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Every business has its life cycle and goes through various stages. Each one is paramount to the success levels of the business and as such it can be very helpful when you use astrology to plot that life cycle and ascertain the business future growth, and goals.
In this module we look at the Zodiacal trails for parts of the business which define the four main stages of a business by examining the owners foundation chart and the registered business charts together in terms of the owner and business goals. A stage’s zodiacal trail can show how to make the most of a stage and plan out the things to do and determine how to meet the needs and achieve the aims of the owner/business in each stage.
The purpose is to determine what stage your business is at and how to see ahead and also determine what is involved in each stage by using astrological methods to identify your businesses life cycle.

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The Business Stages

To do the zodiacal trails of the business stages the simplest method is in the chart to start with the planet of your choosing—then the house its in—then the sign on the cusp of the house. For example say you’re looking at the 4th house—ie the business foundation house—and you’ve chosen day to day operations of the 4th for the sub-part activity. In the house is the planet Saturn with Scorpio on the cusp. The astrological formula then is:

4th Saturn in Scorpio, ruler Pluto 6th, Capricorn ruler of the 7th—and the trail ends there and heads back to Saturn, as the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn.


The following guidelines show what to look for in working out each zodiacal trail in each stage of your business.

a) Each stage has its overall ruling planet.

b) There are sub-rulers as well that go with the stage ruler.

c) As the same when doing a business house in the earlier modules, each part of the business has its Zodiacal trail which is started from a) The planets in the business to begin with—and b) if there's no planets in the business house then it’s the sign on the cusp of that house natural ruling planet that becomes the start of the main zodiacal trail for that part of the business—and in which case means that whatever the ruling planet represents, plus what it represents in that part of the business, is equally as important and should be considered in conjunction with the part of the business which has no planets.

d) Note the planetary decan ruler and the 2.5° sub ruler are of each planet that's in the particular part of the business you are examining as that will yield further information about what you can do to improve, and also plan and direct future trends for that part in that stage.

e) Both the business “foundation” chart and the “registered” business charts are used because there is always a relationship between the owner and the business in terms of the goals and psychological connections and development operating in both. Also the progressed charts will show the progress of the business relationship since it was founded by the owner, along with the present day status of where the relationship is—and in addition from the progressed charts a long term look at some things like the future direction of the business and aims and path of the business which can help a lot for the owner in making important decisions about the business life cycle.

f) Other charts which are important are the “solar return” chart for the business and also the transits which will be covering in a later module.

g) Also the astrological aspects of the business charts as they correspond with the assessment and challenges, and the rewards and benefits, all of which indicate the means for development and progress of your business growth and achievements in each stage.


In the diagram below it shows a basic model of what’s involved in working out a stage. On the left there’s the zodiacal wheel with the natural order of the business houses. While in the right hand column on top shows a list of the different parts of the business which you elect to work on in a house. These are the particular parts of the business which I've found cover the important basic things in a business. The parts are interchangeable, meaning they can all be used for each and every house. This will be made clearer in the next diagram further on in this module.

Diagram of What Composes the Stages of a Business

Mod 4 Business Stages

Each part of the business is denoted by its keyword principle. For the planets and signs and house meanings simply refer to your tables on those things.

Each stage has what I’ve elected to call its “Traditional Ruling Planet” Which are the planets starting from stage 1 to 4—Saturn—Jupiter—Sun—and Pluto. We will be looking at each stages ruling planet a little more closely as we go through this module, for now however this is enough to start you off in doing the activity for day 1. Also note a stage can have its sub planetary ruler or sometimes 2 rulers which is the planet(s) you believe best fits and supports the traditional ruling planet.

A business has its life cycle of the 4 main stages defined by the traditional ruling planets however these four planets are also in each stage as sub-stage planetary rulers and they indicate the types of things the business must go through according to the main stage it’s in regarding its passage and progress on the road of its life cycle. Obviously this plays a contributing factor in if a business fails or succeeds in a stage, and yet there is a way in astrology to ascertain the phases or sub-stages if you like of a stage which can be helpful for not only knowing where the business is, and if its heading in the right direction, and doing everything that can be done to overcome obstacles, and succeed in a stage but also ensuring the business makes progress quicker than just going blindly at it and relying on trial and error.

The sub-stages are simply guiding posts and indicators showing the way. As mentioned they are the traditional ruling planets of each of the other stages but their role is more as a subservient role under the banner of the ruling planet of the stage. At different times as the business goes through a stage the experiences it undergoes can be relegated to one or other of these sub-stages and that makes it a lot easier to know what’s happening to the business and as a result what actions and things to do or not regarding decisions and tasks about its direction and purpose and progress etc. As we go through each stage we will be looking at each of the sub-ruling planets as well.

Astro ActivityModule Four/Day 1 - Activity


A Stages Ruling Planet

Materials: You’ll need your business charts including the business solar return chart and pen and paper.

a) Download and print out worksheet 1 “Table for a Stages Ruling Planet”

b) Go through each of the charts and note down in each column what it says to do regarding the stages ruling planet.

*At this point we haven’t as yet gone through each stages explanation so you may not know what stage you’re at with your business. If that’s the case then just for an example run on how to fill the form in, select anyone of the traditional ruling planets as mentioned above and use it for now. The interpretation part in the form you’ll still be able to do as well, using the keyword phrases of your tables of planets and signs and houses correspondences, which maybe is all you’ll need—however to get a more detailed interpretation that gives you tailor made information made to suit about a stage and your aims for a part of your business in the stage, its best to do the rest of this module on each stage first.


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