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In astrology overall the houses represent the “where” things happen and take place with each house having a number of different activities that come under that domain. In the business chart the houses become the different departments of the business and also more importantly each area where the business can express and develop the different parts of it in terms of the range of activities that belong to a house. Each part or house of the business activities are best expressed according to the sign on its cusp and the planets in it.

The normal rule of thumb in astrology interpretation is to start with the planet through the sign and then the house. However it’s not necessarily the way it has to be done in business astrology. It can be expressed, starting with the business part first and the sign and planet representing how and what get expressed in that house. Because each house has its range of activities they can be expressed differently and also because of each planet and sign having a different set of meanings. The key for synthesis in interpretation is visualizing the three components as a combination of interrelating meanings which all rely on each other in order for a complete and clear picture of the interpretation to take shape.

In the Table of Business Parts (houses) with Keyword and Corresponding Activities below is a list of some of the activities which come under each part of the business. It’s not comprehensive by all means and you most probably will want to add your own list of activities as you go along, however for now these will help give you a starting point for when you do your zodiacal trails (which we will be covering in a later module), and also they come in handy for when you want to see what activity fits when compiling a list of points for your interpretation of a business house.

Astro ActivityModule Two/Day 3 - Activity

Business House Interpretation

a) Download your “Table of Business Houses and their corresponding keywords and activities”.

b) Look at your business registered chart and out of all the houses choose an area that you believe could do with some improvement. Select one of its activities and do a one paragraph interpretation on the things you’d do to improve that area and activity.



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