Money Report Sample


Money Report for Andrea
Aug 6, 1966, 6.05 am CET La Rochelle, France (46N10, 1W10)
Interpretation text by Stephanie Johnson & Brian Clarke
Solar Writer Software
Introduced and prepared by: Greg Clarke

A report has its levels of interpretation. What is written in a report will vary according to a person’s level of self-awareness.
Some parts of it you will find curious and intuitively strike a chord—other pieces you may find you have already worked through the respective challenges for example and know how to handle them, or they don’t apply any more—while in other parts of the report you’ll know where you still have some work to do in a personal development sense or in terms of clarity and purpose—and yet again in other parts you’ll be able to see the benefits clearly described—or a message it conveys to do with something in a certain area of life—or in relation to direction and purpose perhaps—or even a query about something you may have wanted to find out about.
In all this report, because it’s based on a direct link with your chart which in turn is a symbolical representation of your astro/psychological DNA makeup will resonate with you on different levels of meaning that correspond to a degree with your soul’s receptivity and sense of self purpose and awareness.



It has often been said that money does not bring happiness. It can ease some hardships, but on its own money does not make a person happy. Neither does money make a person feel rich. One person can feel wealthy with very little money, while another feels poor with a great deal. Money worries for some people do not seem to subside when more is accumulated; in fact they may increase.

In modern times more and more an indisputable link can been seen between integrity and finance. Money is not just a powerful symbol in culture but an important reality in everyday lives, as the Money, Finance and Business sections of daily newspapers attest. This report has highlighted some of the indicators in your Horoscope that point to your instinctual relationship with money. Sometimes the description might not match your experience or understanding, and sometimes contradictions can be read, but nonetheless the lessons are true. Reflecting upon the astrology will help you to become more aware of how money works in your life and how it is intimately bound up with your personal values. Money is not just a commodity, but is also a symbol of value and worth.

It is rare to meet someone who is indifferent to money. Money is a serious affair; it does matter. The word money finds its way into our modern language from the Latin word ‘moneta’ meaning mint. In the 3rd Century BCE the Romans established a mint at Juno Moneta’s temple, which lasted for the next four centuries. The image of the goddess appeared on one side of the coin holding the scales in one hand and the cornucopia in the other, symbols of weighing up and balancing the abundance that the goddess provided. Ironically money has its taproot in a deeper wellspring.

Money plays an important role in your culture and society. It is also a psychological symbol and like all psychic complexes your relationship with it will be complex and complicated. As a psychic symbol, money is part of your fate; therefore becoming aware of your relationship with it helps you become more conscious of its patterns in your life. Gaining an understanding of money and its place in your life can greatly assist in helping you to accept your circumstances and live in an easier flow of life, and an easier relationship with money.

This report has been aimed at helping you understand what role money plays in your life, what you truly value and in helping you focus on your soul’s purpose.


“There are people who have money and there are people who are rich.”
Coco Chanel, French Fashion Designer

This section reflects on your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign (or Ascendant). The trinity of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant depict character and temperament. In this section each is considered separately, based on your Horoscope’s perspective on money. In the last section of this report all three are blended into an ancient formula known as the Part of Fortune.

In your Birth Chart the Sun depicts a driving force and is key to your identity and distinctiveness. This section does not interpret your Sun Sign in general terms, but is referring specifically to how it shapes your attitude to money and possessions. In a way the Sun is indicative of what you value, what emphasis you place on money and possessions and your ability to attract riches. Being “rich” means different things to different people; therefore this section outlines what you value, how you might feel rich. Money does not always equal a feeling of being rich. Perhaps you value freedom more than you value money? Maybe you feel rich when you are surrounded by friends and plain simple fare? On the other hand, perhaps security and money are most important.

Your Sun Sign can indicate an ability to attain great wealth; for instance your Sun in the Sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Aries could indicate great wealth. Each of these Zodiac Signs has different traits that attract wealth in different ways. If your Sun resides in one of the Angular Houses (mentioned below in this report) then you also have the ability to be wealthy. The idea is that the Sun shines its light either dimly or brightly on the wealth sectors of your Birth Chart. The placement of your Sun also shows you how you shine in the world. If you are shining brightly then you are likely to attract health, wealth and happiness. You glow and are rewarded. Your warmth, goodwill and confidence attract attention and you are able to attract riches.

The Moon can also be a strong driver when it comes to financial matters, especially psychologically and emotionally. Emotions and money are strongly linked. “Retail therapy” is commonly acknowledged as an antidote to a “down” day, yet managing emotions with material band-aids is rarely going to address the underlying forces. While an understanding of your own emotional nature is vital for self-acceptance it is not part of this report’s purpose. In this section the Money report outlines how your Moon and your emotions can influence your spending habits. When it comes to money your Moon can either help or hinder your ability to successfully handle money matters. Also what does money mean for you? What emotional need does it satisfy? Do you see money as a means of freedom, or does it provide security? Does money represent love? Do you feel more loved when someone shares their resources? These are the types of questions to ask and which your Moon will help you understand.

When reading this report take the best traits from both your Sun and Moon Signs and combine them to help you understand your value system and your emotional needs when it comes to money. This helps you learn how you can best approach your own attitude to money, your spending habits and how to invest. If your Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac Sign then you reinforce the message and you need to look to your Ascendant to see how to best move forward.

Your Ascendant is outlined as a beacon that points to your purpose in life. While money is an important component it is rarely the source of true happiness. Your Ascendant depicts how you can find purpose and meaning in your life. This helps you inject your material world with spiritual values. Health, wealth and happiness are all derived from living a worthy life. A meaningful life is one which incorporates spiritual values, not just monetary ones. True joy is often felt when you are living in sync with your soul’s purpose. This report focuses on money and its place in your Birth Chart and life, but true meaning also comes from living true to yourself. Your Ascendant is a primary signpost which guides you to a life of true worth.

