• Day 5: The Solar Return Business Chart

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     A solar return business chart is a “business birthday” chart which shows the future trends of the business different areas for the year ahead starting from when sun returns back to its position as shown in the chart however its effects often start to begin to show signs a few weeks to a month beforehand even. A solar return chart for the business can be done on the main charts of the business and can even be done for a relationship and synastry chart if desired, with the owner or the founders to see how they connect with the business and interact—and also what stands out—and what can be decided and made use of to make the business more successful over the year.

    A solar return business chart, because the sun is the ruler and is the prime vital power behind the business drive and momentum, focuses on the parts of the business in relation to its authority and creative expression and the sense of the businesses power and the vital aspects of it that keep it operating. It’s the owners and employees of the business if any “essential spark” that keeps the business running and operating. The rest of the planets in the business different parts symbolize what things to focus on and where to best employ them and any plans and strategies for the year—even the parts that don’t have any planets ought to be considered as well, in regards to what can be done to further maintain and advance those areas of the business also—in which case the ruling planet of the sign on the cusp of each area would indicate the type of things and links etc that could be employed to the areas to further boost it.

    A solar return chart is very simple to do. It’s simply created directly from the existing foundation chart or the business registered chart that has already being created. With a solar return chart, the parts of the planets, and the planets for that year, are overlaid onto the foundation and registered business charts—which be very enlightening in what needs to be taken into consideration when doing the various things needed to be done for a particular department of the business, including its challenges and where you can be successful.

    In astro.com the solar return chart with the houses on the outside of the business foundation or registered chart will give you a more detailed look at the business in relation to where the events and yearly trends will be connected with and manifest in conjunction with.

    For example, the solar return first house and ascendant on the outside of the ring in blue colour, may be corresponding with the business registered 9th part of the business, which means if you’re looking to expand the business and want to improve its identity and brand globally, then the actions and initiatives taken—would be best directed towards making connections with overseas departments and partners or clients—such as through the likes of publishing channels, global marketing, and all manner of industry type as denoted by the sign on the 9th cusp and its natural ruling plant, wherever it is in the chart and also any other planets that happen to be in the ninth part of the business as well of the foundation and business registered charts.

    It may be as is the normal case that the solar return house overlaps two parts of the business, in which case it also includes the other part as well. So in above example expansion could also be undertaken in its identity and brand by channelling the marketing in its image and public reputation overall with what it’s known for. The sign on the cusp of the 10th part is how the business can advertise and find ways to do it—and the natural ruling planet of the sign and any planets in the 10th part indicate the types of channels to use to make the business stand out more in the public’s eye.

    The planets in the solar chart first part of the business show what strategies and actions to do and adopt regarding the brand creation and type of business identity campaign and projects.

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Creating a Business Solar Return Chart

Video: How to Create a Solar Return Business Chart

For the business solar return chart choose either the foundation chart or the business registration chart. Whatever chart you choose it needs to be interpreted primarily in relation to that particular chart—for example if you choose the business foundation chart it would be the owners relationship to the business, or alternatively if it’s the business registration chart you choose it would be the business itself first off and how it fares for the year and then how it relates to the foundation and solar return chart of the owner.

a) First log onto Astro.com—go to my Astro—select the chart you want to do the solar return for—and when you arrive on the chart extended page—in the chart selection box—select “solar return with houses”—next check your default settings, and then click on the chart.
Next do a two paragraph interpretation based on the main points of the solar return for the year in regards to the business. Start your solar return interpretation list of main points off with the sun as the primary focal point and undercurrents of the charts theme.

To gain further insight into the year ahead you can click on the solar return chart on its own. Also to drill down further in any one of the charts remember you can also use the table of decans and the 2.5° sub-sign rulers to discover further the type of extra subtle energies which support that particular part of the business.

Business Synastry Solar ReturnChart

If you want to find out more about your personal relationship with your business year to year you can do a synastry solar return chart. It's a simple process and how you do it is log on to Astro.com and do a solar return chart for the year you want to do it for your natal chart and your business registered chart. Simply save both charts by adding them to your “My Astro data” which can be done by clicking on the text where it says above the legend of each chart after you have the chart page open, and then once you have saved them, simply follow the same procedure as you would for doing any synastry chart except in the partner window select your business registered chart as the partner.

Doing a business relationship solar return synastry chart will give you a lot of useful information about what you're like when you're in your business operating mode—meaning what your like during the hours you're working on your business. You'll be able to see from a detached awareness point of view what things affect you in your business in terms of your personal feelings, and thoughts, and ideas, and all the other different aspects of the business which you have to deal with are revealed and shown. You’ll also be able to pin point where connections which are so close like conjunction aspects for example it can be difficult to see those subconscious energies in the light of day without the chart.

The extra awareness and clarity you gain about the year ahead can be very beneficial for not only having the added advantage of knowing what to utilize and do for your business and self apart from it but also for acquiring additional skills in self-business management and responsibilities and awareness’s about the other workings of your business. There is also the added advantage that you will find it easier as a result to detach mentally and emotionally from the business after working hours due to the synastry effects of the business being recognized as only one of the parts of your life that has its place most certainly but not above the other just as important parts also.

If you take the time to analyse your synastry solar return business chart on and off whenever it suits I’m you’ll find it will be well worth it .


a) Have you done both the solar return type charts (ie one with the houses separate and the other with the houses around the business registered and or foundation chart) in order to get more of an understanding of what parts of the business will mainly in the forefront for the year?
b) Is the synastry business chart created from your natal chart and your business registered chart?

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