• Day 3: Transits and Long Term Business Goals

    Transits are well known for triggering or setting off events that have been taking a long time to come and perhaps been building up over the years in the background. For example it may be a part of the business is being worked on and slowly but surely has been getting built up with the aim in mind of a long-term goal getting close to final realisation. As such transits are the indicators for setting off the timing of when that goal for instance will finally manifest and reach realization and which may come through the other parts of the business as well depending on what planets they are and where they are in the chart.

    A big event or major achievement or happening in the business will show in the charts—however for something on a big scale there needs to be quite a few transits happening all at the same time. The more significant the transit and the more there are, the more likely such an event will take place. With transits on their own it’s not always the case they show—especially minor or weak transits, so they need to show connections and in each chart and linked to progressions and natal. Usually an inner planet such as anyone from the sun through to mars depending on the part of business will be the transiting trigger and for a long term it means an outer planet is involved as well. So look to the house and part of the business which has these indicators in regards to your business goals and aims.

Astro ActivityModule Six/Day Three - Activity


Goal Aims and Transits

a) Download the worksheet module 6 Day 3 Astrological Transits.

a) Next look at the foundation and business registered charts at the particular houses and parts of the business represented by the planets which you have set your goals to achieve in over the longer term, and note down in the worksheet what those planets are and any aspects corresponding with other planets which support the goal from other parts of the business.

b) Next note in the ephemeris any transits by the quicker moving planets which are the planets the Sun to Mars, that are making an aspect to the outer planets which are the ones of Jupiter to Pluto in the charts of the foundation and business registered in relation to the goals and aims of both yourself and your business.

c) Next, do an interpretation which enables you from reading the transits to determine what particular events and things you can do in relation to helping support the business goals and make the most of the transiting time.


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