• Day 5: Culmination Points

    Oppositions in a Business

    The opposition aspect is a culmination point in a business. It’s a bit like a full moon you could say where the moon is half way around in its monthly journey. They can indicate where integration of the parts of the business need further development or the activities within one part of the business needs further integration in order for the harmonious interaction of operations between the parts of the business and the house and whole of the business to run smoothly.

    On a different level the opposition can also indicate a culmination of a project or when a new plan or strategy is put into action regarding a part of the business. However it can also indicate a time when things come to fruition and benefits and rewards forthcoming as a result.

    Its symbol in one sense depicts the linking of two conjunctions poles apart so it indicates opposites yes—but its value is in the use of it as a complimentary opposite—which means in the business sense something may appear to be opposing what needs to be done only in so much what does need to be done for example needs to be understood from an objective viewpoint, so as all things are looked at equally and all taken into consideration.

    This is the last aspect in the aspects set and therefore it means that in each of the aspects in the set, the planning of how to implement a particular project for example has gone through each of the motions and at the opposition reaches its end by virtue of its culmination. It’s also a time to look back at the particular things and aims and strategies to do with the business that were initially implemented in the particular area at the time of the conjunction. It’s a time to view the larger picture also and from that vantage point survey the whole process relating to the parts of the business and the things done to improve them over that time from when first started—to further decide if more can be done and what needs to be done in those areas following on from where the opposition shows in the chart. Or alternatively it could be the final outcome of a project that has ended and served its purpose.

    On a smaller scale the opposition also sets the stage for taking the business up to another level in each stage of it. As such the opposition in that case becomes the half way mark for the business goals and the owner’s purpose and the direction of the business and its path and so forth for the stage. It’s a very useful point to make decisions and also the opposition is able to give a future bearing on what can be planned ahead of time regarding the things of the business that the owner or founders would like to further do to develop it overall in the last half of a planets aspect cycle, which is commonly referred to when the planet is on the return leg of its whole cycle and is “applying” to the planet it had the conjunction with.

    Another thing about the opposition is that it’s also an indication of something that may not be working out and is opposing the business. For example it may have to do with new clients or contracts regarding branching out into business and therefore it would need to be considered whether that particular approach or aim is worthwhile pursuing to perhaps an alternate one. As such the opposition can be very useful if then there happens to be other trines or squares involved to help as those additions will assist in providing information regarding deciding on that particular new aim for the business.

    It can be at the opposition one is looking for a more suitable way in their business in which to implement new ideas and changes in which case the planets involved in the opposition will tell you what type of changes and you also need to look at the three charts and determine the weight of the opposition. Consideration from other planets in aspect indirectly connected with the opposition will also have a bearing upon the particular parts of the business the opposition comes under.

Astro ActivityModule Five/Day Five - Activity 1

Aspect Plotting and Synthesis 5

a) Fill in the opposition part in the aspect worksheet.

b) Before that however first note what oppositions are in the three charts first. That is what planets they are, what departments of the business they are in, and how they particularly manifest through the signs.

c) Note the natural planetary ruler of the signs and what departments they are in the business
d) Note any squares or trines or sextiles which you see can support and complement the opposition.

e) With your list of keywords phrases fill in the interpretation part based on how you are going to improve a particular area and achieve the results you are looking for a particular part of the business regarding where the opposition is.

f) And from that interpretation determine if perhaps a new tack should be taken regarding any new branches or directions, or alternate routes you'd like your business to go in.

g) As result of your findings also determine whether or not what the future outcome potentially could be regarding the benefits and success for the business if you use the opposition to further branch out and make new inroads for your business.

Each stage has as mentioned at the very start of this module on aspects, its complement of aspects cycle set which need to be uncovered and worked out. They should be taken into consideration when planning out particulars part of the business that you want to further develop and take to the next level. By employing an aspect set you begin with the conjunction end with the opposition and that will take you through each aspect phase in order of the process from beginning to the final completion of the project or plan for the part of the business. In a way the aspects sets are extra pieces of knowledge for planning out how to improve the business that gives you good guidelines as well in which to look at each particular part of the plan and decide on the best way to implement it.

Activity 2

Aspect Set Plotting

a) First download a new aspect worksheet.

b) Finally to conclude this module on aspects for the last activity—from the business registered chart draw up an aspects set for one of the parts of your business and do an interpretation that includes what parts and things would need doing—if for example you tracked a planet—say Mercury if you like or another—as it goes through the chart and makes a main aspect each time until it has done an aspect set, which means it’s just passed an opposition or a conjunction if it is applying.