Lesson Icon 1d - CopyDays 3 & 4: Zodiacal trails of the Business Plan - Part two


To create a business plan or to further refine your business plan if you have one already there are two important trails that are used.

One of them is the “Business Plan Main Zodiacal trail” which is a main trail that defines your business plan overall for you. It tells you about each key part of the business—the “where” and “what” and “how” of each key part. It’s composed of the starting or first planet only that starts off the “Eight Key Zodiacal trails” of the business plan which are the key parts of the business operations and activities and which is the other most important type of trail used in creating and navigating the business plan afterwards.

As mentioned the business plan “main zodiacal trail” is made up of the starting planet of each of the eight key zodiacal trails of the plan however before that trail can be done—the key is to find/create each of the eight key trails first and then take the starting planet from each one of them to make your main trail.

What this means is from a glance looking at your main trail you can see each part in the chart and how they interrelate and criss-cross and form links—which is all useful information for working out improvements to your business.

Business Plan List of Eight Zodiacal Trails

Here is a list of the Eight Key Zodiacal Trails of a Business Plan:

  • The Business Direction Trail
  • Business Mission Statement Trail
  • Business Management Trail
  • Daily Operations Trail of the Business
  • Financial Trail of the Business
  • Product and or Service Trail of the Business
  • Business Relationship Trail
  • The Marketing Trail of the Business Plan

Below is some astrological guidelines for each trail of the list. These are basic and just to start you off however you may want to add to the list your own findings as you go along that suit your particular business model.

1. The Business Direction Trail.

Name the type of business, a description of what it does, and the trends of the industry it’s in, plus the challenges and rewards the industry faces. It signifies the overall aims and heading to keep the business moving in and maintaining its bearing. Choose the beginning planet that best clarifies the business brand. Note the Chart theme—the MC sign on the cusp of the 10th and where the natural planetary ruler is in the chart and the type of connection it makes to the MC and the 10th plus the moons nodes.


2. Business Mission Statement Trail:

Choose the beginning planet that best suits the aims you seek for the business, the business goals and values, and how you want the business to benefit others.

To assist in finding the planet the following may help.

Note signs of Sagitarius, and Pisces, also the 11th and 2nd house for the aspects of goals and values. The planet Neptune and Jupiter plus the main planet that describes your business for your vision of the business, and the ascendant for what you strive to make the business become. The 12th house and its sign ruler and natural ruling planet can also contribute from hidden resources and spiritual support.


3. Business Management Trail:

Choose the beginning planet that best suits. More than likely it’s the one that represents the owner or CEO of the business such as the Sun, Pluto, or Mercury, or alternatively a planet that happens to be in the sign of Leo, or Capricorn or Aries or Scorpio. Saturn is also a major player in business management to do with achievement and structure, however any aspects to it need to be taken into account also.


4. Daily Operations Trail of the Business:

Choose the beginning planet that best heads the chain of supply and demand in the business day to day running.

Most favorable are ones connected with the 6th house whether by sign, natural ruling planet or aspect, followed by the 3rd as the next best choice providing other indications in chart lean that way and the seventh in terms of daily partnerships and alliance connections. Mercury and the ruling planet that represents your main product should also be factored in the equation.


5. Financial Trail of the Business:

Choose the beginning planet that best heads the financial plan of the business. The financial main trail basically is the axis line of the 2nd and 8th parts of the business ruling planets, however because each part of the business as its own sub-financial trail it’s so is best to start this main trail off with selecting the planets of the two sign rulers on the cusp of each of those two houses of the business. Also note any links either directly or indirectly from those parts or their ruling planets with the 10th house ruling planet or planets in the 10th in some way—and also the 6th part of business and the 5th which is the part where the entrepreneur strengths of the business are found.

Alternatively you may find a stronger link by noting any planet that is in the signs of either, Scorpio or Taurus or Capricorn or Leo.


6. Product and or Service Trail of the Business:

Choose the beginning planet that best suits the main product or service of your business uniqueness.

This could be anyone of the planets as they all can be representative of a product and service. If you know your main product or service then you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing the most suitable planet to match, however the best planet should also be considered in relation to the planet Uranus and Jupiter, the sign Aquarius, and the 10th and 1st part of the business, as the product does represent the brand and its public standing and play a major part in the business growth.


