• Day 2: Business Registration Chart

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    A business registration Chart is a chart created from when the time of the business was officially registered at a registry which is usually when the payment is made to register the business. A chart is created using the time and place in which you were when you registered the business. If you registered your business online at home for example then that is the place you use. This type of chart supports a foundation chart and has an affinity with the Natal chart.

    Whereas a business foundation chart has more to do with the owner’s relationship with the business on a personal level the “business registration chart” is about the whole business as an entity in itself. It can be about the owner’s connection either as the individual if its registered as a sole trader or alternatively a partnership, or a group of owners who founded the business, and also about the other areas of the business involving people directly working in the business, or those that are in some way or other connected with the business indirectly.

    This chart is used in connection with a foundation chart when it comes to doing an interpretation and also it can show links even back to the owner’s natal chart. However because the registered chart is actually a product of the planets position on the day, there may not be as many noticeable connections with the foundation chart, unless it is registered close to the date, in which case the inner planets may show some similarity however because the years will be different, it means the place the outer planets and houses will be different also. Having said that the chart should also be viewed in the sense that what you’re looking at in terms of the whole business as a separate entity also pertains to a certain extent the owner or owners charts as well. The reason for this is simply that you have the same planets and signs and houses in one chart as the other except they are in a different arrangement. So to some degree there is a connection existing in those currents and it can make a business more successful if you investigate and establish how the charts relate in terms of a planet in one chart and where its located in the other business charts such as the two mentioned above and the solar return and the monthly business chart.

    As we shall see later on how to interpret the above mentioned set of charts for a business, at present, the registered business chart is the one used to track the business itself. * note: If you don’t remember the time when you registered your business then the next best thing is to do a chart for the time of “Sunrise” on the day you registered your business.

    The business registration chart is the most reliable means for determining how the business evolves over time. It can show the future trends of the business as the business grows–it can show how to branch out with the business, and also its various growth cycles and how to develop each area of the business.

    Before you registered the business it can be handy to note in an ephemeris the positions of the transiting planets for that day as it will give you some indication as to the type of aspects occurring in the chart between the transiting planets which can be supporting for the type of business you are going to do. It can therefore be handy to create an electional chart that reflects the things you would like to focus on your business and then try and actually register the business when those things are as close a match as possible–however it’s not absolutely essential to draw up an electional chart, as many businesses are registered without the time frame being recognized. Even so, there is an extra element of benefit when you have a chart that reflects without doubt when you study it, the type of business you are going to be doing.

    The key to a business registration chart is to see its dual function, in terms of it as a separate entity that is on the one hand divorced from the owners on an individual level and encompasses a whole lot more regarding the affairs of the business and on the other hand it has its relationship or connection with the owner(s) by extension—meaning that it’s a product of the owners business creativity and aims etc.

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Creating a Business Registration Chart

Video: “How to create a Business Registration Chart”.

Before logging onto Astro.com note the time and place when you registered your business if you don't have the business then just make up a time and place for this exercise.

We are going to create a chart exactly the same way that you create a natal chart. It's simply a matter of going to my astro—clicking on “add new astro data” and then when on the birth data page filling in all the details of date time and place you first registered your business and for the chart title put: “name/business/registration chart.” When your finished click on continue and bring the chart up once you have it stored in your astro data page.

*note: For the Interpretation of your Business Registered chart and the other business chart types to follow, leave for now as we will be coming back to them in the modules to follow which include how to do the actual interpretations for a business different parts in the chart.


  1. Does the chart have the correct time you registered your business?
  2. Is the title of it easy to identify in your astro data file?

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