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In day one of this module you saw a diagram of the things that are used for doing stages. Today we are going to continue on with that and go a bit deeper into it by doing the complete process and seeing how zodiacal trails can be used in a stage for further improvement to a business part. The diagram below shows the plan on what you can do to make your business more successful in each of the stages of its cycle. It shows each of the business houses along with the signs and the parts of a business and some astrological formulas taken from the business chart example and put in the same house corresponding with where the leading planet is in the chart.  Business Parts Mod 4

The business part is the current part you choose to improve in your business house. As mentioned they are interchangeable and all of them apply to each house. In the diagram we have elected to show only the part we want to improve for each house and in the example text below we have chosen just the one house and part as the one to explain it more clearly.

Example of How a Business Part Works

Let’s say you wanted to take a look at the marketing part of the foundation (ie the 4th house) of your business. So for the marketing part of the business you decide to draw up a marketing plan for the year—it’s going to have so many campaigns for the year and the various activities associated with them—in which case you may consider very much the foundation part of the plan as containing the sub-elements of say—advertising and social media, and publicity, and perhaps a few product launches as some of the main sub areas of the marketing foundational components to be used as the basis for further activities along those lines in how the business can market its brand and products and develop further its marketing path.

Following the diagram above you would select from the business parts text box, the part you have in mind to improve—which happens to be only the marketing part in this case and put it in the inner part of the astrological wheel, in whatever house of the business you decided needs it. The key is to play around with the parts by trying them out in each of the business houses and being creative with ideas and concepts about using the parts.

Also the zodiacal trail in the example, shown by the astrological shorthand formula which has been worked out from the chart—and the sign on the house cusp—which incidentally don't have to be in their natural zodiacal order and freely selected by you—are the extra pieces of information given, telling you what can be done by way of improvement.

Astro ActivityModule Four/Day 2 - Activity


Business Parts Exercise

* Download this day’s activity worksheets 1a and 1b titled: Module 4:“A Business Stages Blank Astro Wheel” and the “Table of A Business Parts Zodiacal Trails and Interpretation for its Stages.” Next have your business charts handy as for this exercise you’ll be using one of them or alternatively your business solar return chart for the year is just as good, as the example given is taken from a solar return business chart.

As we have seen in the diagram of the astro wheel it shows each of the business houses on the outside with the different business parts shown in the text box above. In the example the astrological shorthand for the foundation part and three other parts of the business are also shown. It’s not necessary to add them as they are the same ones as in the 1b worksheet— however sometimes it can be easier to picture and comprehend what needs to be done to the business when you have the whole picture with the business houses and its parts and the astrological shorthand altogether in the one place.

In worksheet 1b the table shows in the left hand column each business part and in the next column is where you write in your zodiacal trail in astrological shorthand which you work out from consulting your chart, and in the last column is where you insert your key point findings for doing your interpretation.

Example Interpretation of the Astro Wheel Filled In.


Mod 4 Interpretation Example Chart

 The chart type used was the business Solar Return charts as shown above. Here’s the interpretation piece using our example of wanting to further establish the business foundation in the “start-up” stage. It’s the 4th house of the business and at present it’s the marketing part of that house that has been chosen to work on. Next time it may be the financial or educational parts of the foundation house of the business, it all depends what you choose to improve.
The astrological shorthand zodiacal trail for the 1st stage with the planetary traditional ruler Saturn at 28° Scorpio is:
Mod 4 Interpretation Example Chart 1

Saturn, 4th in Scorpio-3rd decan is Cancer, ruler Moon - duad is Libra ruler Venus - (next part of trail ) Pluto ruler of Scorpio in the 6th in Capricorn ruler of 7th -2nd decan of Capricorn is Taurus ruler Venus - duad is Gemini, ruler mercury and that’s where the trail ends.

Saturn the traditional ruler of the first stage is in the 4th of that chart in the sign of Scorpio which is on the 4th house cusp—the trail then continues on to show Pluto the natural planetary ruler of Scorpio is posited in the 6th house, in the sign of Capricorn, which is virtually where the trail ends as from there it only heads back to Saturn again which is the natural planetary ruler of Capricorn. The decans and duads of both signs tell you more about what can be done in the foundation building. And if we look at the solar return with houses on the outside of the business registered chart we can see that the foundation building for the year will have an impact on the business brand and image as represented by Saturn on the cusp of the ascendant, which clearly will show the business is in its 1st stage, while the Moon and Venus show the creative drives and financial and social things connected with its foundation building will have an impact and links with its image once again and the management of the business. Those are the subtle keys and ways it can show what needs doing and also the type of things and avenues and support places that all can contribute to the business foundation.

Next going back to look at the astro wheel example with the part of marketing in the 4th house—we can build the foundation of the business up through marketing strategies that promote the product and or services in ways which portray them as being the type which imply initiative and leadership say and other things related to the sign of Aries which was the sign elected to put on the 4th cusp.

