• Day 4: Ease and Flow


    The Trines in a Business

    The trine is not a so called hard aspect. It indicates ease and flow in astrology—sometimes too much, which can easily signify the laziness or easy way out type of thing about a planet. So trines need to be considered in the light of the planets, and houses, and parts involved as to what actions they are best suited to producing the results you desire. In business they represent the areas or parts of the business where seemingly things seem to go okay and run smoothly. However the ease and flow in the business also needs to be checked for under operating and lethargy and lackadaisical attitudes which can all result in poor business performance and results.

    The key to the maintaining of the ease and flow as a steady level is to make sure that the business parts which have the trines also receives some input from a challenging aspect else- where in the chart every now and again in order to keep the activities within that part of the business on a creative level and stimulating and improving still, where things are working smoothly—if that is done then the trine will benefit the part of the business even more so.

    The trine symbolizes in the business where the business grows with ease. Also they point to the potential benefits that can be realized at the opposition times during each business stage and they can be highly useful when directed at squares, for toning them down where a business part needs improving and solutions.

Astro ActivityModule Five/Day Four - Activity


Aspect Plotting and Synthesis 4

a) In your aspect work sheet fill in the trine part.

b) Note down the trines in the three charts (ie foundation, registered business and progressed charts) and make a list of the main points of the things, which indicate the ease and flow where you can use to improve the business in those parts and areas where the trines are.

c) Look for any squares and any other aspects to the same planets which make the trine, and work out how they can be used to benefit the trine aspect.

d) Also look at the future prospects of the business through noting the planet involved in the trine, and how its energies manifest in regards to the parts of the business to do with the two houses that make up a sextile or rather the last sixty degrees before the planet completes its aspect set at the opposition—which is the next aspect on from the trine that forms the next part of a planets development in its cycle.

What this means is that if you put yourself as being the business in a position of ease and flow—then due to the trine nature being what it is, ideas and mindsets of how to raise, and keep, and improve, the business can be addressed and actions taken—because the trine energies if utilized at this point, can allow a further assessment to be gauged about the parts in the two houses—and if earnest effort at the time into improvement is inputted into that, the added foresight will bring benefits, instead of just letting the ease of the moment take over and as a result end up in little or no rewards for the business to happen at the opposition aspect

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