The Sun is in Leo

Leos love the finer things in life. You love fine food, fine possessions, fine friends and fine surroundings. You get the gist. As such you can be extravagant when it comes to spending money. You are not mean with money, quite the opposite. Leo is a generous Zodiac Sign. However, you are generous with yourself and with others. Security does not play an important role in your life – experience does. Fortunately you are also lucky when it comes to money and possessions. You can earn a high salary, set up your own charismatic business or form a lucrative business partnership. You earn, you spend. The Sun and Leo are both linked with gold, so you may spend your money on gold trinkets or jewellery. Perhaps you could consider investing in gold bullion instead? The problem is that you may be more tempted to spend money rather than invest it. You have a magnetic personality, are popular in most social circles and are a real go-getter, but this should not be confused with stability. Money slips through your fingers because given a choice between saving or having a good time, then you choose the latter every time. What is the point of investing in the future when you can have such a good time now? When you are younger then you are likely to get away with this attitude and the resultant behaviour. You are charming and have plenty of energy for work and play. Your friends and family are also likely to appreciate your company and reward you with gifts. As you get older and your abundant energy starts to waiver a little, you may find yourself in the financial soup so to speak. The future has arrived and you are ill prepared. At this time you will either seek financial advice or follow your usual pattern of remaining optimistic that something will crop up. Why worry? Your life is rich with fun-filled times, and invaluable memories.

The Moon is in Aries
When the Moon is in the Zodiac Sign of Aries, it is similar to the Sun Sign although a little more challenging. You love to be first and in fact can sometimes be driven to be Number One. Sometimes you have difficulty holding back from saying what you feel. Diplomacy may not be your strong point. For this reason you may seek employment in a position which involves working on your own projects, rather than in a team. You can be reactive to being told what to do if you do not respect those in authority. This can land you in hot water. Likewise you can be impulsive in your spending habits. The good news is that if you have some other influences then you can be a highly successful executive earning a high salary and associated benefits. You could also be a self-employed millionaire. This is because you are a risk-taker. However, you need to also have common sense and an ability to show restraint and patience. Arrogance could be your downfall. Sometimes the political way is the best way in the short term, rather than being direct. You call it direct. Others call it rude. You need other people’s co-operation to help you achieve your financial and other goals. Even if you are a solitary inventor you need someone to patent and market your invention. You value freedom and the ability to explore new avenues. You need to be passionate about your line of work, and you certainly react to feeling like someone else’s slave. Boredom is not your friend. For this reason you can be rash when it comes to life, and to financial investments. You are the proverbial hare rather than the tortoise (as depicted in Aesop’s Fable). Remember to take a moment to consider all of your options. If you have other favourable influences in your birth chart then you can really achieve your financial goals in a big way. Combined with other Signs this can be the Millionaire’s chart. Think of Microsoft boss Bill Gates, who has an Aries Moon.

The Ascendant is in Leo
When you Ascendant is in the Zodiac Sign of Leo then you’re usually assured of your own purpose in life. You’re charming, generous and ambitious, enjoying a sense of autonomy in all that you do. You’re adept at organising your own life, and enjoy the independence. Your main lesson is the right use of power. You have a lot of charisma and other people listen to you. You need to make sure that there is substance behind the charisma so that you head in the right direction and lead others in a way that benefits them. You are well aware of your own worth, and can help others determine their sense of well-being. You are also well aware of the way that money can be used to validate self-worth. Money may equate power in many of society’s social and political circles, but is this the right use of money? You have a vital and sunny nature and can achieve much good in the world as long as you are not focussed only on your own will. Your purpose is to learn to use your strength of character and strong will power in a positive and powerful manner. This way you can benefit others emotionally, spiritually and materialistically. A loving and generous use of money will help you stay on the right path to personal fulfilment. If you find yourself caught up in power battles over money then think of how much it would cost you to walk away. Ultimately your goal is to use your creativity. A creative or artistic alternative may provide more joy than continuing to battle over materialistic matters. With your Leo Ascendant you could use this affirmation from “Creating Money – Keys to Abundance”by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer “I create money and abundance through joy, aliveness, and self-love”


“Money is usually attracted, not pursued.”
Jim Rohn, American Entrepreneur

Intrinsic to Venus is beauty. During her perfectly symmetrical cycle she is brightly visible in morning and evening skies at different times. Her disappearance out of the western skies and resurrection in the east led the ancients to see her as a dual goddess of both heaven and earth. Venus is pleasure and beauty, both in body and in spirit.

In astrological tradition Venus symbolises what is attractive, pleasurable, beneficial and advantageous. Her heavenly and earthy aspects shine through her connection with the Zodiac Signs Libra and Taurus. In her earthy Taurean domain she embodies the values and resources of the material world representing what you find attractive as well as your ability to be attractive. Venus is the law of attraction placing value on what is worthwhile; therefore energetically attracting what is of substance. Being aligned with resources, treasures, fortunes and ornaments, Venus became associated with money as a commodity of exchange. On an economic level Venus symbolises money, as the unit of trade. Venus is relationship-orientated; hence money implies exchange and trade. Money invites us to forge a relationship with what we find attractive, pleasurable and worthy, not only materially, but psychologically and spiritually as well. Venus’s two sides make a whole; in her spirited and aesthetic side, she needs a soulful relationship with the material world. In this way she represents an inner sense of worth and value that yearns to be appreciated, honoured and respected. In psychological jargon this is your self-esteem, your inner worth, innate values and authentic merit. Venus symbolises the process of becoming worthy and deserving to feel abundant, pleasured and prosperous.