This can be done by engaging Saturn type things and the rest of the things as denoted by the zodiacal trail—as they will give the necessary structure and form and provide the security the business needs in order to keep building the business marketing up and also for maintaining the challenges it comes up against in the start-up stage.*note we can put any part there and the same formula will apply, however then in order to focus on the specific part of business add the extra trails as denoted by the planet (s) that correspond with that particular part you have chosen.(* refer to your table of planetary correspondences) So for marketing I’d look at adding to the foundation interpretation the zodiacal trails of—Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto which happens to be already in there in this case.

The supporting link to help achieve this as denoted by Saturn and the first part of the trail, is found in the other part of the formula of Pluto and Capricorn and the 6th house, so for that we could say—“the marketing aims are best supported by doing research and using analytics and other skills of a Plutonian nature that can be directed to show a healthy respect for the foundation of the business. This could perhaps be presented in a marketing campaign which presents the business relationship with alliances as a powerful and responsible one who wants to make the customer feel secure and certain they are in good hands. To see further what type of things to do for the marketing in connection with Pluto—we look at again at the subtle links defined by the decan and duad planets and their location which are Venus and Mercury and the business image and its financial picture and values in those departments. So you would look at the strategies of communication and the financial budget you’d allot and its presentation for the marketing plan over the first stage period in building business foundation.

The key is to break the zodiacal trail down into smaller parts made up of each piece of the astro shorthand formula and also to see how they join together. In this particular example we have two parts, with the 1st part the actual details of what the foundation is composed of and the 2nd part of the formula showing the transforming means that can be applied as the undercurrents for really building a solid business foundation.

* And remember if you want to look further into a part of the business and a zodiacal trail then be creative and follow the decan sign and its planet ruler trails and the 2.5° duad sub-ruler trails and see where they are in the chart and use the links of those parts to further add to the formula—which will as a result in turn give you more on what you can do with a part of the business.

1) To begin this activity first write down in worksheet 1a and 1b what stage you believe you are at in your business. (If you’re not sure then use your intuition or simply have a guess for the sake of doing this exercise to see how it’s done, or alternatively wait until you do each stage in the next days of this module and then come back to do this activity then. Whatever stage you choose note down its traditional planetary ruler.

Also work out what the charts sub-theme ruler is in the business chart. It’s most likely the planet or couple of planets most associated with your business products and brand. Also make a note where the sub-ruling planets of the stages are and any aspects they make to the stages traditional ruler. (once again to do the planetary ruler you may refer to wait and come back to this activity until after we cover each stage.

a) Next in the astro wheel worksheet 1a choose a business house and then a business part out of the list you want to use and put it in the house you have chosen. * If you are not sure on what part to start with then give them all a rating first based on what you believe is most in need or will be most suited to as the priority thing that needs doing to that particular business house to improve it. You may not know exactly what needs doing yet but that’s okay as the zodiacal trail will tell you later, but first you need to simply put what you believe is the primary business part that the business house needs first off. Later you can put another part, and so on when it suits. It helps to remember all the parts can be used in each house, because each house contains each part as its sub-parts—which altogether are what makes the business operations complete and run okay in that area.

b) Next put your signs in around the wheel—they don’t necessarily have to follow in their natural astrological order. Be particular for the sign you want to use for the house and part you have chosen. It can help to use your intuition and some forethought beforehand when selecting which sign also to go with a house, which can end up surprising how it works out.

c) Next consult your chart and note each planet and the house each one is in the chart—draw in the zodiacal trail 1st for the business house and part you have chosen for it. If there’s no planet corresponding with the business house you have chosen then you will need to do a zodiacal trail for the natural planetary ruler of the sign on the cusp of the house then put it in astro shorthand in the respective column in worksheet 2b.

*note: You may like to start with the stages planetary ruler and do the house and part you want to put in it first or leave it out until you do the stages and just do the planets instead of the 4 planets given as traditional rulers of the stages.

d) In the interpretations column next to your astro shorthand write in your interpretation points from deciphering the trail.

e) Finally so as to make it more clearer put the trail in your astro wheel in the corresponding business house it was in your business chart on the outside where the business houses names are written in text.

That’s it. You now have the formula and the answer given for what to do to that part of the business house. Your zodiacal trail has done it all for you. Simply follow it and take action according to your interpretation in everything its says in the formula and you’ll find if you apply that information that part of the business in that house will start to produce favorable results.

This can be done for each house and each part for it and it can be done for each stage, the only difference is each time you’ll find the things to do will be different according to the stage.

The key is to look at each house and determine which sub-parts need working on and then be creative and choose a part you like to be the means for working on that part in need of upgrading or improving in relation to the business stage.

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