• Day 3: The Three Crosses

    The three crosses are made up of the axis lines and angles and is a simple way of grouping the signs into their qualities or modes as they are sometimes called. These qualities of force are known as Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. It’s important to remember this is the “natural sequential order” of the signs qualities.
    So the qualities basically refer to energies which give direction, and focus, and change. These are the very energies which interact and work together as a mixed always in constant flux. For example energy may be in the form of taking direction and once that has been applied, then maybe change or focus will take place until such a time as one or other of the energies will then come into fore again and so forth the cycle continues. Basically we see this in the saying that says “nothing stays the same for ever”.
    There is a deeper connection however to these three distinct crosses. Each one of the crosses is a harmonious combination of the four elements fire, earth, air and water. So each of the twelve angles are axis lines made up into three crosses, with each cross being a distinct quality of force that contains four different and yet complimentary elements.

    The Cardinal Cross

    The Cardinal Cross is considered a most important set of axis lines. It’s the first sign of each element where things start off and begin. So it’s the cross in the natural order chart of signs on the 1st and 4th houses and the 7th and 10th houses. The cardinal quality helps to further define the angles in the natural order chart, however, as we saw in the video the cardinal cross of signs, which are the signs of Aries, and Cancer, and Libra, and Capricorn can be found on a different house axis other than the first and fourth seventh and tenth houses. Which means, firstly when reading the chart to take into account that those aforementioned houses energies do have a certain natural expression of a Cardinal nature underneath them and secondly to consider if the cardinal cross is not on those cusps how the energies support and contribute to describing the manner of events in relation to the houses the cross is located on.

    The Fixed Cross

    The fixed Cross in the natural order chart is the next set of axis lines which form the signs of Taurus and Leo and Scorpio and Aquarius of the 2nd and 5th and 8th and 11th houses respectively. This quality of energy is a more focused type where the power is concentrated and the purpose is to clarify and make known once it has been directed and applied in its cardinal mode. The force takes on the fixed power in the form described by the particular signs element which comes under the rulership of each arm of the cross in its quarterly division. Remember this is the natural order chart. However once again in another chart the fixed cross may be on one or the other natural crosses of 4 houses other than the houses of its natural domicile.

    The Mutable Cross

    Following on from the determined stable forces of the fixed Cross comes the changing nature of life in its mutable form. Life is always in flux and things need to be broken down renewed and reassembled to make it more interesting and ever-changing form. The purpose of this cross defines the shifting adaptable natural forces of the elements. The mutable Cross is composed of the signs in the natural order chart Gemini and Virgo and Sagittarius and Pisces of the axis 3rd, and 6th, and 9th, and 12th areas of life. Here again in their natural order the cycle of change precedes a new order which is described once again by the beginnings of the cardinal sign qualities.

    The whole keys to understanding the nature of the crosses and the signs combination of the ruling planets allotted to them is so that you can utilise those forces and tap into them and garnish a greater awareness of the planets where they are in the chart in relation to the four arms of the cross, and in addition use the other three arms of the cross with their areas of life as channels where the forces of those areas can flow in and out and further complement the area of the other arm you are working on to learn more about and improve your life in that area.

    Learning to interpret a cross not only simplifies the interpretation technique, it also makes it a whole lot easier to understand and gives the added advantage of utilizing a compliment of forces which can all be of assistance to understanding the hidden secrets of those areas of life represented by each arm of the cross and how one area can yield further treasure by linking with the other three.

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