• Day 2: Vertex Axis Pattern

    The vertex and anti-vertex is a destiny pattern that’s to do with partnerships. Its axis is often found in either the 6/12th or 7th/1st or 8th/2nd and sometimes the 5/11th areas of life. The axis line indicates new people connections that often are triggered through a series of transits and usually it’s a particular person or group of people you meet that you have a meaningful encounter with where your destiny is linked in some unique way.

    You will need to look closely at it in relation to your chart to see exactly what type of events and experience that can happen with the other person or group or it whatever it may be that enables you to be presented with further guidance or links in the direction in other words of your destiny.

    The thing about the Vertex axis is it requires you to put out in order to receive back input. It’s an action in one sense that needs to be taken and then looked at to see along with other things in the chart which back up the pattern, what you can do in regards to the action required in the situation and its meaning.

    If the Vertex has aspects then look at them also and take note of the natural ruling planet of the sign it’s in and the area of life. If there are natal and progressed aspects, and the transit is strong enough at the time it can indicate a new beginning in relation to the partnership whatever it may be. There needs to be other indications also to support it however if from the beginning the destiny is to take further development then there needs to be continued action taken after the transit has passed.

    The anti-vertex is the opposite of the Vertex and basically they are a north and south nodal axis, however they relate to the ruling planets of the signs and not a designated natural planet like the moon and it’s nodes for example.

    The key is in noting where in the chart the ruling planets of the signs the axis is in are—and the areas of life natural ruling planets and signs—as they will indicate the type of energies to utilize in relation to the position of the vertex is in the chart.

    The Vertex axis is definitely a real enough point and may sit quietly in your chart until an outer planet transits it, and an inner planet triggers in which case it’s the time to take note especially in relation to conjunctions and oppositions as they are the main aspects which trigger the new beginnings.

Astro ActivityModule Five/Day Two - Activity


On the extended chart page of https://www.astro.com/ scroll down to “additional objects” and highlight the vertex and click on to show your chart. Note where the vertex is and its aspects and the natural ruling planet of the sign it’s in and also the natural ruling planet of the house it’s in and whatever aspects, plus any transits of significance that may be aspecting the vertex especially any conjunctions or oppositions. Allow a 1° degree either side for transits. When you have all the information you need do a one paragraph interpretation about it.

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