• Day 4: Triangles

    Another part of astrology geometrics that you’ll find in the chart are triangles. These configurations are really useful in a number of ways. If you’re looking to solve the problem of opposing energies which are challenging, always look in the chart for an outside planet elsewhere as that makes a third party and this can balance out the energies and complement the mixture of currents. Triangles are the keys for restoring flow. The most common type of triangle in astrology is the trine aspect of 120° apart. They are useful especially when used in conjunction with squares which are known to be challenging at times and the other aspects of the chart which we will cover more in module three in astrological aspects.

    The key to triangles in the chart and determining the extent of their value is recognizing the principle of “Three”. For example in the quarterly divisions the areas of life are divided up into groups of three. This indicates they all have something in common in relation to that quarterly division. In the first quarter it’s the first three houses followed by the next which makes six, then the third quarter which makes nine and then the last quarter with its three which makes up the whole twelve houses. The numbers three and four are common factors which often work well together if you’re seeking to discover more of the hidden secrets buried in a chart.

    Another aspect of “three” is the planets expression which are better understood and easier to interpret when their threefold expression of personality and soul and spiritual values are learnt. And the same goes for each group of signs which come under the same element. Each of the three signs represents a particular part of a threefold expression unique to their natural element. Altogether the four elements each with three signs are like three strands which wind and fold around like a DNA helix with each sign group symbolically representing the three vital forces in matter of differing densities which operate within the human body and maintain the vital organs and energy system of the subtle bodies.

    30 Degree Divisions

    In the natural order chart the signs are conveniently suited to match the 12 houses which are divided up into 30° divisions all of which make up a circle of three hundred and sixty degrees. 30° is a perfect way to break down the 360° wheel. Aspects which are the angular relationship in degrees between two or more planets are measured in 30° increments. Each has its own particular energetic expression and defines a certain way in which the celestial bodies interact with each other.

    You will notice however in a chart that is not a natural order one that the houses may not correspond directly with the cusp or start of the 30° sign. In fact there are large angles with more degrees in some areas and smaller angles with less degree in other areas. This is due to the latitude and longitude of the geographical location to which part of the chart creation is derived from. The signs however you will see are always marked in 30° increments and so therefore shows that a house may contain degrees from some sign and then degrees from another sign which means it can be two types of energies working in relation to that house.

    In an ephemerides thirty degrees is an easy way to measure the path of a transiting planet or progressed planet as it passes through the sign on a daily basis and the type of energies and influences it connects with during that time.

    An interesting feature of a house or a sign which is not often considered as important in interpretation but can be highly useful for drilling down and discovering more about a house and sign is that each sign actually contains within it the other 11 signs and houses. This is a microscopic view of the whole chart within one sign or house. It’s a simple measurement of 2.5° to each sub-sign and is a very useful way for the astrologer to determine extra fine points and details and information that one might want to know regarding things about the particular type of energies and forces of a planet and its aspects and transits when it’s at a particular degree, which can be helpful in ascertaining and evaluating certain future trends and directions or meaning about an event or something that’s happening at the time, or whatever it may be one wants to further find out more about.

Astro ActivityModule One/ Day Four: Activity


In your natural order chart first fill in the rest of the 30° division houses then on the outside of the circumference of the smaller circle in the centre, starting from the ascendant line, work your way around in an anticlockwise direction numbering each house from 1 to 12. Then in the band on the outermost circle put each corresponding signs glyph that matches the house it naturally rules using a different colour for each element, in their natural order starting from the ascendant. So you will have the glyph Aries  corresponding with the 1st house possibly in red to represent fire, followed by Taurus  in brown to represent the 2nd house, Gemini  the 3rd and so on.

* note: If you’re not sure of the glyphs on your natal chart, then go to module 2, day 3 and you will see a list you can print out with all the glyphs and polarities of each sign next to it.
Next highlight the axis line from the circumference of the middle circle to the circumference of the outermost band circle which has the signs drawn in it, of each house of the signs which belong to the same element. Use a different colour for each of the triplicities. So for example you would have the axis lines of Aries and Leo and Sagittarius in the one colour for representing the fire signs and so on.

Finally to do the crosses draw a line in black starting from the 2nd circle circumference which is the 2nd one out from the centre circle where the axis line (ie the first arm of the cross) intersects the cusp of the 1st house to the arm of the 4th house cusp, then to the arm of the 7th house cusp and on to the arm of the 10th cusp and then back to the starting point at the arm of 1st cusp again and if done right you should now have a square shape that connects to each arm of the Cardinal cross—now for the Fixed cross, join the arms of the 2nd and 5th and 8th and 11th cusps, and finally for the Mutable cross, join the arms of the 3rd and 6th and 9th and 12th cusps.

There you have it. Each signs quality and element signified by the three crosses. Your natural order chart should now be beginning to take shape with its different types of geometrical energies and the colours presenting themselves and starting to show their interrelationships and mixture of different frequencies and patterns.

Further on we will be including the planets which have their natural rulership with each sign but for now here is how your natural order chart should look now we are at the end of this module.

Natural Order Chart Complete With Geometry