• Day 3: Business Progressed Chart

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    A business progressed chart can describe any one of the various business charts. That is the business foundation chart, or the business registration chart, or a sub house business chart of either one of the above two. It shows the business as it’s progressed from the time shown on the chart. The progressed chart can be created so that it appears on the outside of any business chart and also as a progressed chart on its own. In both cases the progressions of the business are read in conjunction with the particular chart it’s related to. A progressed chart of the business shows the current situation of the business and also it can be progressed further to show how the business can potentially progress in the years to follow.

    The interpretation for a progressed chart is read the same as you would interpret a natal chart, however in addition extra consideration is given the progressed planets and areas of life in relation to the foundation chart of the business, and the registration chart of the business. In either case the progression can indicate the present moment and is the chart to use for gaining extra knowledge when you want to make improvements to the business as it stands in its present situation. For example if you are looking at a particular part of the business, then it helps also to note the same part in the other charts as well as the progressed, and also any progressed planets as what you discover will tell you a lot more about how to go about improvements and what type of plans and improvements can be made and done rather than just going on what appears to be best to do.

    The importance of the progressed chart in the business is very useful when you see synchronization with the transits in both the business and the foundation and the registered business charts—and if that’s the case then those are the times to take note of especially regarding the planets and areas of the business that stand out and the type of aspects involved regarding the transit, the progressed, and the foundation and registered charts.

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Creating a Progressed Business Chart

Videos: * 1. How to Create a Business Registered Progressed Chart * 2. How to Create a Business Foundation Progressed Chart

In this example we are going to use the business foundation chart.

a) Log on to Astro.com go to my Astro and business foundation chart and when the extended chart selection page comes up, set your default settings you would like to add on your chart—such as the nodes, and some fixed stars, and additional celestial bodies—and then in the methods window where you select the charts—under the progressions heading select “Natal and progressed chart” so that you can have easy access to bring it up.

b) Next go back to the chart selection page and just the progressed chart on its own. From both charts do a two paragraph interpretation of the main points regarding the businesses current situation in relation to its foundation chart and how you see the picture of your business if its your own business chart, or the business of the owner or founder if its your clients as it currently stands in each department.

*Note the progressed chart on its own still shows the planets with the same degree as they are in the foundation and registered business charts, however the departments of the business will be different—in which case when doing the list of points for the interpretation simply note what the number of the department of the business is in the progressed chart, and put the number next to the progressed planets in green on the outside of the wheel of the foundation and the business registered chart so as to easily be able to remind you what the progressed part of the business is in connection with the progressed planet and where it is in the progressed chart on its own, in relation to the business part of those two charts.


Is each planets interpretation points based on the three different parts of the business according to its position in the foundation, registered and progressed charts? Note if the planet is in different signs in the other charts as the natural planetary ruler of that sign will add an extra dimension to the interpretation.

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