Being the goddess of sexuality and love, Venus also focuses on relating. Venus themes in relationship centre on shared values, feeling loved and appreciated, pleasure, affection and sensuality. Therefore, Venus’s archetypal pattern often gets entangled in issues of both love and money, as popular song lyrics often illustrate. Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Is it true that money can’t buy me love? Can money compensate or substitute for love? Venus’ rulership over money is multidimensional: on the material level it is cash and currency, stocks and bonds, funds, investments, assets, capital, diamonds and gold. On other levels it is your personal values and inner aesthetics. On a deeper soulful stratum it is in your self-acceptance and self-love where money’s taproot finds its sustenance.

Following is a reflection on the Zodiac Sign of your Venus in your Birth Chart including what you might be attracted to and what you attract to you. What are your money patterns, issues and strengths? Venus too symbolises your authentic attitudes to deeply-held personal values, internal worth, self-esteem and your capacity to love. Ironically it is this capacity to love and give freely that is the key to the lock on your money vault. Let’s consider your Venus sign as a metaphor for your personal law of attraction and your innate relationship and attitudes towards money and values.

Venus is in Cancer
The Moon rules your Venus sign of Cancer. While both are powerfully feminine they are quite different in nature. Since bright Venus is in the Moon’s domain, she needs to grow accustomed to the ebbs and flows of emotional tides that shape both sectors of money and love. This suggests that you might have ‘money moods’. You sometimes feel that you do not have enough and need the protection money seems to provide, yet at other times you feel very secure with having enough. Are you ambivalent about money? No, probably it is rooted in an insecurity that is stirred up when you feel self-doubting, insecure or uncertain. Money is the hook for your anxieties. When you look at money through apprehensive eyes it gets distorted by the powerful feelings that are placed upon it. When the mood passes, the distortion lifts.

No doubt you are sensitive, especially when it comes to those you are attached to. Your feelings are often affected by the atmosphere around you and when that is polluted with money worries and concerns, your anxiety levels rise. You were and still are vulnerable to any financial unease in the family and feel it as if it were your very own. Kinship and family do need to be valued. Unfortunately this placement has not guaranteed a loving family of origin, but it does suggest that your sense of worth and value was strongly influenced by your family; therefore your adult years may be spent excavating your personal sense of self worth from being a carer or medium for family issues. Family, the love of home, a closely-knit community, feeling safe and protected are values akin to this image. But since these are feeling-based, they often find expression difficult. Money might be an attempt to compensate for the lack of feeling safe, yet it is in your own journey to find your authentic family, a place to belong and a sense of being safe that you discover emotional strength and solidarity is connected to resourcefulness.

What you value is often caught up with the past whether that is a family heirloom, an antique, a long-forgotten tradition or the way you were. Metaphorically it is how you place value on the past that attracts resources. When you find ways to bring the essence and depth of tradition and history into the present with integrity, then you are resourceful. There may be a tendency to sentimentalise the past or bemoan what no longer exists, but when you sift through what has past and let go of what no longer sustains you, then you find hidden treasure. Letting go is not easy for someone who may have enjoyed collecting, saving and stockpiling, yet it is necessary. Many values lay in the past and being conscious of what you need to relinquish and what you need to keep encourages new growth and resourcefulness. In a way hanging on may have paid off, as hopefully you may have lucrative investments that now support you.

For one deeply aware of the past it is also necessary to be aware of the future. When you save as a means to build your portfolio, then you will be prosperous. As suggested, you may be anxious about not having enough but it is important to reflect on what you have already achieved and separate this out from inner apprehension and disquiet. These are just feelings, not the reality of the situation, and as you know feelings pass.

So money is linked to the values of the family and as you find the authenticity of these values and where you belong, money also comes. It is in the ground you build your security on, the house you feel at home in, the job you like, those you love. It is part of the everyday fabric of your life and as you become involved in life and care for those you are in relationship with, money flows beneath the contentment of your familial routines. You attract money through your kindness and your caring and it generally pays very well.


“The art of living easily as to money is to pitch your scale of living one degree below your means.”
Sir Henry Taylor, English Dramatist and Poet

Astrological tradition has always associated the 2nd House with money and the accumulation of assets. When astrologers are asked questions like ‘will I be rich?’ and ‘how will I make money?’ the 2nd House of the Horoscope is the first place to consult. Therefore it is an important consideration in this report.

The 2nd House suggests material riches and also innate resources that can be developed and valued. These are the resources of our personality such as our unique strengths, skills and talents which can be exchanged for income or other rewards. Wealth is multifaceted and not only about money; for some it may be health, peace, family, security. Having found the wellspring of our talent, wealth follows.

This section also describes what we invest with value or what we appreciate and like. This may or may not be money. Psychologically this is the sphere where self esteem and personal values are shaped by your early experiences. Self worth, the impact of family values, the substance and significance you place upon your efforts, income received or value returned are all important to varying degrees. What is pleasant? In our post-modern world what is pleasurable often requires money; but another form of pleasure is experienced through apprenticeship and mastery of our skills and talents, not necessarily through economic management.

Included in this report is a portrait of the Zodiac Sign on your 2nd House cusp and what astrologers call its Ruler. The description of your ruling planet in its House adds another key to unlocking your attitude to money and also whether or not you place importance on money or elsewhere. This ruler is unique in each horoscope.

As far as money is concerned what is most important is whether or not you have a planet in the 2nd House. These 2nd House planets reveal your earning style and suggest how you earn your living or your patterns and relationship to money and possessions. You can liken the planets in the 2nd House to the importance that you place on money, the role that it plays in your life and perhaps the complexes you have about money.

Uranus is in the 2nd House
For you wealth and independence are entwined and when you are self-reliant you feel affluent. With Uranus in your 2nd House it is important to be aware that your approach to money and possessions could be quite unconventional, as this planet is known for its defiance and nonconformity. This planet also signifies unpredictability and surprises. Therefore this might suggest sudden changes of fortune or a feeling of being out of control when it comes to money.

