• Day 2: Assessments

    The Sextile in a Business


    The assessment of things in a business corresponds with the sextile aspect which a main aspect of sixty degrees that follows on from the conjunction. It denotes where the business needs to be first assessed and looked back at in regards to what’s taken shape since the conjunction as a conjunction is not always clear what took place until it’s over and the planet has moved on. The sextile is also useful for looking ahead in regards to the business other aspects of the square and trine. It can used for further development in executing plans already implemented at the conjunction stage and is beneficial for checking on progress in a department.

    Noting the planets and the particular parts of the business where the sextile is and any other type of aspects coming from the other planets is how the assessment can provide information regarding where the business challenges will arise. In themselves they are not challenging, they are more like the stage of awareness that things in the business are taking shape okay and the plan is going ahead and in that sense good use of them can make the business decisions, actions, and endeavors progress amicably however utilizing them further in determining the challenges of the business can result in channelling the challenge into a constructive outlet for the business progress.

    For the planets in sextile note what each corresponds with in its activities—also the sign and its natural planetary ruler in the department of the business along with the decan and sub rulers as they will give you further information regarding the details of the assessment.

Astro ActivityModule Five/Day Two - Activity

Aspect Plotting and Synthesis 2

a) In your aspect work sheet you downloaded in day one, fill in the sextile part of it with the planets that are in sextile aspect and note down the where the sextiles are in each chart and what department it’s in.

b) Next note down the planets that it connects to and also the sign and the natural ruling planets of the sign where they are in the charts.

c) The same as before do a zodiacal trail for the planets in sextile and see what connections are made and how they could fit in with a sextile strategy for the business parts or houses concerned.

d) Do an interpretation for the sextiles and also a one paragraph interpretation for how you believe you can benefit further your business in those particular areas where the sextiles are and where they link to.


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