• Day 4: The Synastry Chart

    Synastry Chart

    Synastry Chart

    The synastry chart is a chart that has two wheels with the inner wheel representing one partner and the outer wheel the other partner. There is one set of signs which go on the outside and the key of synastry charts is relationship awareness in things like, reflection recognition and to see where and what planets link, and ones that are there but may be lying dormant or yet to be incorporated into either the two individual’s, or one of them, through the relationship’s experiences.

    This type of chart shows how both partners stimulate and respond in different circumstances according to what one has triggered in the other and vice versa. A synastry chart is great also if you want to clarify what your like to your partner, plus know more about them. Such as for example what to do to turn them on, or what to avoid in making them upset, and where to show their needs are being met in an area of life or the two of you can meet on equal terms and a whole lot more.

    The aspects can play an important role in the synergy and it’s very easy to see just at a glance exactly what the interaction of the planets energies are between each chart. Most notable are the conjunctions and noting what the planets involved are, and in terms of what planet in whose chart is applying or separating and the type of new beginnings, and also the axis lines and where the angles are in the chart. The other aspects even though are worth noting are really less important in their effects, as remember the key to interpreting the chart is simplicity and not getting caught up in seeing the aspects as being negative or positive, or good and bad. It can be very easily accepted for the mind to think in those particular psychological relationship terms due to the fact that that’s the way life appears to be and is up to a certain level.

    However the chart inherently is a balanced and harmonious interaction between energies which are in a constant state of renewing, and opposing, and conjoining, and flowing. Quite often you’ll see online, poorly done interpretations where a lot of emphasis has been put on the negative and positive associations of aspects as a result of not understanding their interconnecting values correctly, and this can engender beliefs which are not based on a real enough understanding about them that can in fact condition the mind to accept fate as the inevitable which is simply not how true astrology works. Everything that we do in creative astrology and all as any competent astrologer will know that the chart is a series of different types of energies, all to be utilized intelligently at will and the better one can do that the greater one’s life becomes empowered and more fulfilled.

    A synastry chart is synthesized in the same way as if you were doing a natal chart synthesis except with a synastry chart you take the meaning of the planet and the sign and house it’s in one person’s chart and connect that to the meaning of the planet and sign and house of your partners chart and follow the natural planetary rulers to find out more

    For example say A’s chart has Venus in Scorpio in the 7th conjunct B’s Neptune—It means A’s attraction stimulates and combines with B’s vision and imaginative nature and spiritual qualities and—if A’s Pluto lets say is in the 5th house it shows furthermore as a powerful magnetic attraction even more so whenever they go out for dinner or a social entertainment or on romantic occasion perhaps.

    The signs in a synastry chart basically give you another dimension of understanding the relationship better in terms of how the interaction of the planets energies are described and focused through. Once again the synastry could be between one person and an event, or two individuals as is the norm, or it could be between the same person and their progressed chart.

    In the above example of A’s Scorpio and the planet Venus, it may manifest or come across to B as a deep desire of the healthy power of love. On another note if you want to take the relationship on a creative venture then the key is to use creative astrology and experiment with your synastry charts and see what energies can be released from within you and your partner by moving the planets around.

    **Just a note on transits—you might ask “do they work with relationships charts?” Yes they do and they can be used but should not be relied on as the sole focus in determining the best way to handle relationship understandings. Once again, sometimes transits can be over emphasized and mislead the person into thinking along a certain line when in reality there can be any number of different things related to the events and the areas and planets in the chart that can happen, and that being aware of a transit often just comes down to pure common sense and reliable intuitive understanding in relation to what is actually in the reality of the moment, or if one is looking towards future trends then it just comes down to making a plan and then furthermore applying transits to support that plan constructively, which can be done in relationship charts quite well.

Astro ActivityModule Seven/ Day Four - Activity


a) Watch the video (Module 7 part 3 ) about “how to create a synastry chart” and then do one and print it out.

b) Next click on the additional tables on the synastry chart page and bring up the details of the planets degrees and using the aspects given compile a list of the charts theme and main points and then do a short interpretation on what your findings are.

***note: If you want to do a progressed synastry chart even though there isn’t the means to do one using the astro.com software it’s simple enough and quick to do one by hand. To speed it up first print out a copy out your progressed chart and then cut out the inner blue ring with just the houses and planets in it. Next transfer the cut out onto a white piece of paper, and then photo copy the chart out so it comes out as a blank sheet of paper with only the progressed ring on it. Then using a compass draw two more rings so you end up with three rings—the inner ring being already there with your progressed planets and houses showing. Next on the outer ring fill in the signs by their degree starting with the ascendant exactly as it was on the original print of your progressed chart. Lastly in the middle ring insert your partners houses and planets starting with their ascendant first making sure it corresponds with the sign and degree according to their progressed chart, then work your way around clockwise from their filling in the next sign degree and so on until the degrees of whole twelve signs of your partners progressed are on the new chart.

So for example if your progressed ascendant is 5 degrees of Libra then that’s the sign and degree you start with and put as the ascendant on the outer ring, and then do the next sign and so on. Next if your partners progressed ascendant is 7 degrees of Scorpio then you go around to Scorpio and at 7 degrees put the ascendant line and so on 30degrees from that for the next sign until each of them is done.

That’s all there is to it—you now have an up to date progressed synastry chart of you and your partner which you can go through and discover how the relationship has progressed and the current things it’s about.

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