Uranus in your 2nd House reveals your attitudes towards money and possessions. Again this may be unusual or at least out of the ordinary, as your attitudes to material assets and financial security may fluctuate and change considerably. Since Uranus likes to go against the grain, this suggests that whatever the accepted consensus is towards money, yours will be different. Another feature of Uranus in the 2nd is that you might also unexpectedly receive money. It is important to consider your monetary attitudes as they might be unconsciously contributing to financial worries. Ironically you need money to help you feel independent; therefore it is in your best interest to find ways to make this possible.

Reflect on original ways to make money. You have an inventive streak, which is a resource. Discover how this might work best for you. Ultimately you have the ability to be detached from the material world and this is important as this helps you feel relaxed and confident that you have enough resources. This also means that you may enjoy earning your money as a contractor, or in a self-employed capacity rather than as an employee.

It is important to consider how you might bring your unique skills and specialised talents to making money in order to feel more comfortable on the unpredictable wheel of fortune. Your question might be: how can I maximise my return on my distinctive talents to feel financially secure? Perhaps you might forge your own independent route choosing to make your living in an unconventional way. Or are you destined to make money in an environment that is futuristic, cutting-edge or ahead of its time. Yet, another possibility may be that you might earn your income in a humanitarian way, working to improve the human condition or the state of the earth. Whatever road you take to earning your income, it needs to be a road less travelled.

Finding your own distinctive path that has not been trampled upon suggests that you will need to tap into your uniqueness and inventiveness. You are ingenious and can use your imagination to forge your way. You can become a unique specialist in your field. Work-wise you are well suited to fields of endeavour that are unusual, ones that have not even been thought of yet. Therefore you are comfortable being on the edge of change, helping forge new directions and advancements. A career in cutting-edge technology might suit especially if you are helping revolutionise attitudes to work or helping create solutions for the future. Or politics, if you can bear it, is another sphere where you might use your vision and your protest to create change. Revolutionising the human experience is favourable to this astrological statement. Therefore whether you are attracted to science or the liberal arts to earn money, it is your need to help advance human understanding and equality that is the valuable asset. You have altruistic, ingenious and intelligent resources that seek expression and support. When you find these, you find your wealth.

Pluto is in the 2nd House
In ancient Greek plutus meant wealth and it is this association with riches that was transferred onto Pluto. But these riches were not what was in the bank but buried underneath. As lord of the underworld he ruled over the vast domain of resources buried below the earth. Psychologically the deity reminds us of the wealth in our own underworld, the untapped resources and riches awaiting release. Literally it might mean the riches excavated from mining, sunken treasure, archaeological ruins or what might have been awarded to you in other’s wills. Being in your 2nd House Pluto suggests that you have innate wealth and power to be mined. First and foremost, it is necessary to know what feeds any desires for wealth and capital, as money will confront you with deep issues in yourself. Money might be therapeutic in a way in that it forces you to assess what is of value and meaning to you on the deepest levels. Pluto shapes your sense of worth and value and suggests your best assets are your honesty and integrity.

One of your best resources is your ability to work therapeutically with crisis and change. Part of this pattern is that you will do well in emergencies where you are called upon to go with the ‘gut’ feelings. And this is your best approach to wealth creation. You will do well when you use your own deeper instincts about what is of value. Anything connected to alterations and renovations, therapeutic interventions, cycles, endings and getting to the underlying truth is a boon to you.

No doubt you have a gut instinct for the right share to buy or a feeling about the best house to purchase. But when can you trust this and when is it a time to be wary? Income could come through mysterious ways like an inheritance. Vocationally professions involving research, medical or psychotherapeutic work, crisis management and consulting or with any underground link could also be lucrative. What is important to know is that you have depth perception, integrity and honesty. When you are able to feel that this are in alignment then it is time to invest. Perhaps the greatest asset you have is the ability to trust yourself in times of decision making about resources and to know that you have made the right choices. Over time you can eliminate what is not necessary; however, you will also bring the hidden treasure to the surface.

When you invest in the things that are of worth to you, not others, then you will understand how you are able to see value where others are unable. What might be discarded of worthless to someone else may have the seeds of fortune for you. Wealth is a subjective experience and while others may objectify money and possessions, to you prosperity engages you at a deeper level. What may be invisible to them is often a great asset to you. Remember Pluto had his invisible helmet that he wore when he came to the surface so he would not be seen. His myth tells us that he only surfaced to obtain what he desired or to seek healing for what has been damaged. Like Pluto you need to bring your intentions to the surface when you are passionately interested in something you value.

You may fear losing your money or be haunted by images of not having. But these are the ways you confront your own sense of worth. At these times you are forced to look deeply into yourself to find what it is you truly possess. It is important to know that these feelings are not prophetic but psychological, forcing you to confront your own sense of worth and find the resources that promote a valued sense of self. While you have the knack of transforming what others have discarded or undervalued to make it an object of worth you often struggle to find the gold in your own shadow.

One recurring pattern with your 2nd House Pluto is that money and accumulation of assets confronts one’s sense of worth and power. The question then might be: Does money reflect my worthiness and sense of success in the world? Another pattern is that the accumulation or loss of money is enmeshed with crisis and all or nothing situations. In other words you may unconsciously find yourself close to losing your assets which drives you into rebuilding your resources. In the process you find out how resourceful and powerful you are. However, you do not need to lose everything to know that you have the power to restore and rebuild your capital or that in essence you are truly wealthy. You have a powerful sense of wealth creation which will work for you when you recognise that you would like to be more critically involved in your work and that what you do is valuable.

