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Higher Mind Awareness

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Hi—how’s your higher mind awareness going today! Are you feeling alive and totally aware. Are you looking to take yourself to new heights of consciousness? Do you want to transform your way of life into one that is more fulfilling, and sustaining, and aligned with your soul purpose and path?

Higher mind awareness is the art of raising consciousness and maintaining the mind at levels of consciously heightened awareness. The all important underlying purpose of life really is to better or improve ones lot, and in the process others and society as a whole. Higher mind awareness is in part conducting one’s life so that it has a broader and higher frequency range and helps to fulfill that purpose. There are various different methods and practices of higher mind however some of the key elements which they all seem to have in common are they promote mindfulness—give an understanding of levels of consciousness—invite further discovery and growth of the inner nature and hidden parts of oneself and generally focus on educating one way or another how the mind works.

The same as when we go to school to get an education and learn a career skill, so to does the school of life require us to learn about it in the real world and what our place or purpose is in it. So we could say as well that higher mind awareness is a self-learning process that builds relationship in intelligence and awareness growth.

Some other key practices of it are self–knowledge and self-control or really anything that has “self” in front of it and is consciousness raising. For example self-inquiry, assertion, reliance, observation, awareness, and all the numerous other “self-meaning” terms. What they all have in common is that they focus on development of greater understanding of who one is as an individual and also mastering oneself in skills and abilities to do with self improvement that entails higher mind development and education.

Here’s a number of other things which further describe what higher mind awareness does.

  • Fulfills the soul’s needs of health to be responsive to the subtle fields and sensitivities of higher levels of consciousness and deeper insight.
  • Works on mind development so logic and reason can express the abstract realms of consciousness intelligently and provide a practical outlet into form for expression of higher awareness.
  • Enables a person to pick up and attune to another person’s or life forms subtle frequencies.
  • Becomes an acquired ability to apply personal development principles skillfully to daily living.
  • It’s an important part of always trying and striving to better and improve a situation for the benefit of doing ones bit to make life better, both for oneself and others.
  • It’s about having a very acute awareness of the workings of life—that is the behind the scenes and hidden parts of it—parts that cause the manifestation of life.

Incorporating higher mind awareness into one’s life means having better control over ones thoughts and feelings and material world living. It’s more than just being aware and mindful which are nonetheless important steps in the practice and process, however even more so its freedom of mind to ultimately choose what thoughts and feelings and actions you want to entertain, and create, and live with, so that the higher awareness currents becomes integrated into your being as a natural habitual practice that eventually virtually runs on its own.

Higher mind awareness encompasses a lot of things. There are a lot of different techniques used to raise the minds consciousness and so that makes it important that you choose ones that suit you especially and you favour for the particular purposes you want to achieve in.

Inquiry and using mind techniques such as meditation for example and auto suggestion, positive affirmations and any type of ones that expand consciousness rightly are most suitable. Visualization exercises, conceptual thinking, direct mental perception, abstract thought and feelings, and imagery creation, are indeed powers of the mind— however beneficial as they are, it still requires practice in intelligence and will, and skill, to direct the mind and empower it with clarity, and logic, and calm. Then it becomes an instrument of beauty and depth and power.

What is meant here by “empower” in terms of metaphysics and higher mind awareness is the mind is kept vitalized and keenly perceptive due to a consistent and daily routine practice of mind awareness—and that occurs as a result due to the actual raising of consciousness. The brains circuitry and intelligence network increases in its electromagnetism and as a result the subtle subatomic particles of the nerves and circuits of the spiritual and mental and emotional body become subsequently stronger and more resilient. A strong electromagnetism charges and builds up the health of the subtle bodies—which means a person’s resistance level is up and their immunity is boosted against low degrading thoughts and feelings—and instead they attract and are attracted to more profound thoughts and feelings because they are actually mindful of higher levels of consciousness and therefore magnetised to those currents.

In other words in maintaining a higher awareness state there is a comparative reduction of needless thoughts of a wasteful nature and that leaves room for more creativity and inspiration, and channels of clear and calm thoughts, where concepts, and the thinking processes are not diffused, or without depth, or reason, and meaning, and where right actions are not blocked from being taken in the physical world.

The same applies to the emotional dimensions. Feelings are less over dramatically affective, and the emotional currents aren’t over stimulating the nerves—nor is emotional self-control taught and blocking but instead is a normal healthy flow that circulates throughout the body and mind naturally empowering and promoting calm normal behaviour.

A higher mind is in part a strong, focussed and calm mind, with an inner depth, and insight that penetrates directly to the core of things—and also one where the person if they so desire can switch to beyond the level of all their thoughts as you would do in advanced meditation for example, yet they are not actually in the meditative state of mind but are on that same band width of electromagnetic currents.

Higher awareness is something that is an integral part of the secret to living a well-balanced and fulfilled life with right intent and meaning. It helps create a free mind that’s of mindful conduct and poise. It helps a person to see their opportunities that are too good to refuse and to see clearly what their goals, and plans, and soul purpose are and the different paths of their life choosing.

Higher mind awareness is not limited or restricted to just a few types of practices. There are heaps of things in life that can often induce the type of consciousness that raises the mind—for example from sudden surprises of a short lived wonderful kind—to the ever changing heights of mind awareness where the subtle mixture of intelligence and love and life transport the soul to the sublime heights of spiritual beauty and joyful being.

Well that’s some of the things on what higher mind awareness is about. What other types of higher awareness practices are there? What ones have made you really know that there is a lot more to life when it comes to exploring the dimensions of your higher mind.