• Day 3: Quintile Pattern

     The quintile is a 72° point. They are an arm where five arms make a five pointed star being 5×72° to complete the 360°. It therefore represents on one level an aspect of the soul. This axis pattern is also associated with the number five, which is a central number and often referred as the number of mental awareness and creative expressions that need to be expressed and developed in order for the quintile to make itself fully revealed to you.

    Bi-quintiles are simply two quintiles together. They often demonstrate synchronicity about something where the cause or events if you like are different between two souls for each of them, no matter how far apart and yet the understanding caused by the synchronous event is mutually beneficial in some way regarding each ones souls purpose.

    Being a soul value there can be gifts already acquired so a quintile can reveal an acquired intelligence already according to the two areas and planets concerned. It’s said the five arms of the star each represent an element with the fifth one being ether, so that can give a hint to the nature of the quintile as well. It can symbolize achievements, in relation to inner drive and purpose connected with the areas of life it’s in, and the planets, and the sign, and its planetary ruler. Any aspects to the quintile or bi-quintile also indicate where these energies can be further explored and utilized.

Astro ActivityModule Five/Day Three - Activity

Once again as you did in the previous modules activity on the vertex, do the same for the quintiles and bi-quintiles so as you can get a feel for their placements in an area of life. That is consult your chart and note where they are, and any aspects, and the natural ruling planets of the signs they are in, and also the natural ruling planet of the house they are in, and plus any transits of significance that may be aspecting a quintile or bi-quintile especially any conjunctions or oppositions. Allow a 1° degree either side for transits. When you have all the information you need do a one paragraph interpretation on each one.

Also note where the other missing arms of the soul star are as the 72 degree degree marks are indicative of the whole pattern. If you draw in the star starting at one of either of the quintile points in your chart and link the other missing  72 degree points it can be revealing about the souls purpose with each point making up a particular quality of the star that altogether define a particular type of soul star as denoted by the areas and signs and natural planetary rulers of them.


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