2nd House Cusp is in Virgo
The Earth Zodiac Sign Virgo is on the cusp of your 2nd House, revealing the qualities and procedures that naturally support your sense of self-esteem and personal worth. Over time the potent and fertile images once associated with the astrological Sign of Virgo have been abandoned; yet from our earliest records this constellation was associated with the richness of the harvest and the value of the land and ecosystem. Virgo was the harvest maiden and many prominent goddesses were identified with the constellation, which has a rich and complex mythology of fertility, cultivation and harvest. It is this rich fertile field that is the landscape of your 2nd House, the territory where resources, money and assets are revealed. Metaphorically your abundant resources need to be cultivated and tended before they can be disseminated. Like the agricultural maiden you might need to honour the process of time and be aware of the order of seasons to know when to reap and when to sow. Virgo appreciates continuity and coherence and this is a valuable concept for you, although one that may fit easily with your personality.

Virgo also suggests that your innate industriousness and analytical skills might be central to your relationship with money. You have an abundance of renewable resources that if tended carefully and respectfully can become profitable. You have a talent for recycling, renewing and making things better; using this image in your work helps is rewarding. The qualities that provide the most satisfaction in your working life may not always be compatible with your personality; therefore it is important to be mindful of which skills need to be brought into the workplace. While you have a vibrant personality and presence, it is your unassuming and focused nature that is rewarded. Ironically it is in the details, the small designs, the subtle links and what has been overlooked by others where you reap rewards.

Virgo on the 2nd House cusp suggests that you need to value your discriminating faculties, analytical skills, self- reliance, containment and orderliness. Ritual and routine are an essential component of helping you feel centred enough to be resourceful. What are the qualities that you feel need to be valued to provide you with a sense of personal security, self-esteem and reward? One of your great assets is your skill at detail and ability to focus your attention on the task. Whether this takes you into the business world, an artisan workshop, a medical clinic or a veterinarian surgery, you will be required to trade on your detailed and analytical skills when earning your living. Vocationally you are suited to making your living in the health and service industries but any area that provides you with the feeling of improving and developing will be satisfying to you. Whether that is working with animals, crafts or healing medicines you need to feel that you are improving a situation in order to feel valuable. Any of these areas are where investment pays off whether that is a monetary or emotional investment. You feel rich when there is rituality and respect in what you do.

Your insecurity and anxiety may affect your attitudes to money or your earning ability. In other words money is the living symbol that might capture your insecurities. When you start to ruminate about what you do not have or what you do not earn, rather than what you do have and what is possible, you undermine your greatest asset which is your unshakeable knowing that all things are cyclical. The time might not be right now, but it will soon. Like the goddesses that represent the fertile fields of Virgo, you have a range of resources that provide a secure living. Your pleasure is derived from being in tune and in sync with the natural cycles of life. And when you are, you have an abundant harvest. Virgo here reminds you that the harvest is seasonal and that there are cycles in your economic stability.

Since Virgo is on your 2nd House cusp, the opposite Zodiac Sign Pisces rules your 8th House. This House polarity in the horoscope symbolises the difference between mine and ours, or your attitudes and reactions to sharing resources with others. The 2nd House is your bank account, but the 8th is the joint account. With Virgo on the 2nd your relationship to money may be quite methodical and practical staying close to a budget and not over doing the spending. In intimate and business relationships you may find this handy, as you might find others you are involved with are more chaotic and disorganised in their financial concerns. However by entering into sharing your resources with others you find a more fluid and accepting relationship with money. In the confusion and chaos of sharing resources you learn to let it be. Resources are not only materialistic. With this combination value lies in your innate ability to manage your resources and trust that your close and intimate others will be part of your resources fullness even if you do not understand how.

Ruler of the 2nd House is Mercury
…and Mercury is in the 12th House
Mercury is the god of the marketplace, so he brings his bag of tricks to the money sphere of your life. Like the Magician in the Tarot, Mercury has a lot of skills at hand but sometimes he also uses sleight of hand, so there is always a cautionary note about clarity and discrimination in your communications about money and finance. Mercury is the god of communication but his communiqués are not always succinct or straightforward. That is up to you. So how best can you participate with Mercury as your ruler of commerce? When Mercury resides in the 12th House of your Horoscope you could be a dreamer about money. Some of your dreams could come true but your magical insights into resources may be difficult to ground in the real world. So why not look at both sides of the coin: inner and outer riches. You have an uncanny knowing about things which may not always be able to be used in the ‘real’ world. These are your inner riches. You are buoyed up by your dreams and ideals in the outer world. This makes you feel well-off. To be true to this placement we might suggest that money is not always a material energy but has an invisible quality that also brings prosperity. You won’t be able to prove it or explain it, but it is true. That is what you need to make you rich – a deep belief in yourself and your depth of perception. Wealth to you is what you imagine it to be. Therefore best to be imaginative and creative about money. That would be being practical for you.


“Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex, you thought of nothing else if you didn’t have it and thought of other things if you did”.
James Baldwin, American novelist and social critic

While the 8th House is the House of sharing, astrologers call this the House of STD: sex, taxes and death. Another version of the key initials STD and this house is “sexually transmitted debt”. The 8th House seems to be where love and trust get entangled with money. When the seal of trust is broken the joint finances are too! So it is important to look at this area of the Horoscope to consider how you best deal with money when others are involved. This could mean your family of origin, your intimate partner or business partner, even your bank and financial advisor. The 8th House is opposite the 2nd House and therefore forms the natural polarity between what is mine and what is ours. The 2nd House could be thought of as your personal worth, your cash flow on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The 8th House then could be considered your overall worth, the dam or the reservoir of your full value. Its mystique is in the depth of its values.

