• Day 1: How To Use Transits In A Business

    Transits are used for assessing future trends of business. They can be used in each department and also for assessing the business overall. They are a handy way to give greater insight into how to direct the business at important times and also they assist the charts by helping to reveal details on what parts to further develop regarding things to do in improvement of the business and add further scope to it.

    Transits are assessed by noting the planets in relation to each particular part of the business and referring to the monthly progress of those planets which correspond to the actions taken regarding the planning out of the particular activities and things worked out for the month to do with the business plan, and objectives, and aims, both short-term on a monthly and long-term on a yearly and longer basis.

    Transits can also be a little bit tricky and should not be relied upon solely as the means to improve the business simply because they can show what future trends there are. Any number of different things can manifest when it comes to assessing transits—so it always helps when you work with transits to have a plan first off that you have set out already for the part of the business you are focussing on and that way you are directing the energy into a constructive outlet. If the transit is of a notable strength, providing other indications concur in the chart and with the plan, they will happen regardless according to the planetary configuration involved, however in some cases because some transits currents can be stronger it does pay to be aware they can play out outside of the desired pattern of manifestation planned for the part of business intended, if not looked at from all angles and consideration given to alternative measures just in case.

    In regards to aspects they do indicate generally and simply how things can turn out regarding the challenges, and the other different aspects of the business. However having said that transits can be a most reliable means for pinpointing exactly the times when to move forward or be patient, or any number of things in relation to right timing in what needs doing when and how.

    Transits correspond with the metrics and analytics and tracking of a business. They can be done on a daily basis but aren’t really necessary and are more effectively employed when important times are looming and coming into activation. For example when doing launches, and campaigns, and planning for product creation, or relations benefits, and development in other areas of growth, and any number of things where having the added advantage of knowledge beforehand will give the business extra benefit.

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    For those who don’t know transits are calculated by consulting a table of ephemerides which is a record of the daily motion of the planets as they go through the sign each month. Each planet represents the particular “what” of the business in regards to the parts of the business and the sign indicates how the transits work in regards to the way in which the activities of that business are expressed.

    Each transiting planet symbolizes in effect a movement if you like of a part of the business and as such they are very much connected with the aspects in a chart—so therefore when reading transits and to ascertain their particular purpose the aim is to track the path of the transiting planets with regards to any aspects they make to other parts of the business (ie: other planets within a part) and with that information determine beforehand what alternatives or measures can be taken to further decide or implement the ideas and plans put forward for a particular part of the business.

    This entails looking through each month to when the planet comes within the aspect orb of degree, which is when the aspects begin to be activated in the transit. For timing when a transit activates, the allowance of orb is 1.5° to 1° degree when approaching exact and .5 to 1° after exact. The most important time when the event will take place that correspond with the particular things is without doubt before exact from 1° and even more so 30 minutes if you’re looking for real precise times for something important. (*note: For all the orb allowances refer to your table of aspects.)

    During the activation phase is the time to utilize the energies of the planets concerned and if planning has been put into motion correctly then good results can be forthcoming along those lines regarding aims and intentions—however always there must be due allowance made for the unexpected in transits, no matter how much planning is gone into something there always needs to be little adjustments and changes made accordingly during and afterwards. The key to transits is they reflect human nature at work in “creating” and as such if used proficiently become doorways that open to greater growth and business awareness.

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Calculating Transits

a) Using an ephemeris note the transits. For the next three months regarding the parts in an area(s) of your business you would like to do some analytics and metrics on. How you do this is after you have worked out what parts you want to analyse, note the planets involved and then consult the ephemeris and look for any significant aspects and or planetary configurations in the chart which the transit is a part of.

(*note: If you don’t have an ephemeris, log on to astro.com and on the main menu tab click on “all about astrology” tab and you’ll see under the “ephemeris” tab a selection of ephemeris types to choose from.

b) Next note down the aspects and the dates when the transit comes within orb of activation and when it becomes exact and when it goes out of orb.

c) From those notes do a one or two paragraph interpretation of them in regards to the corresponding aims and plans you have for the particular activities within the part of the business that you seek to assess in the future trends. What this means is you will now have a time frame to work off for when that area will be most active.

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