The Soul’s Monthly Fertility Cycle

One of the keys of personal development astrology is the development of awareness and use in utilizing the electromagnetic forces denoted by the meanings of the planets, and signs, and houses in order to transform and align those subtle powers with one’s life plan, and soul purpose, and life fulfillment.

Major periodic human life cycles and changes at certain points in life are when broken down into smaller parts made up of the experiences accumulated from the smaller cycles such as seasonal and yearly ones.

One of the ways to synchronize the Earth’s four seasons of nature’s life forces and the yearly cycle of the Sun’s passage through the 12 signs is to start building up your soul alignment and electromagnetism by tuning in and maintaining an awareness of the monthly patterns of the Sun and Moon relationship passage.

This particular cyclic pattern is commonly referred to as the “Moon’s Phases” which as we know it takes a month to pass through a sign for the Sun while in the same month the Moon goes round the whole zodiac of the 12 signs. During that month the moon forms aspects to the sun and other planets.


Like the body experiences circadian rhythms, and menstrual cycles, the soul to has its fertility cycle. Every month it is reborn and this can be found out by noting the moon phase you were born in at the time of your birth. Altogether there are eight phases with the four main phases being the new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter, and for the phases in between each of those you have the crescent moon, culminating, disseminating, and the balsamic phases. (the diagram above names them different even though it means the same) Your birthday will be on a day within one of those phases.

This is an important time of rebirthing within the month for the soul and knowing it can be a most useful cycle for aligning your daily patterns of living to this monthly circuit of currents. Over time this astrological alignment of higher consciousness energies support infusion of mindset and asserting goals, direction and purpose, giving health awareness of higher mind frequencies and vibrations of subtle energies and any number of things—especially when related to the house in particular each month that the new moon/sun conjunction is in). The fertility of the soul within the monthly cycle is a natural cycle built subtley into our D.N.A on a personal/individual soul level you could say which connects each one of us to the greater natural cycles.

Over time being aware of this cycle builds up the health of your subtle body’s electromagnetic centres and auric envelope of circulatory forces that intermingle and work in with the seasonal forces of nature and those solar forces pertaining to your birthday each year (ie solar return) and especially with the 12 signs throughout the year. It builds a stronger vibratory resonance of soul magnetism which in turn attracts and causes actions to bring into effect the things, and experiences, and meanings, regarding unfoldment and realization of one’s life and place in the grand scheme of things because its linked to the universal forces and sub-atomic life forces that circulate and make up the various densities of matter on each plane of consciousness.

It’s important to note at this particular in between time a sort of “inner linking of ending and new beginning growth” for you personally on an individual level that becomes more identifiable as time goes on with regards to each sign and house the new moon/sun starts in for each month in your chart. It’s common knowledge the moon phases play a part in affecting things like gravity and the pull of the ebb and flow of the ocean tides and its life forms, and the monthly menstrual cycle, and sexual cycle, and for the soul it represents an intuitive sense and use in the awareness of instinctual needs and nurturing drives and security on each plane of consciousness.

After the initial period of distinguishing the soul’s fertility forces once the phase and day is known it serves well to make it a monthly routine practice of  conscious awareness of that special time in order to maintain and secure it as a foundational support for the health of the soul and to keep open the portal for greater awareness of its patterns and inherent beauty due to the deeper flow of feelings and sense of security and creativity that occurs. What this means is these extra currents empower and raise the electromagnetic vibrational frequencies of the bodies subtle-anatomy and cause physical body changes at the cellular and sub-atomic level. This attuned resonance also enables connective nurturing of vital spiritual energies and sustenance which can be drawn upon for added health and benefit via this open soul channel of rebirthing every month— it also synchronizes more and more the soul to the cosmic clock of nature and the universal rhythmic pulse and flow of life forces and vitality making up the fabric of vibrational frequencies and colors and sounds of all the elements that make up matter.