The ancient astrologers’ view of the 8th House was mainly about death and questions concerning loss especially gains from loss, such as inheritances or debts. Death and debts are still linked together in our words such as mortgage and amortise. While the modern usage of amortise is a gradual payment of debt, in earlier usage it was withholding property after death. While mort refers to death, amor refers to love. This is the mysterious 8th House amalgam between death, debt and love. A more contemporary outlook scrutinises the 8th House for the link between intimacy and prosperity as well the capacity for sharing resources. In an emotional sense the 8th House is about comfort with intimacy and this becomes a barometer of your ability to share money with those you love.

As the House of inheritance, it is the territory where you claim your familial legacy either psychologically, emotionally or financially. Unearthing your ancestral inheritance may not be as straightforward as you would wish, but the astrological nature of your 8th House will help you to reflect on your familial past and the attitudes towards money and love that you have inherited. The 8th House has also been traditionally associated with the landscape of the underworld. This of course is metaphoric of the unseen inheritances and legacies from the past; hence we might imaginatively think of the 8th House as where we could communicate with the dead. This sphere is where we encounter some skeletons in the family closet that might help reclaim our legacy. It is wise to remember that in antiquity the underworld was the source of buried treasure. Regent of the underworld was Pluto, the god of riches; hence the 8th House is also an area in the horoscope of hidden wealth.

Hidden in this house might also be family issues and legacies about money, wills and desires. Lurking in the familial past may be motifs such as emotional manipulation through money, debt, disputes regarding inheritances, the loss of family money or a deep-seated attitude towards financial control. What was the attitude towards debt or borrowing money that you inherited? What were the familial attitudes towards sharing resources? The 8th House is the place where the two sides of the family merge into one. Psychologically the 8th House reveals the capacity for or the lack of familial intimacy and closeness; therefore, planets here will not only describe the family inheritance, but secret alliances and taboos in the family. Interred in the 8th House are the familial gains and losses which are passed down through the generations. These gains and losses might be financial as in monetary bequests and inheritances or a familial story of debt. In many cases the gains and losses are emotionally based. The Zodiac Sign on the cusp of the 8th House is the gateway to this intimate area and as such is important in considering how you access this part of yourself. Ultimately the question is how much do you trust yourself to make the right decision in love and money?

As a barometer of closeness, the 8th House refers to the degree of parental intimacy that was experienced growing up. You observe your parents’ trust of one another with money and resources. How were they able to share what they had with one another on and what were the primal patterns that you first felt in terms of sharing emotionally and lovingly? Arguments about money are often never really about money but the sense of feeling unloved, unacknowledged or unmet. The template of how you might share your personal resources with others you love is set down early in the atmosphere of the family and affects your feelings of financial trust in adult life. The attachment, emotional security and parental issues of your early life, yet not resolved, will be prone to being re-experienced in an adult way through intimate relationships. You also ‘marry’ into or relate to your partner’s psychological, emotional and financial composition. The will and testament of those who have passed exert their influence on the emotional well-being of those in the present and issues concerning legacies, will, inheritance, shared resources and family trusts are all part of this terrain. Wills of the 8th House also refer to the will of those who have past and still exert emotional and financial control.

The 8th House is a house of mystery and mastery in being true to your deepest self while participating in the world. It depicts how the currents that flow within the financial world, the economic cycles and seasons influence the money market and you. In the 8th House you can see your ability to tune into subtle energies, and to act with integrity and utilise them for your own and others better good. From the perspective of money the 8th House will help you reflect on your buried treasures, your capacity to share and enjoy the pleasures of life with others, your legacies and inheritances as well as the patterns that either keep you indebted to others or able to be resourceful in relationship. Much of the 8th House is a mystery, a secret even unto yourself but this report helps you try to understand what this compelling place means for you.

Saturn is in the 8th House
The planet Saturn placed in the 8th House of your birth chart suggests that overnight prosperity through joint ventures, business, or investments is unlikely, but you can reap rewards through perseverance and hard work. Depending on other influences in your chart, you’re likely to suffer monetary loss at least once in your life through an investment or marriage. Perhaps your marriage partner is poor, or perhaps you’ve made an unwise investment or failed in a business venture, or all of these. This placement of the planet Saturn can also indicate karmic ties with other people. You may not believe in the concept of karma, but you need to be wary before entering into marriage and business partnerships anyway. The ties that you form can easily become bonds, sparking feelings of duty that goes beyond what is fair. Some would call this a karmic debt. You may think of it as a mistake that is not easily undone. Therefore you need to enter into any investment, contract, treaty and joint enterprise with caution. Contracts and a good contractual lawyer are essential. The good news is that most of your roadblocks are likely to be experienced before you turn 30 years old. After this time you grow in financial wisdom and experience. As a result through your own hard work, you can gradually recover your losses and build up your resources in conjunction with other people. You could choose to avoid joint enterprises and investments in favour of building up your resources on your own thus avoiding any likelihood of obstacles and delays that are linked with relying on other people. Inheritances are also an area of frustration. Either you miss out on inheritances, particularly through the male side of your family, or there are delays and restrictions. The good news is that you are a walking example of former US President Franklin D Roosevelt’s saying: <ITALICON>“Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money. It lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” Your challenge is to persevere in your goals, to enjoy the process of slowly building your fortune and to work by example for others. As you grow older you find that slowly but surely your good fortune has accumulated, and not just money but reputation, respect, integrity and other values of importance. As a result others are likely to seek your advice. You may be involved with insurance, banking, financial advice, the corporate world, power of attorney for others, your own business ventures and such matters. Your wisdom may also be a beacon of hope for others. You are an elder in your tribe. Lasting success comes to later in life.

