Lesson Icon 1d - CopyDay 4: Interpreting Chart Sets


There are different ways to interpret charts. In all cases the aim should be to make it simple and easy to understand. To do this it needs to be broken down into parts where you have 1st creating the charts and looking at each particular one and then combining them to make an interpretation based on a list of main points that comprises each part of the business. There are a number of charts which if you really want to improve your business success all are worth learning about.

The charts of business mostly used are the owner’s business foundation chart, the business registered chart, plus the progressions of those charts, and the solar yearly return and monthly charts of the business.

The two key charts are your “business registered” and “foundation” charts. An interpretation for the progressions, and the yearly and monthly aspects of the business should always connect or relate back to these two charts as well as they represent and define the foundation principles of the business and its potential growth and success patterns.

Astro ActivityModule Two/Day 4 - Activity 1


Components of a Business Chart Set Interpretation

Download the example table of the 'Business Chart Set" to see how to first set out a chart set, so that it's broken down and ready for interpretation and then read the interpretation that follows.


In the above example it’s the 9th house of business, whose keyword phrase is “Higher business education” and “Marketing” is the particular activity of the business to do with the 9th and what we are looking at to improve is the “Communication” channels of marketing.

* note: In module 3 we cover the different parts of the business.

1) The owners relationship and approach to the business would be best suited in adopting a service orientated analytical mindset with an emphasis on giving value in service—possibly in communications with things to do with hygiene, health, or personal development, and communications through outlets in media and trade.

2) The business itself could profit in its dealings with publishing and other cultures and, being creative in the areas where there is negotiations and social relations, and communicating through channels and products that cater for luxury items, fashion, beauty, design, or anything related that gives value and return as a result of branching out into overseas connections.

3) The yearly emphasis is on development of creative powers. An ideal creative outlet for the business based on the above products and services, would be for example to do with spiritual aspects of health and wealth—furthermore this may perhaps entail putting more communications into the advertising department regarding promotion of retreats and targeting audiences who are looking for that type of healthy lifestyle and creating good connections with overseas clients and contacts should also be pursued.

4) For the month of August focus on the communications aspect of the business would do well regarding coming across in a nurturing and caring capacity. Doing a campaign for example would be ideal especially where the business is also seen as a transforming agent whose image is able to convey a sense of responsibility and persistence—as a result its most likely to attract clients and appeal to the public in general.

As you can see by breaking the chart set interpretation down into pieces each one shows astrologically how the meaning can be suited to the particular part of the business, making it very easy to synthesize and extract the essential ingredients, which in this case is we now know what to focus the business on and how to deliver the necessary benefits to the client and for the business itself.

For the monthly chart there can be a whole 12 months done in advance which means you can take the opportunity and plan ahead regarding your business communications department each month, and the same can be done for each of the other parts of the business.

In addition to the above you can do a sub-house business chart for example if you wanted to concentrate on improving especially a particular department of the business —then the same interpretation would apply except it would be in relation to that house only, however in the broader context, it would also be connected to the communications part of the business.

So say for example in your business you wanted to concentrate on fostering greater relationship values with the view in mind of securing more overseas clients and contacts for your business—then you would do a “sub-house chart” of the business and note where mercury is in particular, along with the ruling planet of the sign on the cusp of the house it’s in, and also the other planets and main points of the chart in order to get information on how to build the relationship up and achieve those particular relationship goals for the communication and trade part of the business.


Activity 2

Drawing up Business Chart Set Interpretation

* First download the blank worksheets “Components of a Business Chart Set Interpretation” table and the table “Components of a Business Chart Interpretation for 12 Months.”

a) From your table of “Business Houses and Activity Correspondences” select the house of the business that you want to do an interpretation for.

b) Choose an activity pertaining to it that you like to do that you believe will improve that part of the business.

c) Choose a planet that’s in the business house, or if there is no planet then look to where the ruling planet is of the sign on the cusp of that house and use that planet and include with it an activity out of that house also to help support the business house you want to primarily focus on improving.

2) Next fill in the worksheet you downloaded of the components of your business chart set and do an interpretation for each part of it. (ie see example above)

3) And lastly fill in the other worksheet “chart interpretation for 12months” by doing a 12 monthly business plan interpretation for either one part, or different parts of your business based on the same process as your business chart interpretation you did previously. For example you may want to focus on one part of your business particularly for the month of August and September, while in October it may be another part and so on depending on what the business priorities are at the time or that you want to plan ahead for.

*note: For good business diligence if you are looking to really achieve substantial transformation in your business success, the key is to do a twelve monthly assessment for each part of your business, as that way you are not neglecting an area and at the same time will be achieving growth in each department and also as an added benefit will have a plan already laid out for the year ahead that you can simply from then on just refer to and if needed make minor adjustments as you see fit.


a) To fill the tables in you may also want to use your decan tables, sub-sign calculation tables, and astrological table of interpretation perhaps to help in your keyword phrases for the planets.