• Day 4: The Sub-Houses of a Business Chart

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    To find out more about a particular part of the business a chart can be created that focuses purely on that one part. It’s a very simple process and how it is done is by swinging the “part” of the business in question that you want to have a look at of the Foundation chart or the Business registered chart around to the ascendant. The same process as you do when you want to create a foundation chart from a natal chart.

    So a sub-house is any one of the houses of the “business foundation chart” where the business part you want to investigate further is swung around to become the ascendant.

    This type of chart can be very useful as it can show you that particular part of the business activities represented by the planets in the other sub-houses around the chart. Remember we are using the foundation chart which is the 10th house of the natal or business registered chart swung around to the ascendant. So for example if you swing the fifth house of your business foundation chart around to the ascendant then you are looking at the rest of the chart or houses (parts) of the business in regards to the 10th house business creative powers and its speculative interests and how to make the business become more of an expression in its entrepreneurship skills as denoted by the planets in all the other areas. For example if the business had Venus in the sixth—it can be a way to demonstrate its values and how to increase its assets through being more creative with business relationships and skills—perhaps by creating a line of product(s) in the nature of to do with say health and diet, or cosmetics, or maybe fashion and jewellery or arts and crafts for example which can become a line of products that may be worth taking a calculated risk on. The sixth part of the business also covers analytical focus, so a marketing niche that caters for those areas would also be a useful service.

    The purpose of the sub-houses business chart is to drill deeper and see the other parts which make up that part on the ascendant and also what and how the business can be improved in that area. Also, through looking at the way that particular area of the business becomes the main focal point that all the other areas link to.


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Creating a Business Sub-House Chart

Video: The Sub-houses of a Business Chart

First look onto Astro.com then my Astro, and bring up your business registration chart, swing its 10th house around to the ascendant—then once that chart is created—using it as the new chart select a particular part of the business that you'd like to find out more about—note down the degrees of the cusp of that part of the business and next the same as you did before when you created a foundation chart for your business create a new chart for the particular part of the business you have selected to improve. For the charts title put—whatever the name of the business is/the sub-house or part number of/ whatever the type of chart it is, so that you can identify it okay.

When that's done then do a two paragraph interpretation based on first compiling the main points as you did before in compiling a synthesis for the foundation and progressed charts
*Note for a sub-part chart, the same as when you do a foundation chart—you may have to play around with the minutes unto you get as close as possible to the minutes of the house you want to investigate.

* Incidentally you can alternatively put the location where you are living at the time if you feel that it’s more appropriate and suits the business better—or alternatively you can stick to the location of the foundation chart. Either way select the chart which strikes d’accord better by the correspondences it has with the foundation chart or registered biz chart when you happen to do a sub-house chart for it.


a) Does the degrees on the ascendant of the business sub-part you chose, correspond as close as possible to what the degrees of its foundation chart is.

b) What stands out the most in the sub-chart’s parts that you see as things you can do to improve that sub-part of the business?

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