• Day 3: Challenges

    The Square in a Business

    The challenges of the business are as you might have guessed the inevitable problems that crop up in the running of a business. Every business has them and they can’t be avoided and need to be overcome if the business is going to keep going. Therefore whatever the squares are in the three charts will show you what areas of the business you can expect to have to put more effort into and looking at it from another perspective the hidden benefit as a result of successfully converting those challenges into an asset of the business.

    Note if there are any square aspects to the ruling planet of the stage to begin with then that will give you a good indication of the overall challenge for that stage of the business. The challenges are ideal for rising to the occasion and over the longer term they can play a vital role in building a stronger business foundation and its parts.

    Look to see if the planets in the square are the same in all three charts—if so then that is a major challenge where the business part needs a good strategy applied to it with ready solution s when needed and kept an eye on for future problems in that area. The key is to solve them before they happen if possible and if resources allow. Note any trines and or sextiles to the planets in square as that can be an avenue where the solution can come from.

    As the same with investigating the nature of all the main parts of a chart—the procedure is for the aspects note the particular planets concerned—the signs on the cusp of the houses—and their natural planetary rulers wherever they are in the chart for the parts of the business that will be adding their energies to the parts in square—also note any other main points and connections in other parts of the business that connect with the square in some way.

    If it’s a major aspect pattern such as a grand square then you need to look in the aspect grid for sextiles or trines from another business department that can be sufficiently helpful regarding how to integrate the challenge of those four areas. For example if the planets Uranus and Neptune are in square, and Mars makes an aspect to both of them a trine or a sextile then you know that the driving nature and purpose from that part of the business with Mars in it can be directed sufficiently as an adequate means for directing the challenge and channelling it constructively into something desirable the improves in the area where the particular parts that have the squares to them are.

    * note: To really find out further note the decan and duad rulers of the planets in the square, and the ones in trine or another aspect to them.

Astro ActivityModule Five/Day Three - Activity


Aspect Plotting and Synthesis 3

a) In your aspect work sheet fill out the part for the square aspect.

b) Do the square zodiacal trail and see what it brings up. Check if anything can be used regarding solutions and extra bits and pieces of information about the planets involved in relationship to the business parts and houses.

c) Then do the interpretation part using keyword phrases for the squares in each of the charts.(ie: Your business foundation, registered and progressed charts.)

d) Next look for any squares to the ruling planet for that stage and note down the aspects to it and the ones it makes. Decide on what type of solutions for the challenges are suitable for those parts of the business with the challenges that can be employed constructively to bring about an improved change.

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