• Day 6: The Business Monthly Chart

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    This type of chart describes the business on a monthly basis. It’s a good way to track the business over the course of each month and check on its progress and also to ascertain what activities and things within the particular part of the business come into focus for that month. It’s based on the time of the new moon and connects with the cusp of the part of the business that’s in focus for that month—and is done by swinging it around based on the time of the new moon in the location where the business operates.

    During the course of that month where ever the other planets are in the chart can be extra energies and focal points in the businesses other departments that can become the support parts for the main part of the business for that month. This type of chart is one that here again is used when one wants to further look into the business at a deeper level and align it with the plan of the business yearly goals and its overall progression and model for growth.

    The monthly chart like all the rest can show where the business challenges and ease of operations are for the month as denoted by the transits—also it can give the foundation chart of the owners a reference point each month which they can use to specifically plot the business in relation to the business entity itself.

    A monthly chart is meant to be interpreted with the other charts because it’s just on a monthly basis and only serves to show a small part of the picture. A twelve-month plot chart needs to be done if you really want to acquire a better working knowledge of how to gauge and set out the business monthly trends. That way you have a monthly chart for each month of the business, all laid out in front of you which shows the different parts of the business emphasized, such as and how to track the products growth for example, as well as plans and events can be determined by drawing a line graph that tracks a planet movements as it goes through a different part of the business each month. As such it’s a very good way to develop a product over a 12 month period, and note the high and low points of its cycle and determine for example the changing patterns and phases the business parts encounter and go through.

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Creating a Monthly Business Chart


Video: How to Create a Business Monthly Chart

a) First from an ephemeris note the new moon date and time for the month you’d like to start your business monthly chart from.*note: Remember to allow for the time interval for the location where you live.

b) Next log onto “Astro.com”—go to “my Astro” and note the cusp of degrees of the sign and part of business in which the new moon for that month is in. Next to create the monthly chart swing the house cusp around until it becomes the ascendant. Note that the time must be after the exact time of new moon. Title the chart: Business/monthly chart for/ and name the month.

If you want to see the bigger picture create a chart for each month up until the end of the year, with each one based on the closest time from after the new moon. Also if you have a business which is a local business—a chart can be done based on the location where you live by simply creating a base chart—which is a chart for the new moon at the place, or town where you live. This can be very helpful for synchronizing your monthly business chart with the goings-on and business of the area for the month where you live.

b) For your first monthly chart write up a two paragraph interpretation based on the correspondences between the monthly chart and solar return chart and the business registered chart and if desired the business foundation chart. *note: In the next module we will be looking at the interpretation, a little more closely in regards to the correspondences between the charts.

c) Finally if you like print out the monthly charts and cut out each chart so that they all go on a larger cut out altogether month after month. So you're able to see which parts of the business standout and the ones perhaps in more need of attention each month and also what to focus on and how by tracking them in each chart and making a list, to ascertain the growth and progress of things in the business to keep it doing well.

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