It helps to keep a record once you find out the particular day period related to the moon phase in which you were born by taking note of your vitality and energy levels around that time and with regards to any events, and feelings, and thought processes, and how receptive you are to them—as this is a fertility cycle the energies just before the new monthly soul phase begins denote a subtle ending and new beginning or if you like birthing within each new moon/sun cycle. Its during that brief transitional period the subtle transformational changes that take place at a cellular level are all represented of the deeper insights and greater sensitivity to the souls rhythms and life force in terms of the natural energies and currents of power represented by the Moon/Sun/Earth and natural ruling planet combination in each particular months sign which are embedded in one’s astrological d.n.a clock and rhythms  as symbolized in the chart.

While each of the eight parts of the moon phase has its particular identity unique and complimentary to the monthly cycle, in particular if the new moon/sun conjunction touches on a planet or stellium of planets in the chart or one of the angles that can signify an extra increase in electromagnetic currents and vibrational awareness of the subtle forces at work in the body and mind described by the nature of the planet, sign, and aspects from other planets either in transit, progressed, and or natal, at work during that time. It’s like an additional mixture of colors or rays if you like of the individual soul’s DNA pattern in the form of variety seeds having been planted for that month at the time of fertility with the growth of those seeds potential taking place on a monthly level as the month unfolds.

Plotting the eight phases on your astrological chart helps to give a nice picture of how the moon travels through each sign and what particular points at certain times could be of use in terms of any projects or important things or goals related you are working on—especially with regards more so to the house in which the new moon/sun phase started in and where exactly the place for the month where the seeds of soul fertility are planted.

Once that’s been plotted throughout the month note any transiting planets which happen to make a significant aspect to that soul fertility degrees which you can get by noting the day in an ephemeris (see below) where the moon was at  your time of birth. Also it’s worth noting the moon when it makes an aspect to its natal and progressed degree in chart, and more so especially the conjunctions whenever it crosses its natal and progressed positions during its monthly journey through the twelve signs as that is a time of re-synchronization and re-birthing also related to the growth of the seeds planted at the time of the soul fertility cycle.


*For the moons rulership by sign, and house, with regards to personality—soul—and spiritual expressions see the astrological table of interpretation on  pdev astrology themes page.


Here’s a link to an ephemerides that gives the moon’s phases for any year.

Just scroll down to the moon section and under the section where it says “monthly lunar standstills” click on the link that for the years 19001-2000 or 2001-2100 if you want to find out your children’s moon phase time of birth for example.


Like any typical ephemerides you will find it only has the quarters so if your birthday happens to be more than one day either side of a quarter you’ll need to narrow it down more to get the exact day—so what to do to get the other four phases (crescent, culminating, disseminating and balsamic) is simply work out the total degrees between the two quarters where your birthday is within and divide that sum by 2 and add that degrees on to the quarter before your birthday(remembering that it will change signs as each phase is approx. 45 degrees or  around 3 days from the quarter. So for example if you had the ist quarter at 9 degrees Libra and the Full moon at 17 Capricorn that makes it a total of 98 degrees which you would then dive by two which gives 49 degrees which you would then add onto 9 degrees of Libra which makes the culminating phase at 28 degrees of Scorpio. The in between phases are about 3 to 3.5 days in between the weekly quarter so that should give you a better time frame by looking in the ephemeris the days within each phase.


With that worked out you’ll now have a more accurate moon phase most closest to which your time of birth was and hence the period when the window is open pertaining to your soul fertility cycle.

Below are the diagrams which show an example of a way in how to do a monthly moon chart for personal development aims. The other diagram shows the phases marked out by degree and even though it is separate in the example it is what should be actually drawn in the centre of the chart. The example shows the inner circle being the natal signs and the outer circle the progressed signs positions according to each house. If you do it like this then you’d simply replace signs and change the degrees of each cusp according to your chart.

There is also a worksheet just for taking notes about particular areas where you might have some goals or want to monitor.