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In this course you will learn every step of the process in becoming an Astrologer

Introduction to the "Four Master Key Components Of Astrology" +
  • Planets
  • Signs
  • Houses (Areas of life)
  • Charts


In the first module it’s understanding the geometrical components of the chart, its unique pattern, and design layout, and meaning of each part all serve an important function, which is it lays the foundation for a good grounding in the building blocks in development of astrological technique and from that the cultivation of sound astrological interpretation and synthesis methods, which are covered in the modules further on.

Lessons: Astrology Design +


• How to Use Astrology Software (*note: We’ll be using free software to learn from in the course, so you won’t need to buy any if you don’t have already)
• Creating a Natural Order Chart
• Angles of the Chart
• The Axis Lines
• Quarterly Divisions
• Ascendant/Descendant and the IC/MC
• The Crosses of the Elements: The Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable cross
• Triangles
• 30 Degree Divisions


This module is about understanding the deeper levels of astrology from the beginning is how to make learning it easy and revealing. Astrological ingredients give you the hidden elements that make up the key things that form the basis for further building a good interpretation upon.

Lessons: Astrological Foundation Principles +

• Foundation Principles
• Planetary Levels (personality, soul, and spiritual)
• The Signs Identification
• The Decans of the Twelve Signs
• Sub-signs and Planets
• Interpretation Formula for Decans and Sub-signs
• The Twelve Houses and their Activities


At the sub-atomic level everything is connected one way or another. All is electromagnetic forces of flux. So how to understand and utilize these invisible powerful currents of matter/consciousness that make up the physical, and emotional, and mental, and spiritual aspects of life is uncovered by determining the different angular degrees of forces if you like called the astrological aspects with their design patterns for each planet, sign and house combination.

Lessons: Aspects And Phases In A Planetary Cycle +

• The Separating Phases
• Applying Phases
• The Third part of the Equation

The Conjunction, Square and Opposition
• Square Aspects (separating and applying)
• The Conjunction
• Oppositions

Sextiles and Trines
• The Sextile
• The Separating Sextile
• The Applying Sextile
• The Trine
• The Applying Trine
• The Separating Trine

Additional Aspect Attributes
• Minor Aspects
• Quincunx
• Quintile and Bi Quintile

Aspect Patterns and Design
• Kites
• Tee Square
• Grand Cross
• Grand Trine
• The Yod
• The Grand Sextile
• The Mystic Rectangle
• Aspect Orbs



Learning about the planets, and signs, and houses, is the ability to link to higher abstract symbolism and mind awareness. That's one part, but the other essential component is to make that symbolism come alive and give it form and meaning in everyday tangible words and reality such as in methods which reveal easy ways to map and read and synthesize charts.

Lessons: The Art Of Chart Synthesis +

• Chart Themes
• Sub-Themes
• Plotting Points
• Zodiacal Trails
• Planets in a Zodiacal Trail
• A Zodiacal Trail Houses
• The Charts Features
• Interpreting Charts Together
• Natal and Progressed Chart Interpretation
• Natal and Progressed and Transits Interpretations
• F.V for Interpretation



Astrology is a cleverly devised system that can give real depth and meaning to life. Axis patterns define the secret alchemical mixture of forces that are caused by planetary combinations. They describe hidden qualities of the chart that can be translated into extra skills and abilities you can develop and acquire once you know how to identify them.

Lessons: Different Types Of Axis Patterns +

• Moons Nodal Axis
• Vertex Axis Pattern
• Quintile Pattern (Five Pointed Star)
• Astrological Generational Patterns
• D.N.A Pattern


In a previous module "Astrology Geometrics" we learnt what a chart’s components are, however different charts serve different purposes. Each one's design is unique. In chart technique you learn the key power elements and formulas behind creating charts and for what you can do with them.

Lessons: How To Become Proficient In Chart Work +

• Being Creative with the Chart
• Chart Types
• Swinging the Astro Compass
• Chart Design


Relationships are intimately woven into our very make up. Whether one does astrology or not we just simply can't deny learning about relationships—they are a part of life—however astrology is a very good way of understanding the intricate patterns that make up relationships. In this module all relationship charts are covered and everything you need to know about interpreting relationship charts.

Lessons: The Relationship Connection +

• The Three Main Types of Relationship Chart
• The Composite Chart
• Davison Relationship Chart
• The Synastry Chart
• Interpretation Points


In a whole month things can change and a lot can go on in just the day to day living life cycle. Sometimes it’s hard to see what's around the corner regarding the things and actions to take in a day which produce good results. In monthly cycles planning and working out those things can be done and all mapped out by doing a monthly chart.

Lessons: The One Month Cycle +

• The Moons Monthly Phases
• The Bigger Picture
• Soul Fertility Cycle
• Chart Type Monthly Cycles

Chart Sets

• Astrological formula for “How to do a monthly chart for a house
• Creating a Foundation Chart
• Creating a Sub-House of the foundation Chart
• Creating a Monthly Chart
• Creating a Monthly Base Chart
• Interpretation Technique for Chart Sets
• FV for Interpreting a Chart Set

Additional Techniques for a Monthly Chart
• Twelve Month Moon Calendar


Astrology is a unique way to measure the human growth patterns of life from birth to old-age. How this is done is by determining the different mix of the corresponding planetary returns. Understanding these natural return cycles will virtually tell you what goes on when you reach certain milestones in your life and the important changes that will affect you on an individual level and collectively as a result.


Life’s Milestones +

The Planets Return (Part A)
• The Sun
• The Moon
• Mercury
The Planets Return (Part b)
• Venus
• Mars
• Part of Fortune
The Planets Return (Part c)
• Jupiter
• Saturn
• Uranus
The Planets Return (Part d)
• Chiron (*a minor planet)
• Neptune
• Pluto


An essential component of astrology is being able to read transits. Planning and preparing before and an event or for a situation in advance you know you're going to be in at a later date, or you may not know is coming up, can all be looked at in the transits a planet makes in its passage through the signs. Knowing how to read them will give you inside information on the timing and choices of things and energies you can do and utilise, where and when it’s appropriate to do so.

Lessons: Predictive Work: Assessing Future Trends +

• Reading Ephemerides
• Assessing Important Timings
• FV: Interpretation for Transits



Taking astrology beyond to another level once all the basics and learning of its essentials are complete is where creative astrology comes in. It means you can freely explore astrology and really invent new ways of using it, which can be a lot of fun.

Lessons: The Art Of Astrology +

• Chart Creativity
• Chart Creativity Interpretation
• Example Formula of a “Lucky Chart”


Besides the normal mainstream of energies represented by the planets there are other energies recognized in human nature and these are known as Celestial bodies and other stars. Understanding the value of these celestial bodies and stars by inserting them in the chart adds a lot more extra dimensional awareness that they are keys into other parts of oneself.

Lessons: Other Parts Of Your Celestial Self +

Selecting Additional Objects
• Types of Celestial Objects
• Asteroids
• Fixed Stars
Additional Celestial Objects
• Gold
• Galactic Centre
• Personal Selection of Celestial Objects



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