Saturn is in the 8th House
…and Saturn is Trine Mercury
The planet Saturn placed in the 8th House of your birth chart suggests that overnight prosperity through joint ventures, business, or investments is unlikely, but you may reap rewards through perseverance and hard work. A positive attitude goes a long way to helping you achieve your investment objectives and the planet Mercury can assist in this process. Once you have set your mind to a task then you are likely to achieve it. In this case your need to overcome any negative thoughts or worries and focus on positive outcomes. Any form of learning or training can help you grow your fiscal portfolio. In fact you may study economic trends and become a financial adviser. However, you may also take an interest in esoteric matters such as the meaning of life, ancient wisdom teachings, mythology or life after death. Death and taxes are meaningful in your life. You are also keen to leave a legacy to those who are younger.

8th House Cusp is in Pisces
Watery Pisces is on the cusp of your 8th House; this Sign points out that boundaries and structures might be important when approaching the area of shared finances since Pisces is synonymous with boundlessness and enmeshment. Perhaps on one level this might speak to infinite possibilities when emerged with others in the financial sphere; however since there are limits and ends to other’s resources, it is wise to be aware of these. Since Virgo is on the 2nd house cusp you may have already developed an innate instinct for ordering your finances, applying budgetary measures and setting monetary targets. However, what happens when you fall in love or enter into a business arrangement: are you as capable of managing the shared pool of resources.

You may already be a fairly self-reliant individual and in terms of relationship you might also be independent and separate. However, when you become emotionally engaged, this might change and you may be susceptible to sacrificing what may be deeply important to you in the longing for union. This is an important point to consider when financial interests mesh with others; how discriminating have you been? While your partners may have also presented as fairly independent and original individuals, in terms of their financial acumen they may be quite chaotic. Therefore its best to be discerning and thorough in any financial dealings with others, especially intimate others. But when you have developed that sense of security and trust with someone then there are many creative and endless ways to profit from the relationship.

You have not arrived at a deep and intimate relationship without a past. Depending on where you are in your life experience, this history may already include complicated feelings of being taken advantage by an intimate other or close friend. How has this affected your ability to trust? Certainly what you bring to a close relationship is your compassion, intuition and kind-heartedness and this will not change. But what can change is how you consciously decide who is worthy of this exchange. With the right partner, either emotionally or professionally, you are able to wave a magic wand over the area of finances to make some of your dreams comes true, metaphorically speaking. You need to have that sense of emotional equality and trust to be able to insure that you can give your self to the relationship.

In terms of your family’s financial history there may have been chaos and disorder when it came to wills and inheritances. Therefore it is important for you to be aware of your own legacy and will. For someone who feels the need to be ordered in your business world, destiny brings others into your life, including family, who may be monetarily muddled or financially chaotic. Therefore entering into a close agreement or contract could enmesh you in their financial problems. It is this that you may need to steer clear of or at least be aware of how to best proceed. And you are able to do this through a conscious attempt to have boundaries and agreements. When it comes to financial engagements with others, it is important to have an analytical and systematic approach to the world of finance.

When you are secured through appropriate boundaries then you can bring a high degree of creativity and imagination to the world of finances, especially in partnerships. You can see possibilities and potential in projects that together are able to amass capital. One of your best investments is in your imagination and creativity. You are deeply fulfilled when you are able to share your creativity and spirituality with another; it is this deep sense of connection that will also support you.

Therefore the secret to monetary success that lies in this sector is to invest with others in your creativity and imagination as long as you have insured that your partners authentically are able to be equal, trustworthy and accountable.

Ruler of the 8th House is Jupiter
…and Jupiter is in the 12th House
Jupiter is generally considered to be a beneficial planet casting positive rays in the areas that it affects, in this case your 8th House of other people’s resources. Therefore Jupiter is a mitigating factor when it comes to your investments and ability to attract riches. While you have an ability to utilise other people’s resources and manifest the wealth that you desire, you are also beckoned to stand on your own two feet when it comes to finances. You are able to achieve your financial goals, and benefit from your investments as long as you approach your finances sensibly. Deals and offers that look “too good to be true” probably are. At some stage in your life you may be tempted to spend your savings on an adventure, exploring foreign lands, a new career, or a spiritual quest. Your ability to recover financial from this search for meaning depends on other factors in your birth chart. This placement of the planet Jupiter can also indicate a generous nature. You need to make sure that you are not giving more than you are receiving. Your luck is generally good but a lack of caution could also lead to growing debts. However generally speaking Jupiter is good at handing out money and so you are in luck when it comes to sharing in joint ventures, mostly working behind the scenes. When Jupiter is in the 12th House of your Birth Chart you are more likely to benefit financially when you are a silent partner. For instance you could be the inventor who is marketed by a business, a researcher who supports a large corporation, or an investor in a scientific institution. You can prosper but public acknowledgment is unlikely. You may have a talent which is highly beneficial and all that you require to feel rich. As long as you are free to pursue your passion, gaining experience and wisdom then you are happy. This is more important to you than receiving accolades or large sums of money. Nevertheless you can attract the resources that you need. Posthumous recognition, leaving a legacy for others is likely to be your greatest reward.


“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”
Hermann Hesse, Novelist, Poet and Painter

The Part of Fortune
Fortune has come to mean money and wealth; yet in the ancient world it referred to chance or luck. Both are interconnected. In your Horoscope you will have a “Part of Fortune” an astrological point which suggests some clues about your quality and share of fortune be that chance or capital. One of astrology’s first authorities Ptolemy suggested that the Part of Fortune was primary to the circumstances that regulate the ‘fortune of wealth’.

