• Day 4: The Moons Nodal Axis in a Business

    The Moon’s nodal axis occurs approximately every 18.6 years. This axis has a bearing upon the business direction and in astrology is an important focal point for determining how to gain clarity, and purpose through direction associated in particular with the Moons placement in the chart. As mentioned in an earlier module these points are known as the “Dragons head” and “Dragons tail” in a business. They signify according to their placement in the chart important points where that part of the business demonstrates directional skills and a sense of avocation. These are acquired skills as denoted by the South node and development in further skills as denoted by the North node. Both support and complement each other, so it is far better to use them together as more can be achieved.

    The nodal axis can be examined better through the transits of the moons nodes. Look in an ephemeris, which will indicate the parts of the business in terms of the aspects it makes to the foundation and business charts nodal axis and also any other points such as when for example they cross over into a new part of the business, or a particular one of the angles of the business chart in the transits.

    In mainstream astrology a lot of information is given regarding the nodal axis, however it needs to be put into context in regard to what they actually mean in terms of their astrological significance. Simply put these nodes refer to the moons connection and they are in a sense sensitive points which demonstrate the balancing of the parts of the business they and the moon are in.

    The moons nodes even though can be in different houses to the moon they are directly related to that part of the business also which the moon is operating in. When in aspect the nodal axis will work in conjunction with the creative imprint in the expression of the things to do with the business that come under the moons rulership also in regards to that particular part of the business.

    The moon rules the public in general and all things related to nurturing, and caring receptivity and security and the market place. So these are the main basic and or undercurrent things also in which the nodes in their particular parts of the business will be connected to and expressing, in terms of the business being developed in regards to its direction and purpose as shown along the lines denoted by the two houses and signs and their natural planetary rulers which all serve to better define its nodal axis.

    Sometimes because the moon also rules memory and basic instincts, for the business it can represent business instinct and intuition, or business related things in connection with the family and or history of the business. For further information also note the fourth house and the sign Cancer and the house of the business that its on as that will yield further insight again regarding extra parts of the business you can use to support this particular nodal axis.

Astro ActivityModule Seven/Day Four - Activity

Determining the Moons Nodal axis and Nodal Transits

a) Lookup both charts for the position of the nodal axis and the parts of the business that the moon comes under. Note the natural planetary ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house the moon is in and the nodes, and also the decan ruler and the 2.5 degrees sub-rulers of the three.

b) Next by the noting the nodal transits in an ephemerides plot out where the transiting nodes are in relation to the nodal life cycle of the business. This can be achieved by noting the signs and the degree that the transiting nodes are in and the aspect formation pattern over the 18.5 years of that particular cycle. (once again if the business is not that old then it will need to be done in conjunction with your natal chart serving as the cycle and noting for links and correspondences in the business part and what aspect phase they are in at the time and what is left to go from there on.

c) Next in your charts draw the lines out from the centre of the chart where the transiting nodes will make main aspects to the natal business nodes and note the dates when they will occur, as they will be significant signposts for when you can gain further direction and plan for your business to receive and achieve greater outcome and decisions regarding the overall life direction of it. The transiting nodes stay in a sign for about a year so also note when the next sign change is due and the next business houses they will enter.

The key to the nodal axis is noting down the ruling planets of the North and South node, which are the natural ruling planets of the signs on the cusp of the particular part of the business they are in the charts. The houses which have those planets in them will be the significant influence in activity connections as to how the direction of the business as represented by the nodes will fare and the type of connections to the activities of those houses.

d) Finally do a two paragraph interpretation especially on the direction and extra purpose that the nodes in each part of the life cycle can offer and how it can be applied regarding your business