• Day 2: Transits and the Monthly Moon Phase

    Transits can play an important role in relation to the monthly new moon phase cycle. When transits are combined in conjunction with the phases of the moon and suns monthly path it can add extra influence and benefit to a project or development with added strength and energy being the extra impetus for further growth and results.

    Most important are the times when major transits coincide on or around the new or full moon or during one of the other phase points. Those periods can be precipitous times to take action and make advances and in general be aware of the business energies happening and of things that can be done—as such its worth it to do a monthly chart beforehand for the business with the sign and degree of the new moon and Sun conjunction to see the phases and what sign and degree they are and also if any planets are highlighted at those times.

    For further information look at the business registered, and foundation, and monthly charts, and note the particular part of the business the new moon comes is in and also what the new moon/sun degree decan ruler and 2.5 degree duad planetary ruler is and where they are in the charts as they will indicate further the information, and types of things to do within the department of the business regarding how you’d like to further be creative with it.

    During the course of the month even though the transit will have passed it’s at the time of the new moon when the the seeding and planting of a new project or aims are planted. The new moon time is an ideal time for commencement of new projects, or doing something new to an existing and taking it to a new level in your business. What it means is that you are aligning the business energies with the greater electromagnetic forces of that month so it’s especially important to note the particular part of the business in which the new moon and sun conjunction is in for that month and the natural ruling planet of the sign they are in as that will have a bearing upon what you can utilize and indeed focus on in regards to the particular project or aims you have for the business for that month.

    On a bit bigger scale if the project has been going on for some months then each new moon needs to be ascertained and oncoming transits looked for those months ahead for the high points and low points regarding the particular process and results.

Astro ActivityModule Six/Day Two - Activity


Determining A Moon Phase Cycle

a) Note down from an ephemerides the dates of the next three months new moons. Also the sign degree and department of the business they are in regarding the foundation and business registered charts. If you like do a monthly chart for the business registered chart. (* note: A monthly chart is when you take that house of the business and swing the chart so the degree of the house cusp becomes the ascendant. Monthly charts and how to do them are covered in much more detail in the Astrology Inclusive course).

b) Note down any important transits that may be happening for each month and from that information work out the key things for around when the transit is due to be activated that you'd like to do with respect to any plans or particular activities within the part of business represented by the new moon for that month. That includes as well any planets that are in the business house and aspects from other planets.

c) In particular plan out the time by noting the particular phase the transit falls in during the month and use that as a catalyst for project details and bringing about the desired result you seek over that particular time for that particular area of the business. It may only be small the things that you are focusing on however they do have a bearing and can be a much more supportive energy when used at those times.

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