Lesson Icon 1d - CopyDay 6: The Zodiacal trail of the Business Decline Stage

The traditional ruler of this stage is Pluto. It defines the time of the business when perhaps the owner is thinking of selling the business altogether, or there has been an economic downturn perhaps and this has resulted in the business been affected, or it may be a time when the business is at a critical point in its life cycle and due for a transformation either up to another level or down and so there's a certain depth of a deep business sense and awareness so to speak.

The overall business view of the decline stage is that some parts of it need to be looked at for flaws and actions need to be taken to handle any downturns. For example the market might be weakening and so it maybe the business needs to look for a new market, or perhaps its products cycle may have reached its end and now new products need to be created and introduced in the market—as a result at first profit margins may be small and subsequently costs may have to be cut and serious restructuring may need to take place in certain areas with the aim of producing greater profit and benefit to the business in the long run as a favorable outcome.

All the above and things like it, is what comes under the declining stage. Some typical Pluto keywords to define this stage are transformation and re-creation and re-generation of the business. For the scope and size of the transformation a lot depends on how long the business has been going for—and exactly at what level within the stage it's going through, as it might only just be a minor phase within the first business cycle in which case it's a regrouping you could say to take the business to a new level after it's been already stabilized and productive—whatever the effects upon the business are it requires necessary input into working out new ways to further transform and raise the business. However the consensus generally on the sub-stages of the business at this stage emphasize them as a typical normal part of a business model that should always be considered when looking at one's business.

In astrological terms the traditional ruling planet for this stage is Pluto. The keyword for Pluto is transformation, regeneration and it represents quite often a breakdown before rebuilding and new life takes hold. So in the business sense this refers exactly to the things that need to be done away with in the business first in order for the rebuilding part of the transformation to work properly—in another sense it could mean selling the business outright or folding or merging a part of it into another part in some area. Most of the time it’s being able to recognize this planets nature in its sub-stage role within a stage of the house and doing something that produces the desire result as a consequence.

The sub-stages for Pluto are:

1st sub-stage: Pluto/saturn

2nd sub-stage: Pluto/jupiter

3rd sub-stage: Pluto/sun

4th sub-stage: Sun/pluto

*Pluto remains in a sign and house for years so to assess this stage sub-stages note their four planetary sub-rulers by the position of those planets in the chart as that will indicate the type of things and influences linking to Pluto—in addition to get an idea of the decline energies for a house note the duad of each house that is of the sign Scorpio and its natural ruling planet Pluto.

Pluto also is known in some cultures to rule financial matters on a big scale, so once again that is a part of the business that is definitely worth taking note of in the declining and recreation of it, whether by the owner or new owners.

As mentioned because Pluto is such a long time in one department it needs to be considered in light of exactly what part of the business it has its operating energies in each of the charts of the business. Then it needs to be looked at in terms of the ruling planets of those parts of the business also the sign of Scorpio and the eighth house as they are very much connected with the transformational process the business undergoes.

The part of the business Pluto is in each chart is definitely where the dissolution and regeneration will mostly be apparent and will take place. So that is the area where the best improvement, or perhaps the angle to work on, in the business is ideally suited. Once again noting the solar return chart of the business and also the ruling planet of the decan, and the 2.5° sub rulers and wherever they are in the chart will render further information about the transformational process you can instigate in stage four.

Pluto also rules the undercurrents of the mass unconscious. So in the context of a business it's important to associate it with the undercurrents in terms of its different parts—such as for example the business relationships department, or its products appearance and magnetic appeal and in the marketing department it maybe the advertising strategy that will need transforming. In which case doing its zodiacal trail should supply some good information for you on the connections and links from other areas and planets in the chart regarding what needs attending to.

Astro ActivityModule Four/Day 6 - Activity


4th Stage Plotting and Synthesis

a) Download and print out worksheet: Module 4/ Day 6/ Stage 4

b) Do its zodiacal trail in each chart and note if any correspondences exist between the charts to do with Pluto by sign, house, planet or aspect.

c) Fill in the interpretation parts of the form with a brief paragraph composed of keyword phrases that matches it position in each chart. The same as you did for the other three stages and particularly look for signs in the chart which indicate how this planet’s energies manifest.

d) For seeing how the business stands for the year in terms of what, how and where transformation will be noticed and consequently appropriate strategies implemented, check Pluto position in the solar return chart of the business for the current year and even the next if you want a glance at what to assess and plan for the business over a longer time frame.

* In particular note down the degrees of its transits for the year and refer to your table of sub-sign calculation chart for the planets to see what duads it’s in for the year and note if there are any correspondences with any of the sub-ruling planets as well—as that will give you something to work on with regards to the sub-stages and of the stage and the type of things in a part of the business where transformation can be instigated.