• Day 4: Additional Features of Transits in a Business

     Additional features refer to the other astrological bodies in the chart which also have a bearing upon the particular parts of the business if they are utilized and action is taken in regards to what they can best achieve as a result of their meaning being correctly interpreted regarding the part of business where they are in the charts.

    The additional features refer to the “Moons north and south nodes or otherwise known as the “dragon’s head and tail “

    North NodeSouth Node

    (north node ) and (south node) which are very important factors for ascertaining a business direction, especially in relation to the part of the business where the moon is in the chart.

    P of Ftne Part FtneThe “Part of fortune” of the business, is another celestial theoretical object, (alternative symbols ) which is derived from a combination of the sun and moon and the ascendant planetary ruler in the chart—and it shows those particular energies of the business as a separate combination in which effort should be made in the business to materialize the workings of those planets in a particular part of the business they come under in the chart and also overall as major focal points for the business on the whole. The part of fortune represents the businesses prosperity and therefore the area of the business that it comes in will show how and what things the business can prosper in. It’s a point of happiness and in the business chart, it’s actually related to the success of the business in different ways and more in the way denoted by the above mentioned planets and ascendant ruler.

    Other Celestial Objects

    ” 55555″ or otherwise known as  “DNA”


    VTX   Vertex

    Fixed Stars: Some popular ones are: Regulus, Fomalhaut, Aldebaran, Antares (these are called the four royal stars) along with some other well known ones such as  Spica, Sirius, Polaris, Pollux, Castor, Canopus and Betelgeuse to name just a few.

    The other celestial objects are DNA (the business roots and power of re-creation and inherited values) and Chiron (a key to business health and how it heals and helps others through its products and reputation and its mission) and the ” Vertex” (an axis of destiny for the business in regards to its relations and partnerships) and the fixed stars (to many to go into in this course but where the main fixed stars are in the chart indicate extra avenues to explore regarding the business in the house and for the parts of it.

    Each of the above have been gone into detail in the “astrological Inclusive” course with regards to their meanings—however in business they can be applied as additional values of different sorts pertaining to their meaning in terms of the business parts they correspond with. Each one’s zodiacal trail should be worked out from the chart and from that—information drawn up which supports the particular part of the business and any other parts of it where the celestial bodies have links to the planets by aspect or any other main features in the chart that stand out.

    The celestial objects also have their transits and if they form an important aspect with one of the planets in a major transit then should be included in the planning and events you have in mind for the particular part of the business as well.

    To add the celestial bodies to your chart if you don’t know how—log on to astro.com—go to the “extended chart selection” page—scroll down the page until you come to “additional celestial objects” and in the window select “part of fortune” and the “vertex”—and for “Dna” type in 55555 in the window bar below where it says to put additional objects with commas—and for the “moon’s nodes” and the “fixed stars” you simply check mark the boxes in the column on the left.


Astro ActivityModule Six/Day Four - Activity


Determining the transits for Celestial Objects

a) Note the house of business the moons nodes are in and the additional celestial objects in both the foundation and the business registered chart and also your Natal chart and progressed if you'd like to further explore the connections. Make a list of the ruling planets of the sign on the cusp of the part of the business and any major aspects connecting to the planets.

b) Next note if there are any major transits coming up for the following three months or six months if you like regarding the celestial objects—especially the moon’s nodes in regards to your businesses direction and goals and aims.

c) Then with those two pieces of information, do a one paragraph interpretation for each celestial object—and from that transpose it into what it means in regards to the parts of your business—also do same with the transits and when they will be within orb (if any) and from that determine how you can further make use of the time when the celestial objects will be activated to achieve good results in your goals.