P/ Dev Astrology Themes

Welcome to the astrology of personal development—for anyone who has a genuine interest in astrology no matter what level, especially personal development entrepreneurs who want to use this scientific metaphysical art as a transformational tool to learn more about it and who are looking to explore astrological concepts to achieve not only higher consciousness awareness mindsets but also for use in obtaining tangible results in areas of life you are wanting to improve and achieve goals and success in read on.

Some of the key elements that define this type of astrology branch are:

a) It explores and applies personal development principles in chart work and readings.

b) It looks at and makes use of in the chart the three levels practiced in astrology, namely the “traditional”, and “esoteric”, and “hierarchical” levels from the viewpoint of them as being more so levels of awareness representing for a person a holistic expression of their personality, soul, and spiritual nature thereby opening up and giving more depth and dimension to one’s life and totality of being.

c) It recognises the traditional meaning of astrological aspects however takes them one step further and sees them all no matter what type they are as opportunities in discovering how they can as different degrees of electromagnetic forces be utilized to further support and raise awareness in personal development endeavours such as achievement of goals and aims for example to do with one’s soul purpose and life path.

He’s a few things which I’d like to invite regarding particular astrological points of interest and open discussion in terms of defining some core values about astrology to further explore.

  1. The individual’s free will is above all the ruler over all astrology and the medium through which they utilise and learn how astrology works and is used to benefit both their life and others including animals and nature in general. b) What this also means here is astrology is a doorway of other dimensions that can be opened and closed freely as a result of certain levels of awareness acquired in use of one’s free will when suited.
  2. To explore the astrology of personal development and three levels for achievement of goals and higher mind awareness mindsets and raising consciousness.
  3. To utilise the whole expression of the planets by combining their three levels of personality, and soul, and spiritual into an interpretation from the chart which utilises these three important qualities of a planet’s dimensions and open them up for greater expression and understanding.
  4. To take the astrological aspects traditional meanings one step further and view all of them as equal in their expressions of their particular nature in terms of results, and outcome—and seeing or observing how they can all be utilised for achieving goals and purposes where they are expressed in the chart. In other words the aspects are updated and are not viewed simply at a level as having a purely and typically negative, or positive, or challenging, or easy flow, quality about them, but instead can be used very positively and beneficially if you like if one is willing to put their higher level into practice.

Everything in essence is simply a mixture of different electromagnetic particles and forces of matter in varying degrees of density ranging from the subtlest particles of fine spiritual matter right through to the densest particles of physical matter.

So just to start the ball rolling some I’ve named some key elements of personal development around which can be used as a basis for guidelines on what to direct your astrology and comment and topics on and which I leave open for anyone to further add to and to use astrology in connection with further investigating and establishing the two together for them as effective ways to understand and enhance life and make better use of what it has to offer you.

The principles are based on what personal development is defined as in Wikipedia. All the principles have been allotted into four basic categories just to give them some deeper significance. Here’s a table on the four basic categories that the principles have been divided up into.


Table of P/development principles – Four parts of P/dev success to merge with astrology technique in chart work and interpretation and how to discover , and apply, and utilise more of the potential of the planets, signs and activities in each of the areas of life.

Post Astrology Inclusive 1a Table of P_Development

The principles are mostly guidelines and you would probably want to add more of your own as you see fit, but basically they are there to serve as a way to explore the chart and bring out its hidden significance into a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of what’s written in its symbolism.

The other thing of interest is exploring the three levels of astrology.

This astrology is what I like to view as sort of an extension or progression if you like that follows on from a cross-section of traditional, and esoteric, and hierarchical astrology rulerships regarding the signs and planets.

There are different circles of astrology that practice each separately however the astrology purpose here is to combine the three so that the interpretation of a planet has what I like to call it “personality”, “soul”, and “spiritual” expressions. To me it feels more complete and defines the wholeness of who we are rather than one part so please feel free to discuss this astrology as a three level expression. It’s surprising easy once the habit of adopting or viewing the planets and signs in light of their three levels of awareness how the interpretation of them becomes interwoven together and reveals the extra dimensions of the chart and its contents.

