• Day 3: The Suns Life Cycle

    The Sun moves through the chart approximately 1° per year so in its cycle really it’s determined by when it moves into a new sign and when it makes conjunctions to other planets or crosses over a major angle of the business charts or a cusp of the business house and or part. (* remember a house is made up of business parts)

    On one level the Sun is the essence of something. In business the essence is the authority of the business, the owner(s) the CEO and managing positions of the business and all things connected with the business in terms of its creative power. Determining the long term life cycle of this quality of the business will make all the difference in how well the business manages to become successful and how well the different parts of the business are managed in the long-term. Being the essence of the business the Sun represents the business vitality and spirit, and how well it matures, and in the end its reputation in how it’s looked upon in terms of its value to the community and how its creative values shine through in its products and through its brand.

    In the Suns long term life cycle for the business the main focus is in regards to the owners and founders, so the foundation chart plays a significant role in determining times of change and when the business may be taken to a new level and important decisions made about it. Once they are ascertained in the foundation chart, then there needs to be a recognition of those points above depicted in the registration chart and transcribed so that the business entity itself also encapsulates those qualities and they become part of its foundation where the business creativity and management ability is recognized as an authority and of loyalty and channelled into each part of it.

Astro ActivityModule Seven/Day Three - Activity

Determining the Sun and the Business Life Cycle

a) In both the foundation and business registration chart note the placement of the Sun by house, sign and also aspects and links from other planets and parts of the business. Also note the signs natural planetary ruler and do its zodiacal trail to see what links and roots it has. As the Sun is regarded as one of the most important influences in astrology it can also be beneficial to note its position in your natal chart and investigate any connections it may have with the other two charts to see what similarities and correspondences exist between the three.

b) Next note the Suns degree and exactly how long it has to go before it changes into a new sign and or house (allow one degree either side of exact working on the formula that 1°= one year of the suns motion). Whenever it is indicates a significant time for the business. Note the natural ruling planet of the new sign it’s going to enter and the particular part of life, plus for extra detail the decan ruler and the duad ruler by sign, planet and house as those things can inform on what you can do for your business in the long term.

c) Next do a solar return for the current year of your business if you haven’t already and also for the year when it moves into a new sign and or house and do a one paragraph summary on your findings.

d) Lastly make a simple time line of the duration of the business life cycle based on the life cycle of the planets we have just covered, and as they are in your business and natal chart and on the timeline note down all the major significant aspects and points when they occur for each planet. Each one will indicate times to utilize further developments in your business management and all things related to the Sun.

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