use—and astrology is a very good way in how to apply personal development and achieve transformation in a chosen area of life.

So astrology is a personal development transformational tool. It’s the study and science which reveals through its symbolism and then synthesis and interpretation technique regarding things that can be done to utilize the extra subtle electromagnetic forces of consciousness one has and can use to improve their life.

Each of the main branches of astrology all focus on one or another aspect of life and what they all have in common is they reveal about what life is in terms of the world and human understanding and development and also discovery of ways in how to maintain health, and heal and improve in each area of life.

What this post is about is the “Astrology of Personal Development”. I’m doing a series on this topic and will be covering the key principles of P/dev and how to define and use them in astrology and create a “personal development plan” which is a specific type of plan uniquely designed to achieve a goal(s) in an area of life. It’s unique because it’s tailor made for the individual and as it’s drawn up based on the information obtained from their astrology chart.

Character Traits and Skills

The first part of the series is on the p/development of Character traits and Skills. These define certain qualities of inner development. There are ways to identify these attributes in the chart and discover what those qualities exactly are and how they can be put to use as channels of empowerment in areas of your life where the aim is accomplishment of a goal. Inner development is an important part of personal development character traits and skills. When making up a personal development plan consideration needs to be given equally regarding development of inner and outer qualities and expressions as that’s what plays a big part in achievement of a goal especially where the outcome is a successful one.

Part One

How To Identify Self-Awareness In The Chart

So the first personal development principle is about cultivating greater “self-awareness” by using astrology—meaning taking a look in your astrology chart at certain key things that define self-awareness, or if you like being “aware of self.” The key to self-awareness use is it’s a very good mind awareness activity that people do to raise their consciousness. In astrology it’s achieved by noting in the chart:

  • Things like what particular planets to choose at the time for increasing self-awareness in relation to something you want to find out more about.
  • What signs are ones that at the time demonstrate how self-aware and focussed one is in order to express ones character more powerfully, and suitably, and freely.
  • Where to find a particular type of self-awareness power to suit a specific purpose or goal and how to utilise those energies and maximise their benefits.

The first thing to ask yourself in regards to your personal development of astrology and your self-awareness, is “Why do I like astrology?” or “Why do I have an interest in wanting to do it and learn about it?” Self-inquiry and self-observation and going through the subject matter of the chart is a sure way of discovering the answers to those questions and starting off on your journey in learning more about your character traits and who you are.

The planets, signs and houses and the other parts of astrology that make up what it is—are the keys that unlock the doors into the “what” and “how” and “where” of a chart, which is if you like an astrological blueprint. A person’s astrology chart is a unique pattern of their astrological DNA . It’s also a mandala of you in symbolical form depicting your past, and present, and future self. It’s what holds all your dreams, paths in life you choose, your soul and spiritual purpose and values, along with your deep seated fears and highest potentials, and goals, and fulfillments to name just a few of the pieces it signifies—and it’s how we become aware in its hidden language of our higher self and true nature with all the mysteries and insights to go with it of who we are at heart and what we can become more aware of in life if we so choose to find out.

What Makes Self Awareness in the Chart

The astrological chart is a mirror. In a sense it’s a reflection of who we are. We can become more self-aware by using the astrological chart in a couple ways. One is the abstract approach of consulting the chart first and learning from it directly and then applying what you have learnt to real time living. It’s done first by learning the art of deciphering the astrological symbols and other bits of coding in your chart—and then by observing how those corresponding subconscious forces are bought to life and enacted out in the different guises and character roles we adopt and use to play out our life in each department in real time. Then in turn by observing the responses and feedback we receive back from real time living interpreted by our consciousness reasoning mind into the causes and choices and logical deductions about those experiences—all of which become the cause or meaning if you like for greater self-awareness and continuation of our life to follow on and make for how its lived.

Deciphering the chart is an art there is no doubt about that which takes time and practice, however the information it continually reveals can be invaluable, as it can clearly tell us about different parts of ourselves some which are totally and surprisingly new and also about our situation not only a daily basis if we so choose but also over the long term and also what’s coming up and the choices we have and can make regarding future events in our life if we so choose.

The other way is experiencing your life experiences first hand and then consulting your chart to verify them and discover more about their deeper significance. For example we may encounter certain experiences in our life that make no sense as to why they happened or we want to work out how to change some aspect of our life due to the experience teaching us its lesson. As we know some of the bigger life experiences are indeed absolutely necessary and important to find out about—so as a result we go and consult the chart to see where and what it corresponds to astrologically. In this second case if the astrologer is adept enough in chart interpretation they know that everything is written in the chart anyway and it’s just a matter of deciphering the right information and drilling down into parts of the chart to uncover and extract the wisdom and knowledge required in order to improve and understand the particular life situation better and or change and transform some part of ourself.

We can see in this process as well that “self-awareness” is needed also when consulting the chart and is what takes place more so on a subtle level of consciousness due to the real-time experiences being firsthand and more directly connected with worldly physical and outward reality and only when the chart is consulted and it becomes more of an inner and clearer understanding does the deeper meaning of the experience  appear to the soul.

So the astrological chart is a two way street so to speak—that is either way works just as well however the best results are obtained when both ways are employed. They then connect and make practical, logical sense out of a situation and both ways gives the means to clarify and define more about our life and our self-awareness development and character.
Self-awareness is a very subtle subconscious part of our human nature and awareness in our life whether we are conscious of using it (which is better of course the more we do) or not in which case it still goes on but in a more subtle, lesser and unaware sense.

That’s the first part of this topic on Self-awareness. The second part we take a look at what particular planets and areas of life best describe “Self-Awareness Powers” in the chart.

Part two: How to Identify Self Awareness Powers In Your Astrological Chart

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