The Part of Fortune is constructed from the three highly significant positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant that were discussed in the first section. In this section all three are merging to create an astrological image connected to our personal fortune. This report uses the formula dependent on whether you are born at night or if you were born during the day when the Sun was above the horizon. The Part of Fortune is an amalgam of body, soul and spirit. The Ascendant represents the physical environment and your levels of vitality, it is a primary gauge for well-being both in terms of health and wealth. Your Sun represents vital force, the spirit of health and heart, while your Moon symbolises the emotional and soulful aspects of being secure in the world. Since the alchemy of all three create the Part of Fortune, it came to be seen as an image of well being, connection, security and being well-placed in the world. This was considered to be prosperity; an ability to be supported by the world and access its abundant resources.

The Part of Fortune is also known as the Lot of Fortune. In ancient Greece, the concept for fate suggested a lot, a portion or what we were allotted in the lottery of life. The Greek word for fate was ‘moira’ and the Moirai were the three weavers of fate; those who measured, allocated and cut the threads of one’s life. With this lot, the ancient astrologers recognised that the tapestry created by weaving the three threads of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant together would be fortunate. To the Romans, Fortuna was chance and she spun the Wheel of Fortune. This wheel reminds us not only of the wheel of the zodiac, but the natural cycles and rhythms of life. Fortune is not static but cyclical by nature; hence the Part of Fortune becomes a powerful symbol in your chart that points to your lot on the wheel of fortune. In a contemporary way the placement of the Part of Fortune is where you honour and petition the goddess of chance and acknowledge your share of fortune.

As an ancient symbol in a contemporary context its placement in the Horoscope measures prosperity or where you align with the seed potential of your fortune. Its sign position will help you amplify innate qualities that are destined at times to be prosperous, while its house position will locate the setting to focus on to increase your chances in the lottery of life.

The Part of Fortune is in Aries
With the Part of Fortune in Aries, your best chance in any sweepstake is when you act spontaneously and go down that independent route. That hunch that you feel strongly about, that snippet of a dream image that keeps hounding you or the feeling in your bones might be Fortuna pushing you forward into action. When the winds of change blow, you want to make sure the sail is set in the direction you want to take, not the one that you are pressured into taking because of duty or fear. In the larger lottery of life you might recognise that you are fortunate when you take a chance on starting something new, as destiny is found in the passion of the act and the will to push yourself past the fear and concern. You increase your chances of success with courage and you open up the doors to your destiny with your passion and will.

Fortune seems to challenge you and when you respond she does too. Entrepreneurial ventures, pioneering projects and adventuresome assignments are where you find the prosperity of Fortuna. You find the strength when you recognise that you need to be a warrior to chase the dream. Challenges are always there but then so is fortune and they go together in your case. Fortune is never fixed and it is in the currency of the situation, the energy of facing the trials and with the nerve to keep moving and changing that you find the winning ticket. You might have to keep spinning the Wheel of Fortune but that’s better than it being stuck or brought to a standstill. Your lot of fortune is embraced by your initiative and daring.

The Part of Fortune is in the 9th House
Your Part of Fortune is placed in the 9th House of your Birth Chart indicating that your quest for meaning will be enriching and rewarding. Fortune is gained in the escapades of life; it is through life-changing travels, inspiriting guides or educative adventures that you find the riches of life. While they may not be bankable or saleable, they are soulful. It is in the soulfulness of life where you find your wealth. While you may not find value in conventional religion you can be prosperous through your spirituality. You understand the well-quoted passage from Mark 8:36: “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul”? You profit through exploring both the outer and the inner worlds, journeying through foreign landscapes as well as psychic ones. Fortune comes with extending your opinions, widening your horizons and tolerating differences.

Prosperity is embedded in your beliefs; hence the more restrictive and prejudicial these are, the poorer you feel. Therefore your fortune lies in open-minded philosophies and attitudes. On a literal level this suggests that you do well with ground-breaking projects, foreign development, cross-cultural assignments or any vocations that endeavour to reach beyond familiar boundaries and entrenched traditions. But your most fortunate asset is that you believe in the possibility and are willing to pursue your ideals and dreams. You are disheartened by negativity and buoyed by positive affirmations of what is possible. Therefore it is wise to invest in your own vision and potential through embracing a philosophy of success and adopting an imaginative mandate.


“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”
Warren Buffett, American Business Magnate

Once upon a time, monks entering religious service were required to take a vow of poverty. Even though the Church was far from impoverished, this vow was designed to turn the initiate’s gaze away from the acquisition of possessions to participation in a communal and spiritual life. Christian teaching suggested it was easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than a moneyed man to get into heaven. From this religious viewpoint it was believed that money corrupts and detracts from salvation. Infatuation with riches was considered diametrically opposed to the religious impulse. In the Christian era, the marketplace and the church were seen to be at odds with one another. These beliefs seem to be a long time ago. Or are they?

As mentioned the root of money takes us back to the Roman goddess Juno Moneta, who has helped us reflect on our relationship with money. As the protector of funds Moneta came to be associated with Juno through the following legend. When the Roman army was faltering, out of resources and demoralized, they prayed to Juno for guidance. The goddess advised them that if their cause was just and they fought for what they believed in, then money would be forthcoming. With a reinvigorated spirit the soldiers continued their battle and money and resources arrived from Rome. From this point forward money was minted in the temple of Juno Moneta as a reminder that when there was genuine need and realistic values, then money would follow. From the earliest times money has been associated with the divine, a symbol of the goddess’ fortune.

Moneta was also the Latin name for Mnemosyne, the goddess of Memory and the mother of the Muses. Moneta was also said to remind us, at times warn us, of our relationship with money. Therefore Moneta re-minds us that money is not just a literal matter but connected to the emotional and soulful realm of human experience, the sphere where astrology can be so revealing. Embedded in your Horoscope is an instinctual approach to your values and money. Understanding your own astrological relationship to money can help you be more aware of personal values and your unique approach to money matters. In turn this then helps you learn how to make the most of the money you earn and maximise your prosperity.