Lesson Icon 1d - CopyDay 1: The Planets In A Business

In this module we look at the different parts of the business for determining how the planets, signs and houses work in the business chart. We also look at how to simplify the interpretation and break it down into parts so we’re able to piece it all together and synthesize it into a proper interpretation.

As a result it will enable you to have a suitable method to be able to read your business through using astrological technique and interpretation methods based on a chart set. You'll be able to see the business from two perspectives which are: a) In your personal and individual connection to it, and b) The business as an entity of its own involving other people and resources.
As such you will be able to apply your astrological knowledge as a model for your business plan and support.

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The planets in the business chart represent the “what” of it. It's true to say that a planet represents the “what” in any chart so in the business chart a planet can refer to the businesses products, its financial aspects, its marketing aspects, its management, and relationships, in fact any part of the business which defines the working parts of the business and what it’s about and does.

The planets have different roles depending on the part of the business they are located in. In psychological astrology a planet in the chart represents a particular type of electromagnetic force or energy however in the business chart it's a little bit different. For example Venus which represents relationships, and values, and wealth, to name a few of the things which come under its rulership, can mean something different according to each part of the business. For example if it's in the seventh house of the business chart it would represent the business relationships values to do with clients, partnerships, and those outside of the business who are connected with it indirectly. However if it’s in the ninth house then it represents the business values and relationships to do with its publishing or higher education and other ninth house matters. Each planet has its basic keywords, which stay the same but will be expressed differently according to the part of the business it’s in.

In addition a planet can serve a multi-purpose role. It can represent any core part of the business. For example the business products can be defined by any one of the planets in a particular house. It may be a Mars type of product—such as sportswear for men or video games of war and challenge—and yet when we use Mars in the business core part of marketing it can symbolize the competitive drive of the business and the target audience maybe aimed at males of a certain age group and demographic that fits sportsmanship. So each of the planets can be used in each core part of the business.

* In the download you'll see in the table of Planetary Correspondences some of the things that come under a planets rulership.

Astro ActivityModule Two/Day 1 - Activity


Planetary Interpretation

a) Download the “Table of Natural Planetary Rulership Correspondences in Business”

b) Do an interpretation for one planet choosing it as what you’d improve in your business as first choice. Use your business registered chart and the table of planetary correspondences.


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