7. Business Relationship Trail:

Choose the beginning planets that best suit your business relations. This could be divided up again into the planets that are strongest in regards to the business parts 3 and 7 and 11—such as for example the competitors and peers in your industry for part 7 which is more likely to be the planet Mars, or Pluto, or Saturn in the long term, however it may not be as well—it may be instead a planet more closely suited to relations through your product or service, which may be better suited to part 3, so it’s a matter of distinguishing which. In any case the signs of Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius which all rule relationships will offer some lead for the ruling planets of each part if none other stands out.


8. The Marketing Trail of the Business Plan:

This trail obviously has many smaller ones. So for the main trail choose the beginning planet that best heads the marketing plan. It could be any planet once again depending on your product and business brand and image—even so to determine the strongest see if your product or service planet makes any links such as indirectly by sign, or house, or aspect to Mercury and Uranus as they are the two planets most associated with marketing and mass marketing followed by Jupiter and you could even include Pluto in the list as well.

Whichever one makes the most links will point to either one of those lot especially the one in the lot which has the more links leading to it and that will be your beginning planet. The key is to see what the main stay of the marketing plan is that everything else in the marketing branch of the business relies on and revolves around.

Business Plan Zodiacal Trail Interpretation

Here is some simple guidelines and formula for working out the Business Plan Trail Interpretation.

It’s a breakdown of a basic business plan in astrological terms to use as a basic reference and starting point for building your interpretation points on. This is a rule of thumb however each chart is unique and it may be there will be additional factors elsewhere in the chart that standout also that you’ll want to include—in which case they need to highlight the main points of the zodiacal trail in some way that confirms to you that it fits in well with the plan. Interpretation is also good practice in using ones intuition and when doing zodiacal trails intuitive awareness can help significantly.

a) This has been mentioned before but for clarity’s sake its worth saying again. For each key part of the plan choose one leading planet or (group of planets if they are in conjunction) that best fits the particular part. If it’s a key part of the business without a planet in it then you’ll need to note where the natural ruling planet of the sign on the cusp is in the chart. That planet will then become a) The place where the trail begins for that key part of the business you are doing that has no planet in it and b) The beginning point for its own zodiacal trail for the business house it’s in. The strongest match is when the leading planet in its house of business is also the leading planet of a key part and links well with another leading planet of a key part wherever it is and which is also a natural ruling planet of a business house that has no planets in it.

What that means is the key parts the planets represent and the business houses are complimentary and can support the business in each part in a mutual interchange of values. The aim then is to look at the different aspects of each key part and see which ones you can use that both work together to improve those houses of the business. The nature of the planets will also tell you by what they represent and in the sub-trails leading off them which also can point to both parts of the business. You’ll soon get to see how each planet and sign of a trail gives a clue, and reveal hidden information as you go along, as it will fit in with the other parts like a combination lock and you’ll be able to see it in the chart how it all fits well and how each part compliments the rest of the other parts once you have done the interpretations and have all the trails drawn in.

Doing the Main Business Trail

Once you have the eight key zodiacal trails then you should also have the leading planet of each which means to do the main trail simply put each one of those leading planets together to make a trail.

Other things for compiling a business plan interpretation are:

b) Standard procedure: Note all planets in the part of business, the sign on the cusp of each business house plus where its natural ruling planet is in the chart, as that will show the connecting links, plus all aspects relevant to the trail.

c) Note the “decan planetary ruler” and the 2.5° sub ruler it comes under in the sign it’s in. *note: Use the tabulation formula you have for Decans and sub-signs to help further with revealing information on your business plan.

Astro ActivityModule Three/Days One and Two - Activity


Charting Zodiacal Trails

a) Download the Table of “The Eight Key Zodiacal Trails and Main Trail for a Business Plan”

b) Using your registered business chart or alternatively another business chart type—Fill in the worksheet table for a business plan with the eight key zodiacal trails and the main zodiacal trail once you have the eight done, in astro shorthand the same way as you did earlier in days 1and 2 of this module.

b) When that’s done next do an interpretation for the main trail and each one of the eight key trails of your business plan—based on what each trail tells you about your business, and from that write down what you believe needs doing to your business in terms of improvement in each part.

That completes module 3 and just as a reminder the following below even though has been covered already is worth noting again.

* The rulers of the sign, the decan rulers and the 2.5° duad planetary rulers and aspects plus outstanding links from other points in the chart will all throw further light on how you can gain further insight into the zodiacal trails and as a result implement a further creative strategies for your plan.