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What is Business Astrology?

Do you happen to like astrology and business and want to improve your business? Do you want to know more about your business nature and sense of business and other inner qualities to do with your business self?

Business success can be achieved in different ways. The keys to business instinct and knowledge and what’s involved in it including its experiences are based on certain principles and methods about what it is, and takes to do it, and run your own for example. How to find out about what can make your business a better success in all departments and raise it to another level can be revealed through Business Astrology—which is a branch of astrology that focuses on business only.

In short here’s how it works

Each house in astrology is a business house. The things which come under rulership of a house are different parts of that particular area of the business.

The planets represent different qualities and energies of the business. They show vital things about the business and what can be done to it.

The signs show how the manner of a business operates in its different departments. They can be useful for connecting with other parts of the business.

The astrological aspects show how the different parts of the business connect such as for example the business relationships and its management.

Business charts can vary—from the owner’s chart to the owners business foundation chart which is a chart technique I teach how to do in my “Business astrology course” to the business registered chart—and then there’s the business progressed, and monthly, and yearly charts which are all used for ascertaining future trends and planning out the various parts and stages of a business growth and operations.

Another part of Business astrology is determining the “zodiacal business trails” for each part of it. These are trails done in astrological shorthand obtained from reading the chart and which some business astrologers use as a useful technique for synthesizing and interpreting each part of the business. For example there are the product, and financial, and marketing trails.

Then there’s ways of determining the business stages and what stage it’s at in the business cycle and also what the options are in regards to further development and improvement in a particular area for its growth and expansion, or how long to keep going in a certain direction regarding for example its projects, or creativity and business concepts that have been planned out and are ready to initiate, or with regards to its mission statement, or any number of things relating to the day to day running and management of the business.

An experienced business astrologer will be able to see just from the chart what all parts of the business are—its challenges, goals, and where and what strategies are needed. The business chart is able to tell you a lot about the business and its operations. Drilling down further in a business to find its valuable assets and gold for its success is part of a business astrologer’s job and can be ascertained by noting the finer details of its parts.

Then there’s assessing the business year ahead and what it’s long term focus and outcomes are and how it can make the most of opportunities and plan ahead, all of which are a part of the things the business astrologer needs to know and are covered in business astrology.

Business astrology even looks at the spiritual aspects of the business and what values it can employ in terms of spiritual input into the business so it achieves greater benefit in its success and with its stages of growth.

Business astrology is not a mainstream astrology practice and so you’ll find if you do like this type of astrology and have a business or are thinking of starting one, there is a lot of opportunity for growth in this particular branch. You can learn more about it by reading up on other business astrology resources online and in books, and magazines, and doing mostly your own observations and study yourself—even more so by starting off and doing a business chart for your business to begin with.

Business astrology is fast becoming popular as a business tool and there will always be businesses starting up and a demand for business consultants of all categories—so if you choose to become a business astrologer it can mean more opportunities to make good as a business and as a practicing astrologer, if that is what your aim is. Alternatively simply learning this skill and applying it in your own business or even as a hobby and a form of enjoyable pastime can be very rewarding and open new pathways for you in other areas of life also.

If you like astrology and are looking for a branch of it to get into for further development and interest—and you like business—then I’d say definitely take up business astrology or at least find out more about it and give it try. I’ve personally found it very useful in my own business and as result decided to create a home study e/course on it just because the knowledge from applying business astrology has helped me so much I wanted to share it with others also.

Here is where you can find out more on my course – “How to use astrology to make your business more successful.” or if you want to learn all about astrology then my other course on ” Astrology Inclusive ” may be the one for you instead.