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The start-up stage corresponds with the bringing into existence the business from the conceptual stage. It is quite often referred to as the hardest stage because it requires a lot of learning in how to run a business and all about the different things which a business requires for it to become a successful one and reach the next stage. The general consensus is that the start-up stage can range anywhere between 3-5 years, it just depends on the type and size of the business operation.

The key points for the start-up stage are putting in time and effort in every aspect of the business in order to learn and educate oneself in the operations of it and gaining the valuable experience of being a business owner. At this early point it’s common for just one person to be running the whole business at the start—and what it means is that the owner gets a good all-round understanding and direct experience of what is entailed in running each part of their business. Sometimes it may not work out because of unforeseen difficulties, or perhaps it maybe too demanding, or for any number of reasons which means the first stage can test the owner to see if they want to continue on with the business or fold it up.

This is where applying astrological knowledge can be very useful in providing the extra guidance and direction needed to sustain one's effort during the business stages, especially the first stage period. Even more so astrology provides clarity through consulting the business charts and doing a zodiacal trail for each stage, which is how to bring important concepts of the business down to a tangible enough reality to gauge and use also as a form of guidance and tracking throughout the time it takes to pass through each stage—so it’s a really reliable means for mapping and showing how to maintain and gain added experience in knowing what to do for the business to keep it going.

Guidelines for the Stages

There are a number of astrological guidelines in which a stage can be traced. The guidelines are in fact the way to determine the Zodiacal trail for a stage.

The Synthesizing of a Stage.

a) Determining the zodiacal trails of the business parts:

Go through each house noting down its sign, and natural planetary ruler, and planets in it.

In particular note any planets close to the angles and in conjunction.

Note the planets in the houses first as they indicate the key areas of the business. The houses without planets will have their connecting links to their natural planetary ruler and the sign on its cusp natural planetary ruler. The houses those planets are in can sometimes reveal the type of links where the things to do with the business in that area with no planets can receive direction and input.

Note any cluster of planets. The areas they are in show where extra focus needs to be placed in the business stage.

Note the major aspects which will enable you to single out where exactly you can know what the main challenges and ease of the business are and what areas and part of the business they come from and need to be kept an eye on.

1) A Stages Ruler

As mentioned in the earlier part of this module—each stage has its overall traditional ruling planet and sub-rulers which are generally those connected with the charts theme and most outstanding points of the chart.

The Traditional Ruling Planet

The ruling planet which covers the 1st stage overall is Saturn. Typically the energies of patience and perseverance and building a structure and foundation from the idea into actual manifestation and cementing of each part, are necessary in the understanding of what it takes to run a business to its successful conclusion in this stage and actually have it strong enough so it reinforces, and duly supports the next stages of the business also.

The sub-stages for Saturn in astro shorthand are:

1st sub-stage : Saturn/saturn
2nd sub-stage: Saturn/jupiter
3rd sub-stage: Saturn/sun
4th sub-stage: Saturn/pluto

   Each of the sub-stages for the business show up in the first stage in how to identify the building of the various phases and the nature of what the business goes through according to its establishment and foundation. They don’t necessarily follow in order and can be happening at any one or another time during the stage—however when ascertained can be used as reliable indicators for checking how the business is going and plotting where the business is at in a stage.

Determining the Cycle Duration of a Stage

As a basic guide each sub-stage corresponds with three signs and by noting the 12 duads for one sign—the sub-stages can be shown in the chart corresponding with the 12 signs and their houses of the chart. For example in the first stage you would note in your business registered chart what the position of Saturn is by the house and sign and degree it’s in—and from that because it takes approximately about 2.5 years to go through one sign and that one sign’s duads—all are in fact a smaller version of each of the signs in the chart—you can see the first sub-stage corresponds with and is to do with the first three signs and houses in the chart around from Saturn’s position.