Here’s a table which shows the designated natural planetary rulerships assigned to each planet’s level. They are according to what the astrological fraternity in general has allotted to each planet and house. (* Note: In addition there are some variations that have been added.)

In the table it shows each sign with its allotted natural planetary rulership as they stand today in terms of the levels of a signs planetary rulership. Also you’ll notice in some signs there’s an asterisk next to the planet or astrological symbol. They are the ones I have allotted in place of the traditional planet next to them which I believe give a better description of the planets forces and powers for how that signs makeup or nature in part is expressed on that particular plane of consciousness.


Post Astro Inclusive 1b Description of Planetary TablesASTROLOGICAL TABLE OF INTERPRETATION


The idea is to use them as a starting point for understanding the wholeness of the signs planetary levels. It leaves a lot of room for scope and exploring how the interaction of sign planet and house goes regarding the different types of expressions and activities in the chart can be in terms of how it plays out in real life and opens up the door for a more inclusive life and consciousness awareness.

It’s important to remain open minded about anything that relates to the further progress, and growth, and exploring in interpretation of astrology charts. So having said that I’m also of the opinion that some of the planetary rulership allocated to some of the signs need to be explored further as I don’t believe their spiritual and soul rulership is suitable—so more research needs to be done in this area especially with regards to the following:

Each planet has its expression on three levels however in three different signs—whereas at present some planets are assigned to two levels of the one sign. If you look at the other planets (with the exception being the sun which has a three level rulership in the same sign and seems right,) in their designated sign of each level—from observation and experience they appear to match and are noticeably stronger in expression except for those that have rulership in the same sign on two levels. Clearly their expressions become vague and less effective in my view, as they don’t conform to a natural or complimentary flow of meaning or progression like the other signs ruling planets, which with a little investigation and observation show their planetary level expressions do match and show characteristics that conform and harmonize linking the levels together nicely.

Obviously once again more needs to be studied on the planetary rulership assignment question.

It maybe perhaps best also when talking about a planet or signs level and its nature so as to avoid confusion, to state the level or levels you are referring to if you are talking specifically about one level or a level as separate from or alternatively in relation to another or the other two levels, just to help clarify the planets or signs meaning much better in terms of chart delineation and deciphering and getting your message across.

In regards to the reference of soul as the esoteric aspect of the planets, to me it refers to the deeper more conscious awareness aspect of our sense of self and its different parts in terms of the subtle electromagnetic forces and frequencies’ of one’s nature and serves as a medium of communication in the uploading and downloading of information for the exchange and interrelationship in expression between both our personality and spiritual nature.

With regard to the aspects and further benefit in their use, they also have their levels of interpretation. We know in astrology when first learning it that aspects seem to be designated as clear-cut negative and positive, or if you like good and bad energies like most experiences are basically allocated to in life, however we also know that as we gain a greater understanding of how to apply and use astrological aspects energies that these are simply currents of electromagnetic forces of varying degrees of different frequencies  operating between the various planets—and that on another level they can to the minds consciousness become interchangeable and either positive or negative—and then yet again at another level of aspect awareness there’s an aspect richness and clear understanding that all polarity and negative and positive meaning of them is without effect or if you like neutralised, which makes them not so important anymore as a force in determining or contributing towards affecting the outcome of an event or experience,  however they can still be utilized for their benefits.

In the process of learning more of the secrets of how aspect levels work, as an actual part of that learning its important each time when looking at a new aspect level for the mind to release preconditioned values on what aspects are with regards to what was learnt about them previously.

The end aim is to transcend aspects and from that to use them or rather see them simply as planetary or house cusp angles or links and utilise the electromagnetic power they represent in the mind intelligently and thoughtfully so they all are viewed and interpreted as a benefit in the chart in one form or another for personal development and how they can be used to further implement p/development principles in terms of achievement of goals and aims and or soul purpose and path or lifestyle or any of the other features of p/development.

As a final note I hope these two astrology themes have shed some more light on astrology. At the end of the day it’s important to work off something that’s already been established however there’s always room for experimentation in Astrology not only to advance and continue to keep it alive and vital in the minds of each generation but also to keep it updated and tested for its validity and degree of worthiness.