• Day 2: Jupiter in the Business Life Cycle

    Jupiter’s return cycle takes 12 years. In the business sense, at each main aspect point in its twelve year journey it means from its natal position in the chart, each time it does one round (ie: makes a conjunction to itself), a major stage has been reached in the business growth and signifies a time when extra business wisdom can be acquired as defined by the set of aspects that occur throughout the business growth stage .

    On a smaller scale and somewhat differently, Jupiter works as we know in the second stage of the business life cycle as the growth factor after the start up stage—however on a bigger scale ever since the business began, the currents of Jupiter have been working steadily at expanding and growing and maturing and teaching the lessons of what business wisdom is about. The business house ruled naturally by Jupiter involves things such as teaching, higher education, learning contacts with overseas, and laws and publishing matters to name a few. The essence of all the things of the house and Jupiter and its natural ruling sign is to cultivate truth and beliefs and give meaning and substance to the ‘Why” and philosophical part of life, and that applies to the business as well.

    A planets return cycle refers to its undercurrent subtle connections with every part of the business overall in the long term life cycle of the business. In order to get a measure on the long term cycle and put it in perspective so as to be able to grasp the big picture and its meaning, the focus is on those particular parts of the business primarily—where like Saturn before and the same goes with the other planets—each of the main aspects becomes highlighted, also any connecting planets and aspects from other parts of the chart to do with it—they all link and refer to the planet which is Jupiter in this case.

    For example if you have Jupiter in your natal chart in the 7th house and in your business registered chart it’s in the 2nd house then the two main times to note are a) When Jupiter forms each aspect of its return journey in your natal chart, correspondences will also show up in the 2nd house of your business chart which in turn will flow through into other areas of the chart where Jupiter is connected to in some way—and b) The aspect points of the 12 year cycle of business Jupiter when it makes an aspect to the owners chart and their foundation chart, will indicate the Jupiter things from the business end that can affect the owner in the area where Jupiter is in their natal chart—whereas from the owners end the Jupiter return can affect other parts of their life besides just their business.

    What to look for in Jupiter’s business cycle is to note the times when it moves into a new sign and or makes connections with other planets it makes aspects to. In particular, are the times to note when it makes aspects to its natal position in the business charts. Those are times to take advantage and make use of the beneficial currents of Jupiter to expand your business and grow it using the benefit of wisdom and not oversight, or overlooking because of an overly optimistic attitude. The aspect will show you what particular type of energy is operating and the parts of the business in which the transits of Jupiter are making at the time.

    Here again it helps to notice what the dates are, and also the ruling planets of the sign on the cusp of the part of business in which Jupiter is making the aspects to its natal and progressed position in the business charts. If it happens to be in aspect with a planet at the same time then note where that planets natural house rulership is in the business chart as that will also indicate where you should expand and make effort to grow the business wisely.

Astro ActivityModule Seven/Day One - Activity

Determining Jupiter and the Business Life Cycle

a) In this exercise first print out a copy of both your foundation and business registration charts as you'll be going to draw on them the times when Jupiter makes its aspects to its natal position. For its progressed position you will need to do a progressed business chart if you want to get more information regarding the part of the business, it's in the current part of its journey.

b) Next note down in your notebook the position of Jupiter’s position in both charts.

c) Next using an ephemeris note the dates down when Jupiter makes each main aspect in its 12 year cycle back to its Natal position in the business charts.

d) Now with those dates take a pencil and as you would if you are drawing a line out from the centre of the chart like wheel spokes, mark on the chart corresponding with the dates you have written down. Do that for each aspect it makes in its cycle and then highlight what you’ve drawn.

What you should have now is a diagram of your business chart showing clearly the parts of the business where you can expand and implement Jupiter and strategies in your plan and also when is a good time to do that. The information should be kept so that you can refer to it and track it to use in further growth for your business. Each year transiting Jupiter changes a sign so they are also moments to make the best of its opportunities it presents for your business as well.

e) Also note down the houses Jupiter is in your natal chart and business registered chart and the decan and duad rulers of them—then do a one paragraph interpretation about the links between the two.

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