• Day 3: The Davison Relationship Chart

    The Davison relationship chart is similar once again to the composite chart however it is derived from the midpoints in time between the two birth dates and the places geographically. Unlike the composite chart with no place the Davison relationship chart is an actual real point on the Earth in time between the two birthplaces which means it has an actual latitude and longitude and as such seems to indicate a more tangible form of events in the real-world rather than from the inner events of the psyche. However good as that may be it so happens that sometimes the latitude and longitude coordinates of the half way mark can quite often end up in the ocean somewhere, so there is one more step to make this chart show the relationship as more of an Earthly reality and that is to move the coordinates by changing the place to where you first met your partner.

    This makes it very much a real place in time which I’ve found works reliably well in accuracy especially regarding the events surrounding the 1st meeting.

Astro ActivityModule Seven/ Day Three - Activity 1

 1a) First watch the videos (module 7 part 2 a, b, and c) for how to do a Davison Relationship natal and progressed chart.

1b) So now we are going to do a “Davison reference place” chart so you can see what this type of chart is like. First log on to “astro.com”—select “my astro”—select your name for to bring up your natal chart—and after you’ve clicked on the extended chart selection tab, you should now be on the “extended chart selection” page.

1c) Next starting from the top select your partners name—then in the charts selection window select under the “Partner Charts” section “select the tab that says “Davison Relationship Chart Reference place (2)” If you select the tab that says “Davison corrected 2” you will bring up the chart with the coordinates only and quite possibly out in the ocean somewhere which is not what we want.

Next under “Options” change the house system from default to placidus and follow on down and under default settings modify the reference place to the one where you met your partner, or fictitious one if you don’t have a partner yet.

Next select the rest of the additional objects and other things you want to add to your chart, then when you are finished click on the chart. When it comes up you can now see in the chart legend the day, month, year and time, along with the place where you met. The year is the year that is worked out as the midpoint of your two birthdates years. This is the 1st chart shown on the video and the one I like to call the “conception chart”. As you realize it’s not the year and most probably not even the month you actually both met—so to find that out next we want to do a progressed chart that has the exact day, and month, and year, you both met at that place—and even better still if by per chance you can remember the time, or happened to note it down somewhere or even the most significant time of a particular event that marked the occasion of the meeting on that day when you first met each other you’ll be able to get the chart even more accurate, by taking the progressed chart and creating a new one from that.

1d) So to get a progressed chart—first still on the page of the conception chart you just created—click on “Add these data to my astro” and that will save your chart to your data bank. When you have done that click on the chart and when you arrive at the extended chart selection page—change the date to when you first met—and in the charts selection window select “natal and progressed” and when you’ve selected everything else you want to put in your chart, click on the tab to show the chart and there you will have your relationship conception chart represented by the inner ring and on the outer ring your progressed planets at the time when you both actually met as also shown in the charts legend in red the place and date.

This is what I like to call the “Natal Relationship chart”, meaning it’s the chart which represents the actual physical birth of the relationship, whereas the other one is more of a conception chart before the actual physical meeting takes place.

*If you like to understand your relationship actual birth chart more, then simply click on the progressed chart of its own. In addition this is the chart to use if you want to create a new one if you have the exact time of your 1st meeting. (see above paragraph for how to do that)

*note: Also you can do a solar return chart as well for the same chart which will give you a great load of new information about what to make use of in your relationships year ahead.

What I like to think of the Davison charts mentioned above—is ones which define two people who each have set up beforehand within themselves the aim—to have a relationship with someone and over the course of time their relationship ideal or goal you could say has been conceived and then eventually manifested by the two actually first meeting in real life and then from there the relationship path being developed and ongoing growing over time as denoted by further progressions, or moving, and solar returns, and transits and other chart types to do with the relationship.

In looking at this type of chart it helps to see it as the continuing phases which form the underlying foundation and changes in the relationship between two people or whatever type or relationship it is. It can be used for ascertaining both the relating and intermingling at the initial stages where there is a likeness and new things have just begun as in the initial meeting yes—but also more so after its been going for a while. So it would be appropriate to do this type of chart after you’ve done a “composite chart” first and when the relationship has or already has moved into a stage where its become more committed.

Activity 2

1) Print out both the natal and progressed charts and note down their relationship themes. Next do one or two paragraphs of the planetary levels keywords interpretation of the main points in the relationship. Use the both charts. (ie when you met in actual physical reality which is the relationships actual physical beginning and therefore its birth chart) and before you met. (ie the conception chart which is the 1st one shown on the video and the 1st one you did online.)

* note if you have moved, then use that chart as the birth chart for an interpretation but also note the natal relationship chart where you met first is the one that forms the foundation of the relationship whereas the moving continues on with it but does so in a new light as a new life or level in the relationship beginning again you could say. Really it’s better to print out the moving one as well and put it next to the natal one and compare and see how and where the relationship has taken on the new change.

* If you don’t per chance have a partner and are using a fictitious one, it helps to be aware that what you are creating as the ideal partner on the spiritual, mental, and astral or feelings plane of consciousness—will manifest eventually on the physical, so it really helps to consider first exactly the type of person you’d like to meet if your serious about meeting a next partner that is and starting up a relationship of a sorts depending on the type of partnership you have in mind.

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