Lesson Icon 1d - CopyDay 2: The Signs In A Business Chart

The astrological sign of the business chart show how to express and promote the activities of the planet—and here again it differs according to the part of business in which the sign is in. In astrology all over the signs represents the “how” a planet gets expressed—so in a business a sign corresponds with for example how the owner or owners decide to express their products, or the brand or the creative functions of the business. Signs can be used creatively. For example you may decide you want to do something about improving the main product of your business—so to promote the product better each month you consult your monthly business chart, which will give you the type of image which can be employed according to the sign on the part of business the product represents.

The signs are an important medium for constructively directing and expressing the “how” of the “what” (being the planet) in each part of the business. As such it also helps to look at the signs natural ruling planet elsewhere in the chart to assist further in exploring your business and how to be creative and promote it more, and increase its value in the particular part of business that is being looked at.

Astro ActivityModule Two/Day 2 - Activity


Sign Interpretation

a) Download the table of “Sign Keywords”

b) From your business registered chart choose a sign and do an interpretation for it using as how you’d go about improving your business in connection with the business house that has the sign on its cusp.

* Use the table of “Sign Keywords” if you like to assist you with the “how” you can focus on in improvement of the business area.
*note: For extra on the signs if you google search “meaning of the astrological signs” you will be able to get more keywords on each ones meaning.



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