• Day 1: The Planets in the Business Life Cycle

    The business life cycle refers to the business in its long-term. It refers to the years and years the business is in operation and how long it survives, and other things like how far the owner would like to take it for example, or the major changes it goes through that play a part on how long the business stays with the same owner, or dissolution of the business in some way, or the selling of the business to new owners are some things which come under the long-term business life cycle.

    This is not so much about the business stages even though the long-term cycle does incorporate the stages. It’s more about looking at the business from a much broader perspective and the overall picture as a whole of some of the things that are important for maintaining the long-term vision and goals of the business.

    Fortunately, there are some planets in astrology, which enable one to see these long term effects and present a window to what the long-term cycle can be ascertained as and as a result questions can be answered and things planned out—so that the strategy gives a longer term picture to add to the foundation of the business, and helps the owner(s) and the business security as it becomes established and grows. Also it gives the bigger picture to work off with the view in place that sometime in the business direction and path things can be looked at again and taken up as a result of knowledge and plans made beforehand.

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    All the planets have their life cycle. The outer planets takes years to complete a cycle, so they are mostly noted for the things and events that occur during their stay in a sign, which is still quite a number of years at that. So the planets that we want to look at in the business life cycle are Saturn and Jupiter and the Sun along with the Moons nodes as it also has a bearing upon the long-term business cycle. The life cycle of these planets is not to be confused with the ruling planets of the four stages that a business goes through.

    The cycle the planets go through is called the “Planetary Return Cycle” and they can be used as indicators to determine the businesses life cycle and as such they are very useful for providing information about certain periods over the long term that the business can make use of and also know what is actually the best course of action to take and determine things that are happening to the business in terms of the changes and growth in its long-term cycle as represented by each planet. Incidentally even though they are called planetary cycles and the planet returns back to its natal position, in actual fact it’s a spiral due to the time factor and years of growth we undergo in the span of a human lifetime.

    We start with the planet Saturn as the milestone, as it takes 29 years to complete one whole circuit around the chart. A business may not go that long, however the benchmark is to assume the business is going to go for 29 years and from that the cycle of main aspects which occur every so many years serve as the bench mark points for ascertaining the main stages throughout the cycle’s duration.

    In the business long-term the life cycle of Saturn can be regarded as defining the length of time that corresponding with a career and the stages of growth in a career. These are marked by endurance and success and where achievement has been made over time, and patience and perseverance and all the other qualities in which Saturn is known for in a business.

    About every seven years or so it makes an aspect to itself and they are the times when to look at your business long-term and see if goals are being met and strategies undertaken and new ones implemented if need be to keep the business within the parameters of that particular part of the long-term cycle. Any number of things naturally can happen at those points in each part of the business in its long-term. It can indicate testing of a sort for the business—such as for example things of a Saturn nature happen and present to the business evaluation and needs to look at its long-term future and weigh things up. The keyword for Saturn energies is time frame. Everything rests on the time frame of doing the things for the business not just quickly or tomorrow but in the long-term building of the business—hence its reputation for symbolizing structure and creating a solid foundation and putting in persistence in the business and reaching way points in the long term over the span of a career cycle. Each aspect will it makes will tell you about the stage.

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Determining Saturn and the Business Life Cycle

a) In your business foundation and registered business chart note the position of Saturn by the part of business it’s in, and any aspects and planets it connects with any other parts of the chart, plus the sign on the cusp of the house it’s in and it natural planetary ruler wherever that is, and also whatever house the sign of Capricorn is on and the 10th house as that will give further information about each stage and its return

* note: It’s worth it to keep an astro diary of the times when the aspects occur starting from the conjunction as each aspect relates back to the beginning—also note when Saturn conjuncts a planet as that will also signify new beginnings and can offer some good insight about what was started at those times in the business. This can be especially helpful for making important decisions, especially when the challenging aspects occur and for determining the aspect pattern overall.

b) Using an ephemeris look up the times when transiting Saturn will make a sextile and square and trine and opposition to its natal position in the business charts and your natal chart. *note: One whole round starts in the case of the foundation chart and natal chart from when the owner was born. Note the year and month when each of the aspects occur in the 29 year period of your natal and foundation chart and with that information look for Saturn in your business registered chart and note what aspect stage it is in that corresponds with the one in your natal and foundation chart as that will tell you a lot about the undercurrents of Saturn between you the owner and your business.

The parts of the business in the charts that has both the transiting, progressed and natal Saturn’s in will need to be interpreted together as connecting influences in order to arrive at an overall interpretation of the life cycle and its stages.

c) When you have the aspects worked out and the dates that correspond with them from the ephemeris write down an interpretation based on your findings that enables you to create a plan for those aspect points where you can define the parts of the business and also a time in which to implement a business strategy for the long term as a result of the information obtained from assessing the planets and the particular type of aspect and the part of the business where Saturn is passing through each time in its transit when it reaches those main aspect points.

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