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A service is also offered in coaching. Using the chart as a road map, coaching is given for those who feel that perhaps a chart reading is not enough for them, and want to take their life further in certain areas, and would like personal training to help them with setting and accomplishing their goals, however first it’s necessary to have had a natal, or other chart type reading done prior or otherwise included in the 1st session.

Depending on your preferences in choice of the area you seek to be coached in, once you have had your natal chart reading,  then a progressed chart reading, followed by one other of the chart type readings of your own choosing, makes three sessions the standard procedure for drawing up a coaching plan that you can then add to, and use, and refer to as a map to guide you in reaching your goals.

If you have a long standing concern you want to do something about, or perhaps feel it’s time for a complete change, or to improve your business, or relationship, or transition to a new way of life, or for some other purpose want to improve in an area of your life, and have a definite readiness to take it in your own hands and do it, then a preliminary consultation in coaching to see whether it suits you or not, is perhaps the best way to go to begin with.

Having a coach helps you take charge of yourself and means you will have support all along, and a good starting point to set a solid foundation, which can be then built upon and where we can get to work on your progress and achieve your goals, using a set out plan and higher mind awareness techniques.

Communication is all done on skype and an MP3 recording of the session is sent to you online for your convenience to playback anytime. How many sessions depends on your budget, and also if you think you may need more than one.

Alternatively if you prefer an MP3 recording that details the whole chart report can be sent you, and followed up by a free 20 minute session on any questions you may like to ask regarding further inquiry about aspects of your chart.

Your chart is emailed you along with a report and the recording, however unlike the mp3 recording which covers the chart areas in detail, the report gives you an overall interpretation of the key features of the chart and those specific areas in your life which relate to your question.


*** 1st 20 min session for free!

* Discount applies depending on number of sessions.

$75.00 for 20 minutes
$120.00 for 40 minutes
$150.00 for 1hr


*Please note: When you click purchase, you will be taken to the selection/payment page. Then once you have chosen your session time and made payment, click submit where you will be redirected to the “Coaching Submission” page. Fill in your birth details, and question, and your email, then click the submission button at the bottom of the form, where you’ll be taken to the thank you page and be informed to check your email inbox for further notification regarding your preliminary session time and  details.