• Day 2: The Three Main Types Of Relationship Charts

    The three types of charts are the “Composite” chart, the “Davison relationship” chart and the “Synastry” chart. These are the most widely used, and as we shall see each one has its information to impart which can be very useful for understanding not only how the relationship connects and what makes it tick but also the energies created as a result of the relationship.

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    The Composite Chart

    The composite chart is derived from the mid-points of the two individual’s natal charts or whatever the two charts are. It’s a third chart which is in itself the creation of a third entity, or if you like a new as yet unevolved expression of the energetics created by the two individuals coming together. It’s a chart which shows the experiences they both will go through as partners. This is different to just each person’s chart where their experiences in life are based on each one’s own individual path—whereas composite charts are the two individuals paths combined in terms of what they go through as a partnership path and their experiences of life together. The individual’s paths meet and the relationship from then on forms a relationship path which is built from the ongoing relationship. The two individual paths are the paths DNA mix working simultaneously and interchangeably with either one in the mix usually more to the fore than the other at one time or another, until the other comes to the fore and so on with the permeability of the yin yang forces of the relationship being maintained. What’s more the relationship path exists on each plane of consciousness. It may be more apparent on one or more planes than the others at times however those forces of the relationships nature are subtlety still there and part of the two paths all the same, which nevertheless can be fathomed after awhile once you become familiar with the composite charts energies.

    The composite chart shows the two individuals chart with the third chart connected to them. It’s the mid- point of each of the planets from each chart. In a sense, it’s the meeting point in what the two people are working together in and towards. However note this chart is not constructed out of real time. It’s an amalgamation of the two birth charts or progressed charts and as such has no real birthplace, such as latitude or longitude. It therefore represents the ideal of the mix—which the two people can potentially direct and utilize those energies in not only understanding themselves better in their relationship but also in future planning out what they can do to make the relationship better such as achieving their goals and everything else they want to achieve in the relationship the chart denotes.

    Also the composite chart is most valid when you would like to assess a potential new partner that’s just come into your life for example or you’ve just met in some way, or when the relationship hasn’t been firmly established yet; if it has then it can be more suitable to do a Davison relationship chart, but still doing a composite chart can be fun just to inquire and learn about the 3 charts interactive ingredients and how the astrological technique works.

Astro ActivityModule Seven/Day Two - Activity


a) Watch the video first and then create your own composite chart. If you don’t have a partner either think of a good friend or someone you like, or if you want to get really creative and have some fun, create your ideal partner with time, date, and place you both met. Also add in any additional objects and minor planets you may want to investigate.

b) Next look at each chart noting the main points starting with yours and your partners first and then do an interpretation of the 3rd chart for both of you together using the keys to interpretation we’ve covered in the previous modules. The key to this type of chart interpretation is to base it on the fact that the composite chart is defining a 3rd or new entity like a new baby for example, whose energies have been constructed out of both your astro dna mix—so it therefore represents potentially a new mixture of chemistry you could say that reveals what you’d both be learning and experiencing together in a relationship context. So it can be interesting to see what the chart turns up.

c) Thirdly do a planetary level interpretation based on the same as explained in this module’s day one activity.

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