• Day 1: The Conjunction in a Business

    The astrological aspects for a business have pretty much the same meaning as the aspects meaning in traditional astrology however there are a number of additional points. Firstly unlike in normal astrology where the aspects and houses are viewed as being directly related to the interaction of different electromagnetic forces and activities to do with the native on a personal and individual level–when it comes to assessing a business chart everything in the chart is to do with business. Even the natal chart of the owner with its aspects will when assessing from the business point of view have their connection with the aspects in the foundation and registered business charts.

    Secondly each planet has its natural ruling house or to be more specific its “natural ruling house of business” besides the house of business it occupies in the chart. So what this means also is obviously the aspects formed by the planetary interrelationships are business aspects—and a) Each planet have their corresponding aspect links to the business house that it has its natural domicile in—and b) as well as the business house it currently resides in the chart. To determine the aspects is simple enough to look at the aspect grid in the chart—however to determine the natural ruling house of the business for aspects is simply noting the aspect made from a sign on the cusp of a house in the chart to the house it naturally rules.

    Here’s a list of the aspects with their correspondences to a house of the business.

    Module 5 Aspects

    So for example if I had Sagittarius on the 5th house cusp the aspect to its natural ninth house is four houses which corresponds with a trine—an aspect of ease and flow. These are additional creative astrology methods you can use to find the links between the different parts of a business and they show how you can use those connections to not only find out more about a house and a part of the business in it, but also as a consequence know what things need doing to improve a part of it if it needs it.

    Also the aspects refer not so much to one distinct type of meaning. At the most fundamental level they are a different mixture of electromagnetic sub-atomic forces manifesting in turn as particular types of different activities of the business to do with each of its parts. On the whole the aspects are the business dynamics of its physical—emotional—mental and spiritual mix.

    The aspects point out the interrelationships between the different parts of the business. Each aspect describes a particular mode of operation highlighted you could say about the business. Aspects are a good way to show the connections between the different parts of the business where further insight into that particular part, in connection with other parts can be looked at and the insight made more of by the appropriate actions taken as result of the aspect analysis and the information it uncovers.

    The aim is to discover each aspects value, treat them equally, and determine how to apply that type of value and therefore give the business extra benefit through applying the aspects relationships appropriately where and when they show in the chart and by transit.

    Aspects can be applied in sets for each stage. A common set of main aspects is the: conjunction— sextile— square— trine and the opposition. These describe the way electromagnetic forces move through in a cyclic fashion as a pattern that shows a variety of frequencies of power whose currents become the business forces of ease and flow and challenge and intensity and the whole range of modalities in between as symbolized by each aspect and its meaning.

    They are then the subtle undercurrents and powers operating below the conscious threshold of the business operations on a day to day basis—and they aptly further describe the “what” and “how” and “where” of the interaction of the planets in astrology to do with the things and experiences and all the rest of it that a business goes through in its stages. As such it can be handy to see what the zodiacal trails of the aspects are as well as it can sometimes be revealing as to how an aspect can be part of the business guidance system if utilized productively.

    In each day of this module we will be going through what each aspect represents for the different parts of the business.

    Star Emblem

     The Conjunction

    The conjunction in a business symbolizes new beginnings, projects, anything new to do with any part of the business. This can range from new contracts, developments, meeting with new clients, to new marketing strategies, ideas and concepts for advancing the business in different areas. The sign that the planet is in will demonstrate how the new beginnings take place in that part of the business and also the signs natural ruling planet will yield extra insight regarding the planets involved, or the house cusp or whatever the astrological significance is the conjunction symbolizes.

    Note what the planets represents and corresponds with and with that information then you have a direction in which to ascertain and work on the directing in the business the type of new beginning. It will be shown in particular in the part of the business the conjunction is in.

    Once again it is necessary to look at each of the charts to see if there is a connecting link with a conjunction from one chart to the other between two or more planets—as that would indicate a strong influence to work from in the business and build upon. If a conjunction is in all three charts that’s a strong sign that the planet concerned in the houses it’s in has a strong influence on the business especially in those particular areas and therefore it should be used whenever there is a need to introduce something new into the business in a part of it.

Astro ActivityModule Five/Day One - Activity


Aspect Plotting and Synthesis

Download and print out the a) The table of Aspects and b) The aspect Interpretation Worksheet. Fill out where it has the conjunction part and leave the rest of the aspects for when we do each one.

a) With your foundation chart and your business chart and solar return chart note down any conjunctions in each chart.

b) Then make a special note if any of the planets in the conjunctions in all the charts is the same planet. Also if any of the planets involved in the conjunction form a different type of aspect while in its conjunction with another planet altogether. If it does that will give you additional information furthermore of the other energies at play in the part of business to do with the planets in the conjunction.

c) Do a zodiacal trail for the planets in conjunction to see where it leads to. It could be some useful information to store for later use.

d) Do a one or two paragraph interpretation regarding the areas where new beginnings can take place in the business.


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