By interpreting those signs in the chart, it will give you the information of what the type of things in that first sub-stage are, and the key areas to focus on, and the type of challenges and benefits you could expect also to crop up in that phase in the business part(s). The next three signs and houses around correspond with the 2nd sub-stage which in this case is the sub-stage of Saturn/jupiter—so that tells you how to recognize the growth factors of the business and what they are and where they are likely to be operating. And so it goes with the next two sub-stages. Remember though this is all happening in relation to the overall traditional planetary ruler, (which is Saturn in this case, in the sign and house its travelling through in particular) besides the other areas of the chart. In all tracking the sub-stages is a useful method for finding out the smaller details of the stage as a whole and its parts.

To confer with when a stage is drawing to an end, which is when things start to change and there are noticeable happenings in the business as it moves through the transition into the next stage—the chart will show what’s taking place as noted by the stages ruling planets in transit for example being in prominent places in the chart—and by aspect—and the sub-stages will also indicate points to look out for, that stand out, and that point to a number of other related things elsewhere in the chart which can also be key indicators of things happening related to the parts of the business and your business plans and goals.

Assessing the Stage Ruler

1a) Note where the planet Saturn is in both the charts and the current solar return chart (including your own natal and business synastry solar return if you like) for the year—even the current monthly chart if you want to take it further.

b) Note the sign of Capricorn—and any planets in the 10th house—plus the MC planetary ruler. The part of the business (ie the house) Saturn is in both charts indicates what type of things you can do to help build your business foundation on—along with the above mentioned.

c) Also note the decan sign Saturn is in and its planetary ruler of the sign, plus the 2.5° sub-ruler sign and planet in particular as they will reveal further the type of additional things and experiences the business in its 1st stage will go through, which we could say in effect are the building blocks for the foundation.

d) Note the aspects to Saturn and its progressions and any major transits over the solar return years and to its natal and progressed positions.

e) To get an idea on how long the stage will last and how far it has to go note in an ephemeris when transiting Saturn is due to enter a new sign or house and note the natural planetary rulers of them and where they are by house position and transit. Also look if any patterns and anything else that links in with the above gives a good indication of where you are in the stage and how long within reason before it moves into a new phase or the next stage. It can be naturally at the same time the business will be starting to show signs it’s entering a new phase and or the next stage.

Studying the chart and noting down the extra little bits and pieces that link in with the above will give you more on the type of transition as denoted by the business parts and the activities of the house. Looking at the next stage beforehand can also tell you if and when the business has reached a success level and is due to take on greater growth and start producing rewarding results and feedback as expected.

The meaning of each planet and sign and house indicates the “what” and “where” and the “how” you can deal with such main key factors in the start-up stage as:

  • Individual motive and business drive.
  • Time over the long run and patience and persistence to go with it.
  • Considerable financial outlay with little or no profit return.
  • Education and establishing business solidarity as result of direction and purpose.
  • First stage goals and aims.

Those are just some of the things which the start-up stage typifies.

The key is to ascertain what stage one is at in their business and where exactly in that stage they are—with astrology we take that one step further and are able to discover how long the stage may take for example, and what things need to be done and tried during the stage in order to really make the success of the business as best as one can, and also how to handle the challenges, and the means of making the crucial first stage process into a solid foundation. As such astrology can take all the guesswork out of it and all the wondering about whether the business will survive and keep on worth doing.

Astro ActivityModule Four/Day 3 - Activity


Ist Stage Plotting and Synthesis

Materials: Some sheets of A4 lined paper and a pen. Your business foundation and registered business charts and solar return chart along with any others you need.

a) Download and print out: Worksheet 1/Module 4/Day 3/1st Stage

b) Using your business charts work out the first stage of your business—that is note where the 1st stage traditional planetary ruler and sub-rulers are and do their zodiacal trails. Also note any smaller sub-trails such as connecting links from the key indicators and main points of the charts synthesis that are involved in the start-up stage.

c) Then from your notes fill out the interpretation section in the form using your astrological tables for interpretation and keywords.


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