• Day 1: Business Foundation Chart

    In this module you learn how to create business charts all of which serve to show the different charts which represent and correspond with the running of a business from its inception through to its progress and how to assess it on a yearly and monthly basis.
    Having these types of charts is ideal as it enables you to see your business’s different parts all under the one roof. Business charts are the first thing in getting to understand your business model and its details. In doing these type of charts you will gain a much greater understanding of your business and how to develop it more and take it to a new level.

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    A business “foundation chart” is the 10th house of your Natal chart which is considered to be the primary house that rules business, swung around to become the 1st house. It’s the degrees of the cusp of the 10th house (ie the MC) swung around to become the ascendant. This is commonly called swinging the compass which can be done for any house and has been covered more extensively in the “astrological Inclusive” course, but for our purpose—we have chosen the 10th house because business is one of its main activities, if not the main activity. There are other secondary houses also which are associated with running a business, however when you do a business foundation chart each one of the 12 houses become representative of different parts of the business.

    A house is made up of 30° and if you divide the house up into lots 2.5° you’ll find you have all 12 areas of life and the 12 signs all in the one house. So what this means is, even though there are certain main houses to do with running a business which we shall explore—there are also all the other houses which can be equally as important for determining the particular types of activities associated with each part of the business. So the “houses” in normal astrological interpretation become the “parts of a business” in a business chart

    As such the foundation chart then actually becomes an extension of the Natal chart in a specific area, which in this case it’s the business. In the natal chart, the 10th house represents other types of things also—such as a person’s career, or their social foundation, or a person’s reputation in public, or their professional status to name a few. In a foundation business chart then, as all the houses represent a part of the business, the 10th house represents the business’s reputation, not the business as a whole.

    So the foundation chart is the magnification of the business through the eyes of the twelve houses. Because it’s on the ascendant it symbolizes the owner of the business with their business. If it’s your business then the ascendant represents your identity with it and in another sense how you prioritise your business as the main part of your self-identity–and in the process—in terms of doing it using astrological knowledge. You are also making changes to your business sense of self as the ascendant among other things denotes the concept of new beginnings and birthing, and also what a person seeks to strive for and attain—hence the significance of the business being put on the ascendant denotes personal action and initiative being taken to further improve the business by understanding it in a greater capacity through the valid means of astrological concepts and technique that focus on business development and strategies.

    The business foundation chart represents the individual’s relationship on a personal level with their business. It represents the things the person goes through within them regarding their thoughts, and feelings, and the actions they take, and how they develop the business, and the responses they get back, and feedback they take in as a result of the experiences they acquire in the business as they go along. It’s an extension of the Natal chart in terms that it’s their business DNA strand that is being developed and used.

    A business foundation charts is the one used for doing monthly business charts–which are charts used to track your business each month, and also for creating charts where you want to improve a particular part of the business which is called the “sub-houses” of the foundation chart. This can be very helpful for any time you want to improve the business as you have the chart at hand regarding a specific area. In the rest of this module we will be looking at the two types of charts just mentioned in more detail.

    However for now it’s important to realize that it’s the foundation chart of the business which serves as the main chart from which the creation of the other two types of charts are derived from and it also serves as the interpretation links between the three.

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First in order to create your business foundation chart you need to create your natal chart, so if you don't know how to create a natal chart then to do this go to http://www.astro.com/ (it’s free to register) where you can fill in your time, date and place of birth and you will be able to print a free copy of your chart. To see how to register and what to fill out on the chart data page the video has step by step guidelines. It also contains an explanation of a chart’s parts.

 Video 1 : How to Create a Natal Chart Using Astrology Software (watch this one first if you don't know how to create a natal chart and or how to use astro.com software.)

Creating a Business Foundation Chart

Video 2: How to Create a Business Foundation Chart”

a) First watch video 2

b) Next log onto Astro.com—create your Natal chart 1st—and then swing the 10th house natal around so that the MC cuspal degrees which is the start of the tenth house becomes the cusp of the ascendant of your business foundation chart. When you create the new chart give it the title “Natal Business Foundation 10th MC” chart. Next when you have created the chart save it to your stored asto data. *( note you may have to do the minutes a few times to get the closest to the correct degrees and minutes).

c) Next do a standard interpretation. Such as 1st noting its main points and features, and then compile your interpretation based on that. The key here is to get familiar with the new charts features as that will begin building a foundation for basing your interpretation on. Initially this entails simply going through the chart normally and noting the main points as you would in the preparation for synthesizing a natal chart of any type. Then in the next module on Interpretation of the business chart it will be easier to simply note down additional things about the business on top of what you’ve already written. *(note: If you’re not sure on what to interpret note down the main points and whatever stands out in the chart first.)

ie: The chart theme, the main angles of the chart, its zodiacal trails and any prominent planetary placements, strength of houses, strong aspects and axis patterns such as the Vertex, and Asc/desc and the MC/IC, plus additional celestial bodies such as fixed stars that occupy a prominent place or asteroids, all of which can be found using astro.com software.

* Also there are tables and formulas for interpretation that were in the Astrology Inclusive course that you can download if you don’t have them already that is.

** Check: a) When you do your foundation chart check to make sure the ascendant degree is a close as possible to what the 10th house cusp degree of your natal chart is.

b) Is the title of your foundation chart easily identifiable with name of the person and the specific type of chart it is.

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